Thank You Note for Condolence Messages: 65 Ways to Show Gratitude

Losing someone can be a hard thing to do. There is no question that many friends and loved ones will offer their greatest sympathies and condolences. During this time of grief, finding the right words to thank them is another story.

Thank You Note for Condolence Messages

Here’s a look at 65 wonderful thank you notes for expressions of condolence, which will inspire you to find your own words to share.


65 Thank You Note for Condolence Messages

  1. During the painful loss of my dear husband/wife, you were always present to make sure sadness didn’t drown me. Your message of condolence gave me the faith to carry on and make the best out of what was left. I will always appreciate your thoughtfulness, concern and love!

  2. “Someone very special was gone forever from this world and I feel an immense pain, however with your display of affection and affection you have made my heart rejoice. I am grateful to all of you for your special messages that have helped me find peace and tranquility I needed.”

  3. I just want to say a big thank you to all of you who supported me at the time of my sister’s passing. You’ve shown that family isn’t only blood. And your kind messages have filled my heart and soul with immense hope for the future.

  4. “My father would be very happy to see all the special messages that you have sent me. I understand that you also miss him very much as you appreciated him. I thank you for the great love you have shown my family and for your beautiful words of encouragement.

  5. “You are a blessing from God. I don’t know any other way to explain how much your help means. I don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you.”

  6. “I’m very lucky to have a friend like you. My deepest gratitude for all your help—you’re the best! Thank you.”

  7. “Thank you for your kind letter of condolence and for sharing in your memories of mum. Mum lived a long, happy life and I shall miss her dearly; your wonderful memories of her and kind words helped lift my spirits.”

  8. . “I don’t know how to properly show my appreciation, but I hope this message is a start. Thank you for your friendship and your help.”

  9. I appreciate the love and care you showered me with during the devastating loss of my dear dad/mom. Now I know that there will always be that special person who I can count on to be by my side, come what may. Thanks!

  10. Thank you a million times for your sweet messages. They more than touched the family and me. We know that wherever our dear one is, he/she’s resting in the bosom of the Lord.

  11. “The kind, generosity of good friends like you has been a great help to us during this very difficult time. Thank you so very much for your loving support.”

  12. “Thank you for your sympathy card and flowers. We are deeply touched by your words of condolence and are thankful that you are there for us at this difficult time.”

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  13. “When someone we love leaves this world, we feel an unmatched grief. I thank you very much because you have supported me in that time and I have felt your great affection with all your posts. I am a bit better now thanks to all of you.”

  14. I was in so great a pain when I lost my dear mom/dad because she/he was everything that put a smile on my face. Your words of love sent to me during those extremely dark hours of my life reassured me that all isn’t lost. Thanks to you, today, I feel great peace and tranquility. May God bless you for your extraordinary support and care.

  15. I can’t seem to put into words how thankful I am to you for your kind and gentle messages! They brought me real comfort in my darkest moments. And for that, I remain forever most grateful.

  16. “Your generosity did not go unnoticed. I’m very grateful for all your efforts and deeply touched that you’d do something so thoughtful. Thanks so much.”

  17. “It was so nice of you to help me out. I really appreciate all that you’ve done and hope that this card will help me to express all my gratitude. Thank you!”

  18. “I was so touched by all the support you’ve given me. Lunch is on me next time. Thank you!”

  19. “The great affection you have shown me in this difficult time of my life has confirmed once again that you are very special people and that you are my true friends. Thank you very much for your words of comfort.”

  20. I must confess I lost all hope in life upon the demise of my dear one. But your precious, comforting words and support gave me the hope and strength I needed to survive those very difficult and dark moments. Thanks for caring.


  21.  “Thank you for the lovely card. I really appreciate your kind thoughts. [name] always said you were the best work colleague anyone could have had. You helped her to cope during the early part of her illness and she really appreciated your visits to the home and hospital.”

  22. “We would like to give our thanks for the beautiful photos and flowers. We greatly appreciate your kindness, support, and generosity in this difficult time.”

  23. “I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for volunteering all your time and efforts to help me out. I’m incredibly grateful and won’t forget this.”

  24. Now, more than ever, I know what it means to have folks who care about and love you. Many thanks, family, for those elevating and soothing words during the passing of my sister/brother.

  25. Your support played a crucial role in helping me cope with the extreme sadness caused by the demise of my beloved father/mother. I appreciate your kind gesture more than I can ever say. Thanks.

  26. “I’m having a hard time putting my gratitude into words. Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me that you’d do that.”

  27. “You deserve so much more than just a thank you. Your help meant the world to me. So for starters, I want to thank you.”

  28. . “I thank you because in these days of pain you have accompanied me and you have shown me your sincere friendship. Your words have helped me a lot.”

  29. “Thank you so much for understanding the way we felt at the moment and for telling us the right words of condolences.”

    Thank You Note for Condolence Messages

  30. “Just a quick note to show our appreciation for the beautiful flowers you’ve sent. We are grateful for your thoughtfulness while we are going through this difficult time.”

  31. “The family would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest appreciation for the thoughtfulness presented to us and love we have been given during our time of bereavement.”

  32. Obviously, my husband/wife has left a void in my heart that will be difficult to fill. But with you folks around, I’m confident that I can get through this. Many thanks for your messages and prayers.

