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255+ Catchy & Unique Fast Food Slogans Ideas That Generate Sales

The ideal fast food slogans should be catchy and melodious, like that song that lives rent-free in your head. Although they are typically shorter than a song, they should generate the same buzz and incite hunger pangs.

fast food slogans

Fast Food Slogans

Every year, popular fast-food chains around the world spend millions of dollars in advertising to promote their food.

As you are aware, there are hundreds of fast-food restaurants throughout the United States, and competition is fierce.

That is why they spend so much money to create the most memorable slogans and jingles that the public will remember and enjoy.

When it comes to slogans, repetition and simplicity are essential because they frequently serve as the first impressions that anyone can have of a fast food restaurant.

This is why, if you want your fast food restaurant to stand out, you must get it right.


Popular Fast Food Slogans

These slogans are from some of the most well-known fast-food restaurants in the United States.

1. McDonald’s – I’m Lovin’ It

2. KFC – Finger-Lickin’ Good

3. Burger King – Have It Your Way

4. Hardees –Cos it Tastes Better

5. Taco Bell – Think outside the Bun

6. Subway – Eat Fresh

7. Fat Burger – The Last Great Hamburger Stand

8. Fuddruckers – World’s Greatest Hamburgers

9. Chili’s – License to Grill

10. Apple Bees – It’s a Whole New Neighborhood

11. Fridays – In here, it’s always Fridays

12. Pizza Hut – Make it great

13. Domino’s Pizza – Pizza Deliver Experts

14. Papa Johns – Better Ingredients, Better Pizza

15. Wendy’s – It’s Way Better Than Fast Food. It’s Wendy’s.

16. Arby’s – We have the meats

17. Dunkin Donuts – America runs on Dunkin.

18. IHOP – Come hungry, leave happy.

19. In-N-Out Burger – Quality you can taste.

20. Sonic – Service at the speed of sound.

21. Dairy Queen – Hot eats, cold treats.

22. Five Guys – Always fresh, never frozen.

23. Olive Garden – When you’re here, you’re family.

24. El Pollo Loco – When you’re crazy for chicken.

25. Harvey’s – Meat. Fire. Good.

26. Long John Silver’s – We speak fish.

27. Pat O’Brien’s – Having Fun since 1933.

28. The Purple Pig – Cheese, swine, & wine.

29. Zero’s Subs – We’re hot and on a roll.

30. Chick- Fil- A ­– Eat Mor Chikin


fast food slogans

Funny Fast Food Taglines

1. Hungry people die first.

2. Eating is everything.

3. Fast food doesn’t need to be bad food.

4. Yummy in Your Tummy!

5. Heaven in a hamburger.

6. These are freedom fries!

7. Your Jaw Just Dropped.

8. Catch Your Drool.

9. Don’t Sleep On The Drippin’ Cheese.

10. Tuesday Is For Toasties.

11. Watch What You Eat… And Your Wallet Too.

12. Hungry? Me Too.

13. Takin’ My Sweet Time to Bite.

14. There’s Always One down the Street.

15. For Lazy Cookers Only.

16. I’m One Oven Away.

17. Always Brew Something Good.

18. How Fast Can You Finish Them All?

19. Just This Once.

20. Free The Fries!

21. Delicious to the Buns.

22. Your Hands Are Made For These.

23. The Flavors Are On The Fingers.

24. Come as strangers – leave as friends.

25. Where America eats.

26. What you crave is what you get.

27. One Taste is All it Takes!

28. Feed the American Spirit.

29. Feed Me. Please.

30. Because sometimes you just need wings.

Dirty Fast Food Slogans

1. Eat, Don’t Think Twice.

2. Blowin’ Minds Since 6 A.M.

3. A Glorious Meal Every Morning.

4. Come For Me.

5. I Like It Rare.

6. Don’t Diet.

7. Juicier Than Any Meat.

8. You Know It’s Rare When It’s Pink.

9. Strip That Loin For Me.

10. Nice Buns!

11. Grab This Loin-Stirring Goodness Now.

12. Hit The Bun Real Good.

13. Side Chicks Do It Better.

14. Thirst For It.

15. Slurp it up

16. Eat what you love, love what you eat.

