How do I Find my Messages on my Cell Phone?

How do I Find my Messages on my Cellphone? This must be the question on your lips, especially if you just got a cellphone. Read through this article to see better ways on accessing your messages.

How do I Find my Messages on my Cell Phone?

Today’s smartphones provide users with a wide range of features, making them truly mobile computers. 

These features range from Internet connectivity to barometers or even GPS. Despite this, many of us continue to use them primarily for communication. 

Nowadays, texting or SMS is the main form of communication. There are several apps that enable text messaging for new Android phones, making it first challenging to find your texts.

How to Find Messages on your Cellphone

More than one app supports text messages on the vast majority of Android smartphones. On your Android device. Here is an overview of the apps that  you can use in finding messages:

Using the Stock “ Messages “ App

There is the stock Messages app on practically all Android smartphones, especially those that use what is referred to as an overlay (the device manufacturer’s interpretation of Android).

This app will be the one you automatically use to see and send messages when you first set up your phone.

Most devices already have a shortcut to this app on their cellphone home screen. The words Messaging are typically written underneath in what typically resembles a speech bubble or an envelope.

Google Hangouts

You probably won’t find a messaging app on new Google Nexus devices, notably the Nexus 5 T, just in case you are making use of this cellphone.

This is due to Google getting rid of it and replacing it with Google Hangouts as the new text messaging app.

After being announced as the new Google Chat, Hangouts first served as Google+’s instant messaging service before becoming the messaging app on Google devices.

In other words, Google Hangouts is the only software available across all Google platforms for instant chatting and texting.

Your text messages should appear when you launch the Hangouts app if it is installed on your cellphone. 

How to Get Text Message History From your Cell Phone

Looking for your text message history on your cell phone is practically easy. There are two ways to achieve this:

Check Your Inbox and Outbox: Unless you’ve deleted these messages, your phone keeps track of all your text messages

Go Online: You can log online to your cell phone provider’s website and check your text messages.

Although some providers may not give back the text messages, they can provide the sent and received numbers for each text.

With the aforementioned tips above, we hope that finding your messages on your cell phone won’t be difficult again for you.

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