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The 21 Best Houston, TX Cajun Food Trucks (November 2022)

Starting a Cajun Food Truck is more than just a utopian dream. You must learn the basic concepts of the business as well as what you should do to ensure its success.

cajun food truck

What is Cajun Food?

It is a culinary style developed by Cajun-Acadians.

The British sent them packing from Acadia to Louisiana in the 18th century, and they absorbed West African, French, and Spanish cooking procedures into their original recipes.

This food is typically made with locally sourced ingredients and is extremely simple to prepare.

They usually prepare this meal in three separate pots: one for the main dish, which could be rice, cornmeal, or any other staple.

One for any vegetables that are available at the time, and another for seafood dishes, which serve as the meats in the meals they serve.

The green bell pepper, onions, and celery, known as “The Trinity,” are the main ingredients used in the preparation of these Cajun foods.

Other seasonings include cayenne pepper, bay leaves, scallions, carrots, and parsley, which are all roughly chopped and blended together to create the distinctive aroma of Cajun food.

One of the common misconceptions about Cajun food is that it is extremely spicy, but this depends entirely on the chef and the meal you order.

People also try to pass it off as creole food, but the two are not the same, despite the fact that they use the same ingredients.


Cajun Food Truck

You adore Cajun cuisine and want to share your enthusiasm with others by launching a Cajun food truck.

However, you must fully prepare and check your boxes after carefully considering how to proceed.

You must consider the laws of the state in which you wish to operate, as well as the rules governing hygienic food preparation.

What about getting a permit to camp your food truck and begin sales, or getting health inspections? Will you pack in private property?

What about taxes or a food truck business owners’ union? How certain are you that the residents in your area of operation will welcome the type of food you intend to serve? 

What about where you’re going to get your ingredients and how much you’re going to sell?

Are you the only Cajun food truck in the area, or do you have competitors?

What kind of Cajun food do you want to sell, and how will you handle promotions and marketing strategies?

What about funding and equipping your food truck with everything you need? These are both direct and indirect points to consider before you start up.

cajun food truck

How to Fund a Cajun Food Truck

The food truck industry has grown, and you’ll need all the financial assistance you can get to get your food truck up to speed. Here are some of the options you have.

Loans for Trucks and Machinery

This option allows you to obtain funds to purchase the equipment needed to launch your business, as well as use it as collateral for your loan.

The longer your equipment lasts, the more time you’ll have to repay your loan.

Working with a food truck builder who has connections with outside lending institutions is the simplest way to obtain this loan.

They will be able to put together a working capital proposal that is sufficient.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding is especially beneficial for Cajun food trucks that require financial support.

You can launch fundraising campaigns on websites or create a GoFundMe account and ask customers, family, friends, and random people to donate cash to help finance your food truck.

SBA Microloans

Seriously look into SBA Microfinance services if you need less than $50,000 to finance your Cajun food truck.

The Small Business Association offers loans of $500 to $50,000 or less to institutions, which then lend the profits to local companies.

Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards are an avenue for food truck funding because you don’t always need a large loan. This is an option even if you are just starting out with your food truck.

The crucial issue is that you’ll need at least a decent credit history to use a business bank account.

Cajun Food Truck Menu

Here’s our list of Cajun foods you must include on your menu to provide your customers with an unforgettable dining experience.


This is a hearty Cajun stew with chicken spicy sausage, okra, green peppers, onions, and celery in a rich tomato soup served over hot white rice and cajun seasoning.

Steaming the stew for hours results in a delightful flavor combination.

You can serve Gumbo as a main course with rice on the side.


Without jambalaya, no list of Cajun dishes would be final.

This Louisiana-born dish is influenced by French and Spanish cuisine.

Consider shrimp, sausage, and chicken sautéed with celery, onion, and tomato, then mixed with rice. So aromatic and delectable.

Maque Choux

This spicy corn and pepper dish is a family favorite that complements any main course. 

Maque choux is a fried mixture of corn kernels, bell peppers, chopped onion, and Cajun seasonings.

If you like your dishes savory, you can add chopped jalapeno to the dish if you want to get a little more heat.

cajun food truck

Crawfish Étouffée

In Louisiana, étouffée is a popular cooking method.

This stew is surprisingly simple to prepare, and the combination of tastes and textures is always a crowd-pleaser.

The main ingredient in this stew is crawfish, which they cook with flour and butter until it turns a light brown color.


If you don’t have time for Cajun stew, a muffuletta sandwich is a good substitute.

It’s a New Orleans favorite and they make it with muffuletta bread, olive salad, salami, ham, Swiss cheese, provolone, and mortadella.

This Cajun twist on an Italian sandwich elevates it to new heights, and you must try it when in New Orleans.

Boudin Balls

Boudin is a Cajun sausage made of pork, liver, rice, onion, and Cajun seasonings.

Cajun food vendors transform this sausage into a tasty palate treat.

They peel the packages, shape the sausages into balls, sprinkle bread crumbs on top, and fry them until crispy brown.

You can serve them as a side dish to rice, spaghetti, and other dishes, or use them in a variety of dips and sandwiches.

Po’Boy Sandwich

You can serve the shrimp and creamy remoulade sauce po’boy sandwich on either toasted or untoasted French bread rolls.

Citizens created it in the early 1900s in New Orleans to feed street care workers and they serve it with iceberg lettuce and tomatoes.

Other delectable variations of this sandwich include catfish, chicken, and even vegan fillings, as well as traditional sauces like lemon juice, hot sauce, and mayo.

Rice and Red Beans

This is a delicious Cajun dish you make by slow-cooking red beans and rice in a pork broth and adding bell pepper, onions, celery, and other vegetables.

It is a Southern family favorite that can be served with any main course.

You can also serve them as a main course with Andouille, ham, jambalaya, and gumbo, along with cornbread, sausage, and fried chicken.

This dish is impossible to get enough of.

Shrimp with Grits

In New Orleans, shrimp and grits are a traditional Cajun dish that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or brunch.

It’s a delectable combination of grilled shrimp, bacon, cheese, and grits that will keep you going all day.

It’s also very simple to make at home, and you can add salmon and crawfish to make it even more flavorful.


For many years, the origin of this dish has been a source of contention, though many food historians agree that it originated in either France or Germany.

It made its way to Louisiana, where the chefs decided to spice things up a little with their own take on the dish.

Andouille is originally a smoked pork sausage seasoned with garlic, pepper, Cajun seasonings, onions, and wine, but the Cajun version differs slightly.

The Cajun version double-smokes the pork to char it slightly pink and enhance the aroma.

It goes well with gumbo, jambalaya, etouffee, and other dishes.


Final Words

Cajun Food Trucks are more popular than ever because they are a delight for food connoisseurs and are extremely simple to prepare at home.

The setup may be costly, but we hope you will follow our advice on where you can get funding.

Cajun food trucks are a very exciting business, and you can put your own spin on some of the popular dishes we’ve already mentioned to create something unique.

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