Text Messages: Everything About Text Messages

Texting has totally transformed how we interact with people and has kept us connected in many ways that a world without text messages cannot even be imaginable.

Text Messages: Everything About Text Messages

Texting has totally transformed how we interact with people and has kept us connected in many ways that a world without text messages cannot even be imaginable.

Text messages have been around for over 3 decades, yet it is still very much popular with adults and even young people.

The advantages of text messages are numerous in that their use has been diversified over many aspects of human endeavors. 

Text messages have been used to grow businesses, increase engagement, drive sales and deliver better levels of customer service.

In the United States, mobile phone users sent  2.2 trillion text messages in 2020, an increase from 1.5 trillion in 2017. This is to show how far the reach of text messages had increased.

Where do I Go to Send a Text Message?

Just in case, you‘ve gotten yourself an Andriod or iPhone or any smartphone, here’s how you can send and receive a  text message

 “Messages App”: This app is for iPhone users, you can send and receive text messages, images, videos, and even voice messages using the Messages app.  You can start by:

  • Tapping the compose button
  • Type the recipient’s number, contact name, or Apple ID
  • To send an MMS or SMS from another line, click the line displayed and select the other line
  • After typing your message, tap the send button.

Send Text on Andriod: For those using an Andriod, it differs from how the users of iPhone send their text messages. Here’s how to send messages on Andriod

Using an Android, follow these steps to know how to send a text message on your android device

  • On your device, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to send a  message
  • Open the Messages app.
  • Tap “Start Chat.”
  • Pick the contact you want to send a message to, if the person isn’t in your contact, you can type in the phone number.

How do I See my Text Messages on Google?

Sometimes we are preoccupied with work and our phone is not nearby, it is important to discover ways to receive messages, and send a text even without our phones.

There are different ways in which you can see your messages on google, they include:

Using Messages for Web

This is one way in which you can check your messages, without using your phone. The service is provided by Google and it makes it convenient for people to access their messages from their PC. 

Think of it as a web-based version of the messaging app, as it allows you to initiate private and group discussions.

Google SMS Backup

Another way you can see your messages on google is with the google SMS backup. Although you will be able to access the backup files and the personal messages or your chat history.

So you would have to do a factory rest on your phone in order to be able to access your text messages after restoring a google backup on your Andriod.


This is another alternative for Andriod as it enables you to see text messages in Google Drive back up on your computer and restore text from Google drive to your phone without having to reset.

How do I Send a Text Message on This Phone?

How do I Send a Text Message on This Phone?

Sending text messages on your phone is made easy because of the app” Messages” that is pre-installed.

These apps are inbuilt and enable you to send text messages on your i phone or even your android device. You can send a text message or even voice messages whichever you want.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to send messages on your cellphone:

To Start a Conversation or Chat

  • Make sure you activate the Messages app
  • Click on the compose button
  • Type in the names, phone numbers, or email addresses you want to message in the “To” field. You can also choose from your entire contact list or your top contacts.

To Send a Text  Message

  • Press the dialog box.
  • Type your message here. Click Back if you want to go back and save it as a draft.
  • Click Send when you’re done typing.

Send a Voice Message

  • Tap the dialog box.
  • Make sure you press the microphone once.
  • Leave a voicemail.
  • The audio message automatically saves as a draft and allows you to preview it (listen first) before sending it.
  • When you press Send Send, a voicemail is sent.
  • Click “Send”

To Read a Text Message

  • Swipe down from the top of your screen and tap New Message to read a recent message.
  • To read the chat again, you can also open it in Messages
  • To confirm each message read: Press More, then mark all sentences as read.
  • You can play a recording or even a video: Pick up a conversation. Tap Play Play next to the recording or video.
  • To dial a number: pick up a conversation. Press Call in the top right corner.
  • View past messages: Press More to see more chats from your list.

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Can you get All text Message Records?

Yes, you can get all text message records if you’ve accidentally wiped off some of your important messages.

In fact, it is very possible to lose your SMS messages, they can either be wiped off from your device due to an update or even a bug.

Here are the following steps to take to retrieve your text messages:

iCloud Back up

You can recover your text messages from your iCloud backup.

This is strictly for iPhone users and of course, it is made easy if you frequently back up your device with iCloud.

Service Provider

Your service provider is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to getting your text message records. 

They can assist you in obtaining your text message log from your account, but one thing you should note is that some carriers don’t keep the main text for privacy reasons.

Just very few of them retain the text message history and it can be gotten through a request via a legal channel

How do I Look Up Old Text Message

How do I Look Up Old Text Message

If you’ve just swapped your old phone to get a new one, then there’s definitely a need for looking up your old text message.

The truth is those texts might contain relevant information or clients’ information that is of great importance to your business.

Sometimes things happen and we cannot be blamed for it occurrence, for instance, switching from the default SMS app to the Google “ Message app and you find out that all of your old messages that you sent and received are not visible again.

In events like this, you will need to recover those messages.

Here are the following ways how you can look up your old text on either Andriod or IOS:

Android SMS Recovery Software

This software enables you to use your PC or Mac computer to get back messages from an old phone and not just text messages but other texting-related data like images, videos, and voice messages.

You can use your PC or Mac computer to retrieve text messages from an old phone.

In this regard, Android Data Recovery can assist in facilitating SMS/ MMS recovery and recovering old deleted text messages on Android, in addition to other texting-related data like images, videos, voice messages, GIFs, emojis, and more. 

SMS Back up& Restore

Another software that allows you to retrieve all messages or any conversations that were backed up before they got wiped away.

It also helps you to back up your text messages, MMS, and call logs in an XML format.

Phone Rescue for IOS

Mainly for iPhone users, it is noted for recovering text messages.

It is a professional iOS data recovery tool that has helped many, so yes, you can look up  your old text message with this tool

Frequently Asked Questions

Cache or insufficient memory on your phone can be the reason why you haven’t found your messages.

Open the Recycle bin by tapping on the three dots menu in the top-right corner. Check the text messages you erased. You can retrieve a message by giving it a long tap. Check the same box in your primary inbox after selecting Restore at the bottom.

Open Settings. Click Apps. In the list of apps, click Messages.

Yes you can recover your old text if they were back up on Google

Third-party data recovery software is one of the tools you can use to retrieve old messages on your phone.

Yes, Old text messages can be pulled out from either your recycle bin, or from the google back up, that is if they were backed up.

Click the “Messages” icon from the home screen of your iPhone to access your s text messages. 

Android SMS are often kept in a database in the data folder found in the phone’s internal memory. The location of the database, however, may differ from phone to phone.

Messages can be gotten from the Recycle bin on your device or from Google Back up and for iOS users, they can be gotten from iCloud,

Although hidden, the menu to access your hidden messages is simple to reach. Open Messenger by heading to Messenger.com to use it on a desktop. Choose Message Requests by clicking your profile image in the top-left corner of the screen. 

Text messaging has come to stay, in fact, it has evolved, we now have instant messaging apps that we can use in receiving texts, sending voice messages, and so on.

Many people still prefer, normal text messages, whichever you choose, just know that texting never goes out of style.

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