401+ Unorthodox Burger Name Ideas that Aren’t Taken Yet

We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for suggestions for the name of your burger business, want to know what burgers are called, or just want to giggle. These humorous burgers name ideas will leave you gripping your stomach in complete shock.

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Before I mention some catchy Burger names, I’d want to highlight a few suggestions to help you come up with your own.

Let’s be honest. You can examine every one of my suggestions, and you might find it all amusing.

How to Name an Unorthodox Burger – Tips to help you Create Your Own 

1. Use Your Own Name

This is basically a naming trick that most people don’t notice. Of course, one might just use their first name, last name, or nickname. Lovelyn is the name I go by, but people call me Lyn. My fictitious hamburger might be called “Lyn’s Burger.”

2. Add Burger to the Name

The second tip is to use “burger.” Include the term “burger” in the name of your company or brand to clearly communicate that you sell hamburgers. Tips 1 and 2 can be put together, and presto!

3. Use Rhythmic Language

Use rhythmic language or alliteration, such as “Bold Burgers, Cheese Please.”

4. We Should Use Humor

Isn’t that what “funny burger names” are all about? In order to be humorous, something must be hilarious. Making a creative name for your burger will help you attract more customers.

They won’t ever forget it, I promise!

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I have a compiled list of burgers name ideas you would like to use if you are going into the burger business or if you just want to know the names of burgers or probably giggle about it.

Let’s dive into burgers name ideas.

A List of Famous Burgers

These are the names of famous burgers around us

1. Atomic Burger

2. Because of Burger

3. Bug-Her

4. Warm Buns

5. I Got BEEF With You

6. Burger Bum

7. Fatburger XXXL

8. Triple Meat Whataburger

9. SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger

10. Bob’s Big Burger

11. Burger Bugger

12. Bloated Burger

13. Ridiculously HUGE

What are Some Catchy Names for Fast Food Burgers?

1. Healthy Burger Restaurant

2. Blinders Burgers

3. Hollywood Burger

4. World Famous Hamburgers

5. Burger Lounge

6. The best burger

7. Bite Me Burger

8. Crush Burger Shop

9. Melt Burger mpany

10. The Fix Burger

11. D-Town Burger Bar

12. Monster Burger

13. Cypress Best Burgers

14. George’s Burger Stand

15. Easy Diner

16. Burger Hut

17. Bun & Steak

18. Burger King

19. Urban Diner

20. Original Fast Food

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21. Burger House

22. Blaze Burgers

23. The Grill Shack

24. Burger Fusion

25. Truly Burger

26. Bunch of Paws

27. Big Bite’n Burgers

28. Burger Snack

29. Kommer Bros Burger

30. Habibi Burger

31. Smokey’s Burgers

32. One Brother Beef

33. Grande L’Vine

34. The Burgman Kitchen

35. Papa’s Meat Shop

36. Burger Shop

37. Secret Kitchen

38. Burger Boutique


40. Killer Burgers

41. Grindhouse Burgers

42. Find Burger Shop

43. Winning Grills

44. The Meat Shack

45. Union and Bread

46. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

47. Original Patty Men

Funny Italian Burger Names List

When tourists think of Italian food, they typically think of pasta and pizza. While this makes sense, it’s also important to note that Italian burgers are a sight to behold for upset stomachs.

I listed some of the best and funniest Italian burgers name ideas below.

1. Taste of Rome

2. Leonardo Da Foodie

3. Mangiamoci Su

4. The Pope Eats Burger

5. Mussolini’s Burger

6. Mussolini Ate This Burger

7. Mangia Tutto

8. A Taste of Italy

9. When In Rome

10. Italian Buns

11. Truly Italian

12. Tasty Romans

13. Hungry Romans

Burger Names with a Twist

Looking for some burgers name ideas with a twist, here are some thoughts for creative burger names that fit the subject of unconventionality.

1. Spice & Burger 

2. Cannon Burger 

3. Burger Street 

4. Burger Assembly 

5. Burger Dome 

6. The Burger Nest 

7. Dynamite Burger 

8. The Burger Course 

9. Burger Of Life 

10. Flare Burger 

11. Burger Delight 

12. The Epic Burger 

13. Dopamine Buns 

14. Burger Wagon 

15. Farmer’s Burger 

16. Outside Burger 

17. Burger Courier 

18. Atlantic Burger 

19. Casa Burger 

20. Aristocrat Burger 

21. Burger Heaven 

22. Burger Monsta 

23. Coco Burger 

24. Stellar Burger 

25. Toasty Burger 

26. Burger Bazaar 

27. The Burger Gang 

28. Burger Magic

29. Eager Burger

30. Monsieur Burger

31. Burger Wonderland 

32. Cosmo Burger 

33. Kickass Burger 

34. Golden Burger 

35. Jungle Burger 

36. Doc Burger

37. Fire N’ Burger

38. Burger Supernova

39. Cozy Burger

40. Burger Hunter

41. Jazz Burger

42. Patty Planet

43. Burger Soul

44. Burger Thief

45. Picky Burger

46. Burma Burger

47. Mister Burger

48. Wacky Burger

49. Healthy Buns

50. Pika N’ Burger

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List of Creative Names for Spicy Hamburgers

I’m thrilled to provide you with a selection of spicy humorous burgers name ideas you might enjoy using for your burger restaurant or shop.

1. Hot Stuff

2. Hot Buns

3. Red Hot Chili Burgers

4. Spicy In The Middle

5. Meat In The Middle

6. Burger From Hell

7. Hot As Hell Burgers

8. Fire Burger

9. Smokin’ Burger

10. The Smokin’ Patty

Inventive Burger Names

If you choose a name that people will remember, customers will recall your brand more quickly. Here are some unique burgers name ideas that are stuck in your thoughts.