17. Eat the Boner

18. Once you come, you can’t stop

19. Got Milk?

20. Let your Fingers do the walking

21. Pleasing people the world over.

22. Bop it! Twist it! Pull it!

23. Beauty outside. Beast inside.

24.  Melts in your mouth, not in your hands

25. Reach out and touch someone.

26. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking

27. Obey your thirst.

28. Put a tiger in your tank.

29. Are you in good hands?

30. Have it your way

fast food slogans

Creative Fast Food Slogans

Eat all you can

2. Chicken for your taste buds

3. Never too many fries

4. A chicken nugget is what you need

5. Food for a good mood

6. Savor the taste

7. It is the cheating day, do not shy away

8. Drive away your hunger pangs

9. Satisfy your cravings

10. Eat fried and fresh

11. Food that awaits you

12. Food with passion

13. Taste the best of Town

14. Instant Food, for Instant Hunger

15. Choose the Quality of Food

16. Food with Mood

17. The house of Trendy Food

18. Hot Recipes for hot peoples

19. Eat it your way

20. So fast so yummy

21. Food made from the heart

22. Choose the best, Choose tastily

23. Think Food, Think us

24. Food for the people!

25. Meet the good taste today

26. We listen to the food

27. Eat In. Chill Out. Take Out.

28. Prepare Your Taste Buds

29. Good Food in Minutes.

30. We’re quick, you’re hungry.

Interesting Fast Food Taglines

1. Prepare Your Taste Buds

2. Food so authentic it can’t be beaten.

3. It just tastes good!

4. Delight your senses

5. Good Food in Minutes.

6. We do chicken right.

7. Hot, Cool, Crunchy

8. Seriously tasty, seriously good for you

9. Your taste buds have met their match.

10. Can You Handle The Heat?

11. The future is tasty.

12. There is a whole universe in every bite.

13. Dangerously Delicious.

14. Healthy food is made simple.

15. Every Classic Favorite There Is.

16. Only The Real Knows.

17. This Could Be Your Diet.

18. On Your Way Home.

19. Eat Twice In Paradise.

20. Welcome to French Fry Paradise.

21. Chasin’ Chickens All Day.

22. This Is The Exciting Part.

23. Drive-thru and enjoy.

24. Grab Your Food Anywhere.

25. The Freshness Doesn’t Go Away.

26. Crinkle fries made right.

27. Farm to Plate, Worth the Wait.

28. The Best Part Goes In Your Mouth.

29. Slice The Day!

30. No Boundaries, Just Empty Plates.

Organic Fast Food Slogans

One veggie burger at a time

2. Healthy organic fast food.

3. Make a difference, eat a green burger.

4. Organic Power.

5. Healthy food is made simple.

6. Eat. Heal. Save the world.

7. Sustainable good-time food

8. Burgers So Green They Can Save the Planet.

9. Fast and fresh food that’s good for you

10. Healthy food for the busy generation

11. Beyond Meat

12. Health in the fast lane

13. Eat Good, Do Good.

14. Good Taste, Good Cause

15. A fresh kind of fast food for a new generation.

16. It’s never been easier to be green.

17. Healthy organic fast food.

18. Be Thrilled To Bite.

19. Burgers served in 5-minutes or less.

20. Plate Licked Clean.

21. Ask For More.

22. Choose What You Are.

23. We’re Never Late.

24. Make It Fast.

25. Tacos you can feel good about.

26. Changing the world one burrito at a time.

27. A big burrito for a little world.

28. Make every bite count

29. Don’t dream it. Eat it.

30. Packed with daring flavors.


Final Words

If you want to open a fast food restaurant, keep in mind that your slogans are just as important as your menu and must be given your full attention.

Remember that no matter how creative your slogan is, if it does not match the quality of the dishes served, it will fail.

So pay close attention to your menu, services, and slogans, and if you can come up with a catchy jingle to go with it, even better!

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