How do I Get my Old Messages Back?

In a case where you accidentally wiped your text, you begin to ask yourself questions like “How do I get my Old Messages Back?” Read through this article to know how to retrieve them

How do I Get my Old Messages Back?

Messages are one of the most precious data on your mobile phones.

Whether you prefer text messages or you have switched to instant messaging apps like Whatsapp or Messenger, one thing remains these platforms aid your daily interactions with your friends or business partners

In many cases, we get so overwhelmed with life activities that we might accidentally wipe off our messages,.

This can be very frustrating, especially in cases where those messages contain very important information that we need.

How to Get your Old Messages Back

If you are using Andriod, here are some suggestions you might need to access your old messages again:

Check your Archived Inbox

Sometimes we archive our messages and forget that we have done so. It is important to check your archived inbox once in a while to see if you have mistakenly archived your text messages.

The app archives your text if you accidentally swipe left or right on one of the conversation threads.

Here’s how to unarchive important texts on your Andriod:

  • Open Messages on Android.
  • Click the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner.
  • Select Archived
  • Tap the up-arrow icon at the top after long-tapping the message you want to unarchive.

Check your Carrier App

Mobile carriers, in addition to OEMs, provide text messaging apps for Android phones with essential features. 

For instance, Verizon bundles your texts and makes them accessible on the web and other devices, whereas AT&T offers AT&T Messages Backup & Sync.

You may quickly recover your old texts if you use the carrier’s messaging app.

Reach Out to the Sender

One of the easiest ways of getting your old texts back is by reaching out to the sender and telling them to resend them.

The person might have a copy of the old message that you need, and you can ask them to forward the message again.

Tips on how to Avoid Losing your Messages

Here are some tips that you need in order to avoid losing your message, especially without the app:

Enable Backup in Google Drive

One way to avoid situations like this that can put you through the stress of finding a way to get your messages back is by enabling the Google Drive backup on your smartphone. 

Google drive backs up all your data, from media files, SMS, installed app data, and your google account data.

Use a Third-party SMS app

Making use of a third-party SMS app is another way to prevent such as situation from occurring, so you might consider an alternative that can back up and restore your texts.

Getting your old messages back might not be easy at times, but if they contain relevant information, then it is important you find a way to retrieve the.

We hope this article proves useful to you in knowing the various ways you can get back your old text.

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