1. Burger Buzz  

2. Friendly Burger  

3. Vita-burger  

4. Bunrise Co  

5. The Beef Lane  

6. Burger Heights  

7. Triple Burger  

8. Bayview Burger  

9. Burger Genius  

10. Burger Park  

11. Doctor Buns  

12. The Royal Burger  

13. Burger Galore  

14. Herbs N’ Burger  

15. Bun Buddy  

16. The Bun Jovi  

17. Burger N’ Bite  

18. The IceBurg  

19. The Grill Thrill  

20. Burger Mania  

21. Chicha Burger  

22. Happy Hour Burger  

23. The Burger Affair  

24. Burger Harvest  

25. Burger Bank  

26. Castle Burger  

27. Zen Burgers  

28. The Burger Retreat  

29. Burger Elixir  

30. Burger Horizon  

31. The Burger Valley  

32. Burgeryard Co  

33. The Promised Burger  

34. Ultra Burgers

Names of Vegan Burgers

Here are some amusing vegan burgers name ideas you might want to think about.

1. Earth Right Burger

2. Beanie Vegan Burger

3. Vegan Burgerville

4. Forest Burger

5. Blossom Burger

6. Seedy Burger

7. Green Man Burger

8. Green Pasture

9. Burger Sprouts

10. Vegan Express

11. Glow Green Burger

12. Burger Goodness

13. McVeggie Eat

14. Native Burger

15. Pesto Bun

16. Green Fusion Burger

17. Plantation Avenue

18. Grab A Green

19. Urban Jungle Burger

20. Veggie Wizard

21. Burger Salad Station

22. Green Taste Burger

23. Vegan Hangout Grill

24. Bravo Herb Burgers

25. Vegan Palace

26. Burger Garden

27. Veggie Patty

28. Burger N’ Peas

29. Serenity Burger

30. Buns N’ Salad

31. Veggie-lant Burger

32. The Buddha Burger

33. Gentle Burger

34. Chia Burgers

35. Herbivore Burger

36. Hearty Burger

37. Veggie Grill Burger

38. Green Affair

39. The Burger Field

40. Sunflower Bun

41. Native Bun

42. Lotus Burger

43. Veganic Bun

44. Forever Vegan Bun

45. Green Leaves Burger

46. Veggie Burgeryard

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Ideas for Cheeseburger Names

If you’re seeking for cheese burgers name ideas, I have a slice of cheddar for you.

1. Cheesy Belly

2. The Crowned Cheese

3. Cheese Backyard

4. Burger’s Match

5. Cafe Cheeseburger

6. Love, Cheeseburger

7. The Melt Burger

8. Cheezburger Loco

9. The Hot Cheese

10. Buns & Parmesan

11. Mozza Burger

12. Cheeseburger Lab

13. Cheeseburger Tavern

14. The Cheddar Burger

15. Cheesy Horizon

16. The Local Golden

17. Cafe Melty

18. Cheeseburger Rush

19. Mozza N’ Buns

20. Cheese Boulevard

21. Cheese Please

22. Burgers N’ Yellows

23. The Cheesy Choice

24. Burger’s Mozza

26. The Cheeseyard

27. The Golden Star

28. Cheeseburger County

29. Cheese In Da Buns

30. Gold N’ Munch

Unusual Burger Names

1. Burger Glory

2. The Burger State

3. Mythical Burger

4. Burger Brigade

5. Surfin’ Burgers

6. Amaranth Burgers

7. Harbor Burger

8. Burger Monk

9. Utopia Burgers

10. Bayshore Burger

11. Infinity Burger

12. Burger Enlightenment

13. Column Burger

14. Burger Syndrome

15. Weekday Burger

16. Fortress Burgers

17. Burger Academy

18. Sassy Burgers

19. The Burger Edge

20. Burger Quarters

21. Best View Burgers

22. Herbs & Burgers

23. Burger Bash

24. Burger O’clock

25. The Burger Explorer

26. Burger Rumble

27. Patriot Burgers

28. Burger Mayor

29. Burger Luck

30. Nina’s Burger

31. The Burger Encounter

32. Influencer Burger

33. Burger Maven

34. Burger Bop

35. The Burger Invasion

36. Burger Realm

37. Burger Artifacts

38. Wizard Burgers

39. The Burger Region

40. Cheetah Burgers

One of the hardest and most crucial things you’ll do is name your burger company. The name needs to be brief, catchy and appealing to your target market.

On the one hand, you need a name that is direct. You want a unique and distinctive name.

Look at competing companies in your market before coming up with a name for a burger business.

This will give you a better idea of different burgers name ideas as well as the types of names that are common in the sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

cut-up steak.

rounded off.

ground beef.


burger patties.

a hamburger sub.

beef burger steak

Information. The word “hamburger” originates from the German port city of Hamburg, where it’s believed that 19th-century sailors brought back the concept of raw, shredded beef (now known as beef tartare) after trading with the Russian Baltic provinces.

Etymology. The word was first used as an English translation of the French word pâté in the 17th century. The OED claims it is connected to the word pasty, which refers to a variety of items enclosed in pastry.

See grog bog as well. It should be mentioned that in Australia, anything placed between buns is referred to as a hamburger.

Burger has changed from being a derogatory term for young, spoiled, and wealthy people to a catchall term for politically engaged youth who back Imran Khan’s PTI party.

You don’t have to chew much because the meat has been ground up. It is simple to eat because it is placed on a bun. There is only lifting and no cutting. Burgers also come with a variety of sides, so you may customize your meal to your preferences.

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