How to Identify Music and Songs on YouTube Videos

– Identify Music on YouTube –

Identify Music and Songs on YouTube Videos: This article helps you to identify the music and songs you heard from videos especially in YouTube videos, and, then if necessary, how to add this music to your own video as background music.

Identify Music on YouTube

YouTube creators like to add some fantastic background music to their YouTube videos.

When you watch the video and find the song is great, you may wonder what the name of the song is and where I can download it? This post will tell you the answer.

The first step is the easiest, but it’s one that most people overlook.

If a company or your favorite YouTuber is using a song in one of their videos, the chances are they will credit the original songwriter in the description.

If they don’t, there’s a chance YouTube will take down the video.

So, the first thing to do is go to the video’s description box and click Show More. Scroll down and you’ll find a section called Music in this video.

This will have the song’s name and the artist. Click it to be taken to the song; on YouTube, if it’s uploaded officially or on the Play Store if not.

Videos that use multiple songs will list multiple titles in the description.

However, they don’t always appear in the right order, so you will need to listen to them all to figure out which one is which.

Twitter Can Also Help You


Put the YouTube video ID (not the video URL) in the Twitter Search box and you’ll see a list of all tweets that mention that video.

How to Identify Music and Songs on YouTube Videos

Maybe some of these tweets will have more information about the video or you can consider contacting the people who shared that video on Twitter for clues.

This is a good option when you are trying to research foreign music.

I recommend searching Twitter for YouTube Video IDs instead of URLs as people may use different URLs in tweets but the ID in the URL will always be the same.


YouTube Audio Swap Library

Some videos on YouTube include background music from YouTube’s Audio Swap Library and it is relatively easy to determine the audio track in such cases. Here’s how.

While you are on a YouTube video page, click the video statistics button (available below the video player) and you will see detailed information about the song including the name of the artist and the album.

This trick will only work for videos that are using music from the Audio Swap Library.

YouTube Comments

If you can’t find any information about the song in the YouTube description, go to the comment area because some people like the song as well as you.

  • They probably find the song and post the song name in the comment area.
  • To identify songs on YouTube quickly, checking the comment area is necessary.
  • Open the desired video, then scroll down the page and go to the comment area.
  • View these comments and replies one by one, maybe you’ll find the song’s name.

Use Shazam

Shazam is the best music identification app, and it works like a charm for YouTube videos. You’ll need to download the app on your mobile, but you can use it on your desktop too.

When you’re watching a video on your computer, fire up Shazam on your phone. Hold the phone close to the speakers when the song plays, and Shazam will identify it in no time.

If you’re watching a YouTube video on your phone itself, use the Pop-Up mode. First, go to Shazam > My Shazam > Settings > Pop-up Shazam and enable it.

Go back to your video and play it. When the song you want to identify is playing, tap and hold the floating Shazam button.

Again, Shazam will identify the song and you’ll finally know what it is.

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