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Food Truck Lighting Exterior & Interior Options and Examples

You need a good and carefully constructed food truck lighting system in your food truck kitchen for your staff to proficiently perform their tasks such as cleaning and meal preparation. The truck’s interior should be as clear of visual discomfort and unnecessary reflections as possible.

food truck lighting

Food Truck Lighting Design

A good lighting system in your food truck does more than just brighten the space or allow you to see what you’re doing at night.

It draws attention and alerts customers to your presence. People are naturally drawn to places with good lighting because they have a pleasant ambiance.

This is why, in addition to lighting plans, you must invest in a properly placed lighting system in your food truck’s interior and exterior.

You already know that lighting comes alive at night, so make your food truck as enticing as possible

This is so your customers will not only buy from you but will also return unless you don’t intend to operate the food truck at night.


Things to Consider When Choosing Food Truck Lighting

Artificial and Natural Lighting

You should think about how natural and artificial lighting will work together in your food truck.

This is due to the fact that a quality effect requires both sources to agree.

Choose your window and skylight placement with care to avoid a clash that results in an overly illuminated situation.

These openings should interact with both natural and artificial sources of light.

The recommended luminance level for a food truck kitchen is 240 lux, which is similar to the areas of a commercial kitchen for food preparation, cooking, and washing.


Reflections and glare can reduce visibility and be a source of disorientation and irritation for your food truck waiters.

As you obviously know, walls, ceilings, floors, and work surfaces will all reflect light.

This means that you should carefully consider the equipment, colors, and painting on all of your food truck’s surfaces.

These surfaces can reflect light and increase the overall luminance of your food truck, which you don’t want.

Glossy paints and finishes should be avoided because they promote excessive reflection and glare. To balance out the lighting, choose contrasting colors for your food truck.

You should promote a healthy working environment for your staff in terms of visibility conditions.


Another thing to think about is where these lights will be placed or fixed because, as you know, there isn’t much space in a food truck.

You should install your lights in areas where they will not be in the way, such as ceilings.

You don’t want your lights to interfere with cleaning or meal preparation.

Make plans for their protection and proper diffusion as well, so that you can distribute light evenly while remaining safe in the event that a bulb breaks.

Legal Prerequisites

In order to protect your employees’ working environment, your electrical supply systems must comply with local laws.

You should also hire qualified electricians to repair your lighting systems.

Even when designing your food truck, enlist the help of qualified individuals to oversee the entire operation.

Regulate your energy consumption by purchasing energy bulbs and/or CFL fluorescent lamps.

You should also think about getting insurance for your food truck.

food truck lighting

Food Truck Lighting Options

There are numerous reasons why you need lighting, one of which is to reduce theft.

If you can’t find a safe place to park your food truck at the end of the day, make sure it has adequate lighting.

Although it may appear absurd, studies have shown that thieves prefer to rob unlit targets. Let’s look at some of the options for lightening up the food truck.

Rope and String Lights

We’re used to using string lights to decorate Christmas trees and carnival booths during the holidays.

They are extremely adaptable and can be wrapped around the truck in any design you desire.

You can also fasten them or let them fall while winking lazily and invitingly.

They typically have very small bulbs and thus do not provide much illumination.

This means you’ll need more of them if you need more light; however, they’re quite striking in their own right.

Flood or Other Standing Lights

Even without fancy designs or décor, these lights illuminate everything within reach and draw attention.

They may be difficult to transport and set up, but you can bet they are well worth it.

They are also the best option for overnight storage lighting if your area’s power supply fluctuates.

However, the only issue is that they consume energy.

Fixed LED

These are the easiest and most dynamic choices because they are simple to set up and shine brightly.

Their voltages are compatible with power sources and provide adequate lighting for the food truck.

They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they provide constant, bright lighting to any space in which they are installed.

However, these lights add no charm or drama to the lighting process, making it very uninteresting.


Final Words

Whatever you choose, as long as the end result is what you want and you can afford it, you’re fine.

Feel free to look into options beyond what we have here and make sure you get whatever you want.

You can also speak with the food truck builder because they may have some great ideas and you won’t have to waste time researching everything you require.

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