Rainey Street Food Trucks & Restaurants Lot in Austin (Top 10 Best)

Rainey Street in Austin is a hive of food trucks that help their teeming neighborhood cut to the chase when it comes to deciding where and what to eat. Every food truck in the area has an endless menu of options to satisfy every appetite.

Rainey Street Food Trucks

Rainey Street Food Trucks

Everyone knows that deciding where to go and what to eat is the most difficult part of going out to eat, especially when you’re going out with loved ones.

You want to go somewhere where everyone will be happy and where you can accommodate everyone’s food preferences.

This conversation could go on indefinitely without reaching a conclusion, and you could end up going nowhere at all.

People who live on Rainey Street in Austin may not be able to relate to this scenario because they have the best food trucks in town.

Any meal is possible with these food trucks, and they can make it happen in any way you want.

It relieves everyone of the stress of limiting their cravings to only the options on the menu.

This is because everyone can disperse to get what they want and then reassemble for a great time.

Here are some of the best Rainey Street food truck restaurants.

Arbor Food Park

This is the place to go for the best melt-in-your-mouth Venezuelan treats, Mexican street-style tacos, and Cuantos Tacos.

It is dog and BYOB-friendly, and it also serves well-made Halal foods and Sammataro Pizza.

Arbor’s food prices are reasonable, and there is nothing not to like about the restaurant.


Yeni’s Fusion

This food truck serves traditional Indonesian dishes with a Texas twist.

Stout fried dumplings, smoked brisket and rice, and beef rendang are among the dishes on the menu.

Orders can be placed online or in person, and they provide both indoor and outdoor dining options.

West Campus

This food truck is a collaboration of five restaurants that cater to late-night cravings for both students and non-students.

Their main draws are Abu Omar’s Halal meals, the brand new Mango Feliz outpost, and their Queen and King Café.

These establishments provide an endless selection of delectable sweets and snacks.

The other two restaurants are Asian Express, which specializes in Asian cuisine, and Donuts N’ Chick, which serves fluffy donuts stuffed with fried chicken.

Ballroom Vegan Food Trucks

Despite the closure of Austin institution Spider House Café, the four food trucks around Ballroom in Austin are still thriving. 

These four vegan food trucks are Arlo’s, The Corn Dog Guy, Sassy’s Vegetarian Soul Food, and Theano Vegan Greek.

Their waiters and staff are highly friendly and welcoming, and you will have the time of your life there.

Milky Way Shakes

The truck specializes in vegan milkshakes; their ice creams are made with almonds and coconut milk, and their meringues are made with aquafaba instead of egg whites.

Except for a few mix-ins, their products are generally gluten-free.

You can place your orders in person and pick up something pretty delicious and full of natural goodness.

There are also outdoor seating areas.

Thicket South Austin Food Park

Thicket is an enchanting food truck park ringed by nice shady trees and vibrant colored art. 

They have about a dozen trucks on site to ensure that no one is left stranded and that everyone has a safe place to stay.

Cajun favorites like Gumbo and Shrimp Po’boys are served at Jacque Belle Cajun Eats.

Saté Texas specializes in Indonesian barbecue, while Shirley’s Trini Cuisine, Brooklyn Breakfast Company, and Arti Pasta Italian Food specialize in delicious desserts and pasta.

Anything’s Baked Potato

This food truck specializes in delicious potato-based dishes.

The baked potatoes are stuffed with a variety of toppings, such as Cajun with cream sauce, shrimp, and fried chicken.

They also serve the brunch-y Sunny Side, which includes bacon, sausage, cheese, and a sunny-side-up egg; and slow-cooked vegetables.

They have outdoor tables where you can sit with your friends and place your orders in person.


This Brazilian food truck specializes in delicious South American dishes such as yucca fries and empanadas.

You don’t want to miss the savory picanha grelhada, which comes with a heaping pile of delicate steak, rice, beans, and other fixings.

You can place orders for pickup and delivery online and they have outdoor seating.

Burnet 5000

Despite its location on a busy street in Rainey Street, this food truck exudes a calm, family-friendly vibe.

On their menu, they offer a variety of delectable options such as their popular T-Sonoran Loc’s Style Hot Dogs, Budare’s Venezuelan Food, and Dawa Sushi.

In addition, they have a small playground and some decent indoor bathrooms.

Burro Cheese Kitchen

This truck serves excellent sandwiches with grilled cheese and has a second location on Shady Lane.

Melted cheeses (cheddar, gouda, provolone, or Havarti) and rye bread are used to make the sandwiches, which are then overlaid with sauces, pickled/caramelized vegetables, and often meat.

They have outdoor seating and accept online orders for pickup and third-party deliveries.


Final Words

Rainey Street in Austin appears to be one of the most popular hot spots for incredible nightlife, and it does not disappoint when it comes to where to get great food at any hour.

These food trucks eliminate the stress of deciding where and what to eat after a particularly long day at work.

Visit any of them for a relaxing evening and unwind with the best-tasting dishes anyone could imagine from their never-ending array of delicious food trucks.

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