Where to Buy New & Used Food Trucks for Sale Bow

Are you into the food business, and you are looking for where to buy both new and used food trucks for sale? Then this article is for you. I will list the various food trucks for sale near me.

used food trucks for sale

Used food trucks for sale are useful for food businesses and other establishments; simple to use. It works wonders for food trucks. It is appropriate for the kitchen and at home with food trucks for sale. 

It is a multipurpose truck that can be used in both a hotel kitchen and the family kitchen at home. The greatest meal service is currently available for sale and is suitable for most little items. 

Food with multiple uses used food trucks for sale and lifespan. Other great deals on kitchen appliances, ice cream machines, household appliances, and food processors are also available on AliExpress!

What are Food Trucks?

A big motorized vehicle or trailer that can cook, prepare, serve, and/or sell food is called a food truck

Some, like ice cream trucks, offer frozen or pre-made food; while, others, who have on-board kitchens, cook from scratch or reheat food that was cooked in a physical, commercial kitchen.

Food trucks that served gourmet cuisine, a variety of specialties, and ethnic menus were incredibly popular by the early 2010s amid the pop-up restaurant craze. Food trucks may sell cold drinks like water and soda. 

Food trucks, food booths, and food carts served the estimated 2.5 billion people who consume street food each day all of which are important parts of the street food sector.

Food trucks that served gourmet cuisine, a variety of specialties, and ethnic menus were incredibly popular by the early 2010s amid the pop-up restaurant craze. 

Food trucks may sell cold drinks like water and soda. Food trucks, food booths, and food carts serve the estimated 2.5 billion people who consume street food each day all of which are important parts of the street food sector.

used food trucks for sale

Platforms Where You Can Get Food Trucks for Sale

A lot of places have food trucks. Want to purchase one? A budget must be established first. Next, determine whether you want to rent, buy, or lease a food truck, new or secondhand. It can purchase one on eBay or Craigslist, but doing so carries some risk. 

These are some of the top locations to buy used food trucks for sale. This blog also includes a list of food truck cost factors.

1. eBay

Making the first purchase is the most time- and money-consuming step in buying one of these trucks. There are advantages and disadvantages to purchasing one of these on eBay. 

Repairs and upkeep can be expensive. When purchasing a used truck, check for good images. The tires, seats, interior, and exterior should all fall under this category.

2. Craiglist

Craigslist is good if you want a straightforward method of purchasing a food truck. Here are a few factors that can make starting a business simple.

To begin, you must choose the location. The Cars and Trucks area is where the initial search is conducted. After that, select the For Sale option to narrow down your search.

The listing’s images are the first thing to be examined. Low-resolution photos on Craigslist can give some red flags, though. For instance, search for any indications of rust or other harm. This holds true for both the truck and any food trailer you may be considering.

3. Special Websites

It can be in your company plan to search for a food truck on particular websites. On specialized websites, you can locate a good car if you know what to look for. Manufacturers of food trucks have some websites. 

They have a selection of options for leasing and buying. Some websites offer directories of trustworthy dealers, and they may even direct you to one in your state.

Customers can personalize some of these for their cars. We’ve compiled a list of some reliable sites to conduct business below.

a. Food Truck Empire

A starter kit for starting a business is available on this website. There are even a podcast and blogs where you may get information to include in your company plan

Concession trailers, carts, and food trucks are listed on FoodTruckEmpire. They also maintain a list of reliable food truck producers and used food trucks for sale.

Using the category and drop-down menus, you can search by state. You can list keywords on a tab. Listings on this service also include images of a high caliber. There are many fascinating articles and subjects on the blog.

They can assist you with everything from menu options to marketing concepts. A wide variety of food trucks for sale in cities like New York City are available on this website. The number of days the unit has been listed for sale is indicated in each listing.

b. Roaming Hunger

It’s like a portal for food trucks, Roaming Hunger. You can look for and reserve one of these units through this company for catering. 

You can locate one using their interactive map. The used food trucks for sale on this list will cater to special occasions like weddings, corporate gatherings, and charity activities. 

They directly upload their menu items to the website from their kitchen. Customers can reserve a catering event or place an advance order by selecting a tab.

