Is Google Messages the Same as Texting?

Is Google Message the same as Texting? This is the question many people ask, especially those who are not used to the new features of this app. Keep reading to know what makes them different.

Is Google Messages the Same as Texting?

Nowadays we use instant messaging apps to interact with our loved ones. In fact with  the new Google message for smartphones, especially Andriod, texting has never been better

For years, Google has been improving its Messages app for Android to better compete with Apple’s iMessage while also pushing for the RCS texting standard, which powers the app, to replace SMS and MMS throughout the phone industry.

Google messages are very different than texting. Texting doesn’t allow all of the new features that the Google message brings

Difference Between the Google Messages and Texting

Although they share a similar concept, Google Messages, and Texting function very differently.

As the successor to SMS, Google Message contains additional, rewarding features that are better suited for the new generation of users.

Instead of the operator’s GSM network, Google RCS utilizes the 4G network or WiFi. Your message will just be an SMS if your 4G and/or WiFi are unreliable.

However, there are additional aspects that make Google Messages significantly more pertinent. Among the various features it provides, the following stand out:

  • Group communication,
  • Confirmation of receipt,
  • IP voice call,
  • IP video call,
  • Unlimited multimedia file sharing,
  • Geolocation sharing.

Companies employ SMS for their marketing campaigns in addition to mobile users. For this reason, Google RCS seeks to enhance its messaging platform for businesses that want to interact and exchange with their clients.

How to Get Started with Google’s Chat Feature

The first thing you’ll need is an Android phone with the Messages app installed and set to be the default texting app.

Messages will ask you if you want to make it your default app when you open it for the first time. You won’t lose your communication history by switching, so just follow the steps.

  • Spend a few minutes to set up Messages for Web so you may send and receive text messages from your computer after setting Messages as your default messaging app.
  •  As long as you have the Messages app installed and are using it, you will have access to Chat regardless of the carrier you use or the nation in which you reside.

 Google Message Business is the best option for fusing customer service and communication.

In this way, businesses continue to have the chance to advertise their offer or update their clients via RCS, resulting in stronger marketing campaigns that are always consistent with their brand!



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