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– National Food Days –

Are you looking for places to eat for free on National Food Days? Many restaurants, fast food chains, and ice cream shops across the U.S. offer free eats to celebrate national food days. With our list, you can find out when and where you can eat for free!

National Food Days

Brands and restaurants alike have embraced these (probably made up?) occasions by fulfilling our heart’s greatest desire: cheap eats and free booze. So mark your calendars, people.


National Free Food Days


National Pie Day: This holiday, on Jan. 23, celebrates the birthday of Charlie Papazian. The nuclear engineer, brewer, and teacher was a fan of pies. The day became popular, and the American Pie Council started sponsoring it.

There’s usually a smattering of pie deals each year, from restaurants such as Bakers Square and Marie Callender’s, which offer discounted or even free slices of pie with purchase.


National Pizza Day: This holiday is celebrated on Feb. 9 each year. Restaurants that have taken part in recent National Pizza Days include Toppers Pizza, Domino’s, and other local pizza joints.

Plus, in the past H&R Block has celebrated by giving Domino’s gift cards to tax filers, and convenience store chain Pilot Flying J has offered free pizza slices.

National Margarita Day: The origins of this holiday on Feb. 22 are fittingly blurry. But it’s a pretty major holiday among food holidays, with a slew of Tex-Mex chains participating every year. Usual participants include Abuelo’s, Bahama Breeze and Cyclone Anaya’s.


Pi Day: Not to be confused with Pie Day in January, Pi Day celebrates the famous mathematical constant on March 14, which represents 3.14.

Both pizza and pie deals abound, and you can expect chains such as Bakers Square, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, Boston Market, and California Pizza Kitchen to take part.


Tax Day: While Tax Day on April 15 isn’t a food holiday, it might as well be, with restaurants and food delivery services offering free goodies to those feeling the squeeze from the IRS.

Frequent participants the past couple of years have included Bite Squad, Cicis, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, and Kona Ice. Specials often involve tax-related promo codes, and pricing items at $10.40 is also common.

National Pretzel Day: Declared an official holiday by a former governor of Pennsylvania, National Pretzel Day on April 26 celebrates the important role the snack has played in the state’s history. Local beer gardens often participate, as do national chains, such as Auntie Anne’s and Philly Pretzel Factory.


National Hamburger Day: The origins of this holiday on May 28 are unknown, but its timing often fits nicely with Memorial Day grilling.

Restaurants celebrate by offering limited-time burgers, as well as discounts and freebies, and recent participants have included BurgerFi and White Castle.


Free Food on National Food Days

National Doughnut Day: The holiday was created to honor the Salvation Army’s “Lassies,” who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I and is celebrated on the first Friday in June.

These days, Dunkin’, Krispy Kreme and many local shops hand out free doughnuts to customers or launch special-edition doughnuts to mark the occasion.


National Ice Cream Day: This holiday is part of National Ice Cream Month, which exists, thanks to a presidential proclamation by former President Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Various restaurants and ice cream makers, including Carvel, Bruster’s Real Ice Cream and Dippin’ Dots. Celebrate the day on the third Sunday in July with free and discounted frozen treats.


National Root Beer Float Day: This Aug. 6 holiday celebrates the century-old dessert, which was created in a fit of inspiration by a tavern owner in the Rocky Mountains.

A&W reliably participates by offering free floats, and fast food chain Wienerschnitzel has participated in past years as well.


National Cheeseburger Day: The holiday’s origins are unknown, but the cheeseburger has been around since the 1920s.

This beloved menu item is celebrated every Sept. 18, when restaurants such as Ruby Tuesday, Miller’s Ale House and Red Robin offer discounted or even free cheeseburgers.

National Coffee Day: This Sept. 29 holiday has mysterious origins, but started gaining steam around 2009, with restaurants and coffee chains offering free caffeine.

Notable participants in recent years include Dunkin’, Krispy Kreme and convenience store chain Cumberland Farms.


National Taco day: While the origins of Taco Day remain unknown, it started becoming popular around a decade ago.

Today, various Tex-Mex and taco chains celebrate Oct. 4 by offering free tacos, buy one, get one specials and even special taco-themed gifts. Look for deals at On The Border, California Tortilla and Taco Bell.


National Fast Food Day: Fast Food Day on Nov. 16 celebrates everything you’re looking for an excuse to eat: burgers, fries, onion rings, shakes and more.

Chains often make deals for this holiday available via their apps, so watch for specials from Jack in the Box, Wienerschnitzel, Burger King and more.


National Cookie Day: With the holiday season gearing up, bakeries and cookie-makers around the country honor this Christmastime staple with giveaways and deals on Dec. 4.

Chains such as Insomnia Cookies, Great American Cookies and Mrs. Fields are common participants.

 Free food

It is important to realize that, these deals are subject to change at any time and may vary by location. Always call ahead to confirm that the deal is valid in your area.

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