They provide a range of marketing services, such as influencer networking and brand recognition.

c. Usedfoodtrucks.com

This internet company offers a great selection of food trailers and used trucks for sale. You can search using both categories and locations. 

They can also filter your search by the process’s ability to suppress fires and the year. This website lists food trucks per state. The same system is used to list food trucks.

This business also provided an interactive map of food trucks. Simply click on the state to access listings with pictures and costs.

used food trucks for sale

4. Corporate Fleet

There are many ways to launch a food truck company. Many large corporations have established operations in many cities over the years. 

The list of businesses that have operated food trucks includes Google food trucks. From 2015 to 2017, the Internet giant had a fleet. AT&T and McCain are some additional names.

Owning a car is extremely important to businesses. For the benefit of their clients and staff, some people are interested in this kind of mobile restaurant. Some people use this kind of truck to transport food for emergency responders. It’s another choice to consider.

5. Classified Ads

Local and national classified advertising both offer used food trucks for sale. It’s critical to check each for high-resolution images. Additionally crucial is contact information

Having a choice between a physical mailing address, a phone number, and an email address is a smart idea.

In national commercials, there should be a variety of markets to choose from. This will give you a fair sign of where the customers are. 

Remember, social media is an additional alternative for classified ads, such as a Facebook page. Search for this service on additional social media networks as well.

6. Custom Manufacturer

Some people desire to enter this industry using a specialized machine. In order to avoid unnecessary tension, you must choose a reputable manufacturer. 

You’ll need to be aware of your spending limit and equipment requirements. Knowing your operation location and the type of cuisine you’ll be offering is crucial.

Typically, a bespoke maker will send a blueprint. Customers have the option to change their order later. Usually, it takes these manufacturers two to three months to complete an order.

Remember that the typical food truck measures 7 feet in width and 16 feet. You might require a food trailer, cart, or truck for your operation.

used food trucks for sale

7. AliExpress

You can purchase a wide range of things from food trucks for sale, including mobile food trucks, electric vehicles, food trailers, and food carts. There are many types of food trucks available for purchase on AliExpress, including street and modern models. 

On AliExpress, you may find trucks if you need them for an outside event. Shop securely with AliExpress to get more bargains on food processors, ice cream machines, home appliances, and kitchen equipment. 

To locate reliable sellers quickly, consult each seller’s evaluation of the trucks. You may get a ton of additional information on vehicles, including details about their quality, costs, and buying advice from other customers.

Renting a Food Truck for Business

An additional choice is to lease a food truck enterprise. According to research, there are commissaries in various areas where you can rent a food truck for about $4500 per month. 

Also available is a lease-to-own program. The cost ranges from $3600 at the lowest end to $3800 for a new truck.

Business owners need to exercise caution in long-term leasing charges because they are exorbitant. You’ll find the best mobile restaurant if you do your research.

used food trucks for sale

How Much Does a Food Truck Cost to Purchase?

Depending on the food truck you choose to buy, the price will vary. Depending on whether you want to rent a food truck, buy a new truck, or buy a used truck, prices may vary.

Some are more expensive and have better features.

We can see buying used food trucks for sale both online and offline, a lot of places have food trucks. Just get your budget after exploring the amount of buying a food truck, then determine if you want to rent or lease, or buy a used food truck for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most food truck owners invest between $70,000 and $80,000 in their vehicles on average. Depending on how you get the truck, how you adapt it to your purposes, and what your local permits and licensing requirements are, the overall cost of purchasing a food truck can range from $50,000 to $250,000.

Business districts or substantial office structures

The typical cost to start a food truck business is between $28,000 and $114,000, while the average annual revenue is around $300,000. It’s fulfilling to launch your own business, especially if it succeeds.

A food truck is a fantastic business concept if you’re wanting to make money.

You should plan on frequent gasoline stops when operating a food truck. The cost of fuel will also rise if additional equipment needs a generator or another form of power. The average monthly cost of fuel for a food truck can range from $500 to $1,000.

A food truck can earn a lot of money.

According to the website Profitable Venture, well-known food trucks in big metro areas regularly generate sales of $20,000 to $50,000 each month. At $5,000 to $16,000 per month, food trucks in smaller, more mid-sized cities probably make a lot less money.

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