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Two Men and a Truck offers full-service transfers, storage solutions, and hourly employees for a variety of in-home jobs. The company owns more than 300 franchises worldwide, which means you can recruit Two Men and a Truck almost anywhere in the USA.


Two Men and a Truck

The capabilities of Two Men and a Truck make it a secure choice for most movements and its outstanding customer service means that you’ll be able to drive comfortably.

Also, there are a few downsides to the company. Some of its franchises, for example, only promote movements across those distances. We do wish the pricing of the product had been a little more straightforward.

Pros and Cons of Two Men and a Truck


  • Free online moving estimates
  • You don’t have to lift a finger as they will do the work for you
  • Knowledgeable and polite customer service representatives


  • Not the cheapest option to consider, especially for an interstate move
  • A down payment is required even before the moving date.
  • Easy online inventory feature but can easily confuse the user.

Two Men and a Truck’s Services

Two Men and a Truck offers full moving services for both local and long-distance movers for any size of home even though we already mentioned that some of the company’s branches only offer services for local moves.

Two Men and a Truck

One franchise we approached only accepts movements within 800 miles, but we have been directed to another nearby franchise that accommodates larger movements so that this shortcoming is easily resolved in most areas

You may have to partner with a different moving company if the Two Men and a Truck franchise in your area only handle local moves.

With Two Men and a Truck, you can also get short- and long-term storage, even if you’re not moving. This is handy if you still need to finalize your move-in date, don’t have enough space for all of your keepsakes and collectibles, or just need to free up a spare bedroom.

While these services are essential, they aren’t unique. Most moving companies can do everything we’ve listed so far, but there are a few features that make Two Men and a Truck stand out.

What makes Two Men and a Truck Standout?

  • In-home moving services
  • Community service programs
  • Packing supply choices

Other Services from Two Men and a Truck

  • Local and long-distance moves
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Corporate relocations
  • Storage services
  • Special items moving
  • Piano moving
  • Basic liability coverage
  • Protecting wrapping for furniture and other fragile items
  • Large appliance moving
  • Additional valuation coverage

Standout Features of Two Men and a Truck

These are the outstanding features of Two Men and a Truck that would trigger you to use their service.

Its in-home moving services

On top of its standard moving services, Two Men and a Truck can also help you with heavy lifting around your home.

Even if you aren’t moving, the company can give you a hand repositioning a bulky sofa, a king-size bed, a large fridge, a priceless piano, or almost anything else.

Instead of straining your back as you haul furniture through your house, up to your stairs, or out to the curb, you can enlist professional movers from Two Men and a Truck for the job.

This service is particularly handy if you’re staging your home and need to rearrange your furniture. In fact, Two Men and a Truck’s movers are trained to assist with home staging to guarantee your home looks beautiful when you’re trying to sell it.


Two Men and a Truck’s Prices

Due to the obvious franchise model of Two Men and a Truck, it is difficult to get specific prices for the services of the company.

Each franchise sets its own rates, and there is no pricing standardization, which means that your price will vary depending on where you live.

To avoid giving customers incorrect or outdated pricing information, the company forgoes listing rates of any kind on its website.

However, we were able to gather some info about how Two Men and a Truck calculates its prices so you can get a better sense of what you’ll pay.

Price for Long-Distance Move

Most Two Men and a Truck franchises charge by weight and mileage for long-distance moves, so the distance you’re moving and the weight of your shipment are what dictate your price.

According to the Two Men and a Truck website, a few additional factors may affect your price:

  • Flights of stairs
  • Distance between the truck and the door at your load and unload locations
  • Time it takes to load and unload
  • Driving time

Two Men and a Truck also lets you choose between two long-distance delivery options: expedited shipping and Value Flex®.

ExpeditedWith this option, the same team that loads your truck also drives it to your new location and unloads it. Expedited service is much faster and more convenient, but it can also be much more expensive than the Value Flex option.

Value Flex®This option isn’t as expensive as expedited shipping, but it takes longer and comes with some risks. Instead of being loaded into a truck, your belongings are packed into a large crate that gets shipped (with other people’s crates) on a trailer.

When your crate arrives at your destination, a local Two Men and a Truck team deliver and unload it at your new home.

Two Men and a Truck’s Local Move Pricing

The local move was not as expensive as the long-distance move. However, it is still expensive when compared with a Hybrid or Do-it-yourself move.

Although Two Men and a Truck charges per hour rate, however, it varies, depending on the branch you are using. There are a few factors that affect local moves price, just like long-distance moves:

  • Flights of stairs
  • The distance between the moving truck and your door during loading and unloading
  • Loading and unloading duration
  • Driving time

You have just a single choice when it comes to local moves, unlike long-distance moves. Fortunately, the choice works perfectly, as the expedited delivery option. This means that the same crew of movers will handle your move from the beginning to the end.

In the beginning, a customer was required to make a payment of $367.50 for the travel fee. This payment covers gas and time taken to travel from Livingston, New Jersey (the company’s office) to Fort Lee as well as the Ridgefield Park and back to his first location.

The company then charges him$235per hour for:

  • Packing
  • Loading
  • Providing and driving the moving truck
  • Unloading
  • Assembling and reassembling furniture

Insurance Options with Two Men and a Truck

The moving estimate given to you for long-distance usually contains insurance options. When an agent was contacted over the phone, the agent couldn’t give us an actual value but promised to get back to us once they have everything calculated.

Two Men and a Truck

The agent did not estimate the cost with us over the phone but instead sent an email containing the estimated insurance coverage.

Two Men and a Truck have the minimum liability added in their original long-distance moving estimate, and it provides coverage for $.60 per pound per item.

The original cost would have been $10,413.80, which is $413 higher than the actual estimated amount, including minimum liability coverage.

The second insurance option available with Two Men and a Truck is full coverage. It means that the company will pay the full value of any of your lost or damaged belongings.

They will either repair the damaged item or have another company repair it while they pay, or they just reimburse you with the actual value of the item.

Full-service movers must provide an estimate that includes the cost of this coverage option.

Because it was mentioned when filling the online form that there is a low budget for the move, the agent then did not include the coverage cost in the estimate; neither did she discuss anything about it when we talked over the phone.

The company suggests that you check your homeowner’s insurance to see if there is coverage for you, or you could just add a rider to save some cash on the move.

Your experience will depend on your local franchise, with Two Men and a Truck. Our recommendation will be to quit word of mouth and search for the franchise that is nearest to you. If people dig it and experience it favorably, that is your green light to move forward.


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