  33. Your kind words really helped me to cope with the loss of my beloved brother/sister. By all accounts, I wouldn’t have been able to go through those very trying moments had it not been for your amazing support.

  34. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your condolences and prayers about my mother/father. Please keep my family in your prayers as we think about next steps. Many thanks.

  35. “Thank you for your thoughtfulness in helping me with the food and guests at the services. I am so grateful for your helping hand in my time of need. Thanks again.”

  36. “You have given me the gift of encouragement and hope in a difficult time. I am so grateful for your support. Thanks for being there for me.”

  37. My siblings and I will remain forever grateful to you for your support, prayers, and condolences during the passing of our parents. May God bless you beyond measure.

  38. While I’ll miss my sister/brother, I take solace in the fact that I’ve been blessed with a caring community in you. Words cannot describe how thankful my entire family is for your kind messages.

  39. If there is any comfort in my heart now, it is because of your soothing messages of love and hope during my grief stricken moments. Thanks to you, I’m doing fine now. This heart of mine will eternally be grateful to you for offering me such an unsurpassed love!

  40. From the depths of my heart, I wish to express my gratitude for the soothing and comforting words that you sent my way during my sad loss. Your words renewed my strength and filled my heart with hope. For as long as the sun exists, I shall appreciate your invaluable support.

  41. The shock of losing my dad/mom left me with absolutely no hope to want to live again, but your love showed that I have an army of friends ready to support me through good and bad times. I am totally grateful for everything!

  42.  “Thank you for your help. Please accept this card as a symbol of my sincere gratitude for everything you’ve done.”

  43. I can’t thank you enough for being there by me and offering words of comfort during those sorrowful moments. Thanks for being a really true friend.

  44. “Thanks so much for all your help when I know you’re already so busy. People like you are rare and I’m very lucky that you’re in my life.”

  45. “Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers you sent. They touched me deeply, as did your words of sympathy. I am so grateful to have you and your family close by as I grieve [name] untimely death.”

  46. “Thank you for the lovely flowers you sent us. They were really beautiful. It has been such a comfort to know that you were thinking of us while we were saying goodbye to our wonderful Mum. It’s been a really tough few weeks, but with the support of friends like yourselves we are getting through it. I hope that we will be able to catch up soon.”

  47. “It has always been a privilege to have you for a friend. I don’t know how we would have coped with the loss of our wonderful son if we hadn’t had your huge support. Thanks never seems enough at times like this.”


  48. “You are a rare kind of generous. I’m having a hard time putting my gratitude into words but I hope you know how much I appreciate all your help. Thank you so much.

  49. “I thank you all for your beautiful messages of peace and comfort. Your words have been very helpful to me in this time of grief. I do not know what you would do without each of you.”

  50. It is messages like these that help you stay afloat in the wild storms of grief! I’ve been able to give closure to this huge loss, thanks to your unwavering support and comforting words.


  51. “Thank you very much for helping me out when I needed it. You helped more than you think you did and I hope you know I’m very grateful. Thank you, again.”

  52. “There are simply no words to express my heartfelt thanks for the sympathy you have extended toward our family during this time of loss. We are deeply grateful to you.”

  53. Your sincere condolences brought me the hope and comfort I never thought I’d find in my life again after the devastating loss of my brother/sister. Thank you, my dear, for your kind words.

  54. “Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Your generosity and support during this difficult time is greatly appreciated.”

  55. I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who took time out of their busy lives to send me profound messages of comfort. Knowing my friend, I’m sure he’d probably be jealous that I’m getting all the attention!

  56. A big thank you to all those who commiserated with us during our moment of loss and grief. As we glue the pieces of our lives back together, we want you to know that couldn’t have made it through this horrible nightmare in the absence of your support and kind words.

  57. My late father would be happy wherever he is, especially for the fact that his only daughter/son is being comforted by a group of thoughtful, loving, and caring neighbors. Many thanks for those kind words, folks!

  58. “It was so thoughtful of you to think of me during my time of sadness. Your sympathy card and kind words of condolence are of great comfort to me as I grieve my Father’s death.”

  59. “I understand that death is a natural process, but the pain cannot be avoided because my mother was everything to me. In these times of so much pain I could feel a little lighter by reading all your messages of comfort. I am grateful to each one of you for supporting me.”

  60. “Thank you for your sympathy during our time of loss. Your kind words are of great comfort to us as we try to come to terms with our daughter’s death.”

    Thank You Note for Condolence Messages

  61. I want to let you know that I am extremely thankful for your extraordinary support during my hours of deep sorrow. Had it not been for wonderful people like you in my life, I certainly would have been crippled by grief. Thanks a lot!

  62. It wasn’t easy when I lost my mom/dad. I was very devastated and thought I was all alone. But your condolences, support and love made me aware that I have your full support in both good and trying times. Thank you so much!

  63. “Please accept my thanks and this card for all that you’ve done for me. I’m very thankful.”

  64. “The gift of your help/time/support means more than anything money can buy. I really appreciate all that you’ve done and hope this card provides a small token of my gratitude. Thanks!”

  65. “Saying thank you seems hardly fair considering all that you’ve done. I’m very touched and happy to have you in my life.”

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