Messages by Google: Everything About Google Messages

With the excellent features of messages by Google, staying connected and interacting with our loved ones has become really interesting, and if you just got a cellphone, keep reading to know everything about the latest addition of google.

Messages by Google: Everything About Google Messages

How we interact with our loved ones and friends has been made easy with the advent of several messaging apps, staying connected is never a problem with the use of these apps.

The new Messages by Google is a modified version of the normal texting app we are used to. it is built around RCS, a modern messaging protocol that enables better texting features, higher resolution images, and videos, and also allows end–to–end encryption.

The RCS enables Messages to give its users a secure and modern messaging experience.

Google Messages is now the popular choice of app among many Andriod users, there’s so much you can do with this app and if you are one of those who would like to try out the app, then there are a lot of things you need to know. 

Why Use Google Messages?

If you’ve been asking yourself what is really unique about Google message or why should people use them, well we are here to give you reasons why Google message is preferred among Andriod users:

1. This app enables you to have conversations with your friends without worrying about how you should respond to a specific message. To put it simply, you can chat with the “ Message”  without breaking the flow of conversation.

2. The app now has different emoji reactions, just like its iPhone counterparts, Google now allows the users of Andriod to be able to react to SMS texts with the emojis displayed.

3. Voice messages are also enabled in this app.

4. The app has also included reminders, so you can be reminded of important events and moments without having to navigate across several apps on your phone.

5. The app allows you to watch youtube videos within it, If someone sends you a youtube link, you can quickly watch it without even leaving the app

Are Google Messages Private?

 Yes, the new google messages which make use of RCS have incorporated one of WhatsApp’s features which is end-to-end encryption. With this feature enabled by default, your chat will now be more secure and the message cannot be invaded by anyone even Google themselves.

Google started rolling out end-to-end encryption for its users on Messages as part of the beta program.

This feature is to ensure that your chats are secured.

With end-to-end encryption, no one including Google or any third parties can read messages as they travel from your phone to the recipient of the messages.

How the End-to-end Encryption Works

Encryption converts data into scrambled text. The unreadable text can only be understood or decoded with a secret key. The secret key is a number that is created on:

  • Your cellphone and the recipient’s device. It only exists on these two devices.
  • It is not shared with anyone, even Google or other devices
  • Always generated for each message
  • It is deleted from the sender’s devices when the encrypted message is created and deleted from the recipient’s devices when the message is decrypted
  • The server that delivers the message won’t be able to gain access to the message itself because they don’t have the key but might have access to just the data.

Each end-to-end encrypted chat has a unique verification code. This code must be the same for you and the contact to verify that your messages are end-to-end encrypted.    

Is Google Messages the Same as Texting?

Is Google Messages the Same as Texting?

Well, of course, you can send and receive text messages on the Message app. But, remember that the Message app is an improvement to the average texting.

Google has been trying its best to modify and include better features in its Message app to better compete with Apple’s iMessage, while also pushing for the RCS way of texting.

Here are the notables difference between Google Messages and Texting:

  • The Google message makes use of the 4G network or Wifi instead of the user’s GSM network.
  • Additional features like the use of emojis, that is better suited for new-generation users.
  • Unlike the texting app, Google message allows you to multitask, you can watch youtube, and get reminders of important events or moments without leaving the app.
  • It allows Group Communication
  • Voice calls and voice messages are enabled
  • Unlimited Multimedia file sharing
  •  The Google Message Business is also the best option for fusing customer service and communication
  • Geolocation Sharing is also enabled on the Message app

Can I get my Text Messages From Google?

 Your text messages can be gotten from Google whenever you want them because Andriod uses the operator’s Google account to store backups because it is a Google OS. Here are the different ways your text messages can be gotten from Google:


With your Gmail account, you can access your text messages on Google.

We all know that Gmail offers free email service, but there are other things like accessing your text messages that can also be done on your Gmail.

Using the Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer

With the Elcomsoft cloud explorer, accessing your text messages on Google is quite easy.

Note that the Elcomsoft Cloud Explore 1. 30 or later is needed for this to be possible. These are steps that you should follow in downloading the Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer.

  • Launch the program
  • Pick File-Add Google Snapshot
  • Provide your username and password for authentication into the Google account
  • If the two-factor authentication is enabled, you will be asked for a second authentication code.
  • Select messages when the login is completed.
  • The program will download data from your Google account. However, this may take some minutes depending on the number of Andriod backups that are stored in the Google account.
  • Once the download is completed, you will be able to see your messages.

 Where are my Google Text Messages Backed Up?

 Where are my Google Text Messages Backed Up?

In cases, where you accidentally deleted a message, or the message was wiped away due to an update.

It’s totally okay to know where your messages are backed up. The Good news, there are several options that will enable restore your message, meaning they are not permanently lost, they can be recovered if only you take the necessary steps to back them up.

Here are different places where your Google text Messages are backed up:

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best options when it comes to backing up your messages, it allows you to back up your contacts, call history, text messages, device settings, and even your app data, so when you log in to a new android phone they can instantly be recovered.

The only problem with this option is that you can only recover them when you get a new device or when you rest your phone.

If you are idle for 57 days the backup will expire and be removed from Google Drive, which means the drive does not keep backups forever, so it is advisable to check them out to avoid losing relevant text messages.

SMS Backup

Another way your text messages are backed up is through the SMS Backup and Restore software that provides a feature–rich SMS backup service to its user.

Note that you must first download the app from Google Play Store

Backing with SD Card

Your text message can also be backed up locally. This is by using an SD card, you don’t need a third-party app for this.

The process is very straightforward, All you need is a reliable SD card and the backup &restore capability.

This can be found in your app drawer or the settings app on either TECNO or Infinix device.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Conversations are the newest addition dedicated to notifications that come in from chat apps like Android Messages, Facebook Messenger, and others. You can find it at the top of your notification shade, right underneath quick settings. 

Yes, it uses both.

If you own a Samsung device, you will notice that it comes with two pre-installed messaging apps: Google Mesages and Samsung Messages.

Google Messages and Andriod’s like Samsung, it is both Google Messages and Samsung Messages.

Yes, you can. Just click the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner and open the Recycle bin. Check your deleted text messages. Long tap the message you want to retrieve. Click Restore at the bottom and check the same in your primary inbox.

Yes, Text message records can be obtained from the user’s cell phone provider.

Yes, it is definitely possible for someone to hack your information and get your text history.

Yes, they can, but this should be done with the consent of the partner, If not then it can be seen as an invasion of privacy because emails and text messages are private.

Google messages have no doubt ensured a quality texting experience.

No day passes that we do not communicate with our loved ones, friends, or even business clients, and of course, texting doesn’t have to be a boring chore.

With the messages app by Google, texting is more fun!

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