Does Google Messages Show when Someone is Typing?

When you are having a chat with someone over the phone, especially when it gets intense, you might want to ask, does google messages show when someone is typing? This is because you want to be sure you aren’t waiting for someone who may have stopped chatting with you.

Does Google Messages Show when Someone is Typing

You may see when someone is typing on their phone if you have the advanced text messaging feature activated on your device. 

This helps indicate that the other person is typing or has liked a message when you see a connection status. 

However, you must first make these text messaging features available. Your chat window will then be able to display the connection status.

You can see when someone is typing and can also tell if they are reading your texts because of this feature. 

Can you See when Someone is Typing on Android?

Wanting to know when someone is typing is a great concern for people especially if that person is in the same room as them. 

Using instant messaging software like Whatsapp or Skype or sending an SMS text message are the two ways to determine if someone is typing with Google message. Only if the person you’re talking to has enabled it will you have access to this function.

When someone taps a text field while typing on an iPhone, you’ll receive a notification. However, if the other person is typing in a different application or leaves the text box unfinished, these messages cannot be accessed. 

Snapchat is one of the apps that sends these kinds of typing notifications. But while you’re not typing on other apps, they won’t disturb you. 

Additionally, because iOS and Android have separate messaging platforms, it is impossible to see someone typing in real-time with Google messages.

Can Someone Tell if you Read Their Text?

Android mobile devices include read receipt tracking capabilities. When using other messaging apps, you can observe this when you send or receive a message

Examples include Viber, Messenger, and WhatsApp. You can trace messages using any of these programs, some of which are free.

By checking their messaging app, you can also know whether someone has read your text. The texting app is not accessible for the majority of Android devices. Both the sender and the recipient have to enable read receipts. 

The other party will receive a read receipt next to the message once you’ve activated this functionality. 

This will also display the time that the message was opened. Open the Messages app on your phone and scroll to the bottom of the screen to enable this option. The date and time you read the message will be shown on the read receipt.

Now that you have it, Google messages will show you when someone s typing and this will also be possible if they enable it from their end.

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