7 Easy Ways to Earn Free Google Play Credits 2022 Latest Update

– Free Google Play Credits –

If you are an Android fan then free Google Play credits may be something you are interested in. But, how can you earn free google play credits legally? Read on!

Free Google Play Credits

Google Play codes are as straightforward as they sound. They are credits you can use to purchase apps, books, games, and more in the App Store.

You can earn Google Play credits and use them to redeem items you want in the App Store for free.

What is Google Play Store Credit?

Google Play Credit is the money from a credit/debit card or a gift card from Google Play. Gift cards can be easily downloaded from your Android device or from the web and the best thing about these Google Play Credits is that they never expire.

Google is essentially an advertising organization designed to attract the right people with clean ads.

They have released an app in this thread that will actually give you real money to spend on a subject in the Google Play Store if you just let them know your point of view.

It’s not exactly what you’d call big money, but it’s enough to buy an app or two every month, at least.

The gift card can be purchased with promo codes which can be further used for purchasing the paid Android apps and games.

How Does it Work?

1. Add Credits

Just follow the simple steps given below to add credits:

  • Go to play.google.com.
  • Click on the Settings icon and go to My Account.
  • Click on Add credit/debit card or Redeem.
  • If you wish to purchase google play credits using your credit/debit card then enter your card details and just save it.
  • If you want to Redeem the cash then enter a gift card or promo code.

2. Use the Credit during Checkout

To use the credit during checkout, just follow the simple steps given below:

  • Go to play.google.com.
  • Click on the app/game that you want to purchase.
  • Click on the ‘Buy’ link on the webpage.
  • Also click on Continue.
  • Choose the payment option or use the redeemed amount.
  • You can also add your card details in this section. You can then follow the page instructions.

3. Check Play Store Balance

  • Go to play.google.com.
  • Click on Settings >> My Account.
  • This way you can review your balance under Payment Method.

Simple Ways to Earn Free Google Play Credit

1. Take Paid Surveys

There are plenty of paid survey websites that allow you to exchange the points earned for gift cards from Google Play. Usually these gift cards are in the form of an e-voucher, though they are mailed sometimes.

These websites include:

  • Branded Surveys
  • Ipsos i-Say
  • MySoapBox
  • PointClub
  • Google Opinion Rewards

2. Use Get-Paid-To (GPT) Websites

There are websites that will reward you with Google Play store credits for completing basic online tasks, such as browsing the internet, watching videos, doing micro-tasks or shopping online.

Earn Free Google Play Credit

Some of these tasks you may already be done using your phone or computer, so getting rewarded for spending time on things you already do is a nice bonus.

3. Run MobileXpression on Your Smartphone

MobileXpression is an app that tracks internet access on the mobile. You will be rewarded with a Google Play gift card (or, if you prefer, Amazon gift cards), in exchange for letting the app use this info.

It will anonymize and share your data with others so that your browsing habits are part of a whole.  Keeping the app installed and collecting monthly rewards is easy and truly passive.

4. Register your Chromecast devices

Google will also reward you for using your Google Home app to register your Chromecast gadgets. Reports say you could receive up to $25 worth of credits from the Play store to do so. Not poor at a basic job like that.

5. Register your Samsung devices

Occasionally, Samsung will run promotions where you’ll be rewarded with a Google Play gift card as an Android device and a Samsung consumer just to register your Samsung device(s) on samsung.com.

Again, it was mentioned that you can receive up to $25 in credits per unit, but these deals are coming in waves, so be sure to read the terms.

6. Install S’More

S’More is a rewards app that puts adverts onto your phone’s lock screen. The more ads you view, the more Google Play credits you can earn.

7. Use Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is a website that lets you purchase gift cards at a discount. You’ll also be rewarded with Google Play store credits as an added bonus if you make a purchase.

Benefits of Google Play Store Credit

  • Having Google Play Store added to your account protects you from the regular annoyance of adding balance through your cards.
  • It provides quick access to download an app and makes your payment indeed quicker and faster.
  • If you are a frequent downloader of paid apps then keeping the credit added to your account is quite safe and crucial.

Final Say

Earn Free Google Play Credit

These are the seven ways to easily earn Google Play Credits. I hope that this list of apps helps you to find out how to earn free Google Play Credit in the above way. Earn ever more capital!

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