How to Turn On or Off Autocorrect for Android and Samsung Devices

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Autocorrect is a real lifesaver at times, saving you from potentially awkward typos in emails or texts. However, it can work against you, too, changing the meaning of a message to a much more negative sentence.

Why Turn off Autocorrect

You might be wondering why you’d ever want to switch off autocorrect. Well, it’s not quite as smart as it’d like to be.

If you’re prone to typing more complex words, such as legal or scientific terms, autocorrect takes a while to catch up.

It can be counterintuitive to ‘train’ autocorrect and you can type it much faster yourself.

On Samsung phones, Autocorrect is referred to as Auto Replace. The concept is the same. It’s just a different name.

There’s also the matter of privacy. Samsung phones are able to use personalized data to learn from your messages and contacts so it figures out your writing style.

On one hand, that can be very useful, but to some users, it might feel like an invasion of privacy.


How to Turn On and Off Autocorrect on the Samsung Galaxy S5

Have you ever found a reason to disable predictive text or any other keyboard autocorrect feature? Or have you just swapped the default Samsung keyboard out completely for something else?

  • With the keyboard visible, tap and hold the Dictation key that sits to the left of the space bar.
  • In the floating menu, tap on the Settings gear.
  • Under the Smart Typing section, tap on Predictive Text and disable it at the top.
  • If you’d like, you can also disable settings such as auto-capitalization and punctuation under the Smart Typing section as well.

That’s all there is to it. Anytime you’d like to change autocorrect settings again, just follow the same steps.

Keep in mind that if you have alternative keyboards installed through Google Play, the directions may vary slightly due to how different keyboards are laid out.

How to Disable Auto-correct on Android Devices

There are two main methods to enter the Google Keyboard settings, you may long press on the ‘,’ button, to the left of the space bar and select the gear that pops up, or head into Settings -> Language & input -> Google Keyboard.

  • From here, simply tap on Text correction.
  • You will find a number of settings in the following list, we will look at a few of them shortly.
  • To disable Auto-correct, tap on Auto-correction, and choose Off.
  • Go ahead and back out of your settings and enjoy your newfound power over your words.
  • Google Keyboard Text correction modest
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How to Modify Auto-correct Settings on Android Devices

As I hope you noticed above, there are plenty of extra options available in your Google Keyboard settings.

For example, you may choose to set your Auto-correction level to Very Aggressive, so that Google changes up nearly every word that you type.

Or, you may keep it modest, but add a ton of your own words to your Personal dictionary.

Again, enter into your Google Keyboard settings either by long-pressing the “,” button on the keyboard itself, or heading into Settings -> Language & input -> Google Keyboard.

Then hit Text correction to see your options.

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