2nd Birthday Wishes and Messages: 65 Best Card Messages

 – 2nd Birthday Wishes and Messages – 

2nd Birthday Wishes and Messages: Two-year-olds are cute, beautiful and so energetic, they’re always laughing and their cry is cute. We like the good, sweet stuff and attention.

2nd Birthday Wishes and Messages

Therefore throwing them the best birthday ever is significant. Make their day special, and they can always know how much time and love you put into their birthdays.


Here are 65 messages you can send throughout your life to the sweet, lovely two-year-old to reassure them that you will always be there for them on their birthday and any event in their lives.


2nd Birthday Wishes and Messages

  1. I know you’re turning two, but I still can’t figure out what is so terrible about you.

  2. It’s your birthday, And you’re turning two, I hope it’s a great one. Enjoy everything you do!

  3. Two years ago you were born. Now look at you and all you’ve learned! You laugh and play and learn in your own special way. Joy to you on your birthday!

  4. You’re getting bigger every time I see you. You are turning into a little man!

  5. Peek-a-boo! You’re turning two! And I love you!

  6. Since the first time you were placed in my arms, I knew it would be me and you forever my sweet 2 year old; I love you so much and wish you nothing but the best in life.

  7. Oh, it’s your birthday my baby! It’s your birthday my doll! You’re two years old today, now lets celebrate!

  8. You are the reason my life is as perfect as it is my angel and I thank the heavens that I get to share your 2nd birthday with you, enjoy the warmth my love.

  9. First steps, first smiles, first laughs, first words: These past two years have been filled with firsts. And the year to come will be filled with more.

  10. From the day I hold you in my arms and make you sleep in my lap, you have been sheltered in our thoughts and hearts. Have a wonderful 2nd birthday my love, my baby.

  11. You can melt hearts with your adorable two-year-old smile.

  12. You are becoming a really handsome guy!

  13. I forever hold you in high esteem, you are an amazing kid and I love you so much. I hope you enjoy the cake and sweets on your second birthday my beautiful baby.

  14. I am happy to be here, happy to be part of your second birthday. I know this day will be memorable to you. You are my now and forever.

  15. Came straight into my lap from the heaven’s brightest star. Enjoying to share my time with you in the car. Have a great second birthday my sweetheart.

  16. You are going to be an amazing person someday, I can tell from the way you are now. I hope you have a great second birthday my dear.

  17. Milestones reached, boundaries pushed, and a smile for your second birthday!

  18. There’s nothing sweeter on a grandparent’s cheek than a kiss from a two-year-old.

    There's nothing sweeter on a grandparent's cheek than a kiss from a two-year-old girl.

  19. It’s your birthday and you’re two! Oh my goodness, what to do? Why, laugh and play! Let’s celebrate!

  20. Even if you weren’t turning two, I’d still be glad to be around you.

  21. What’s so terrible about turning two? You get to be curious and explore.

  22. You are my precious gem and I am ready to spend 1001 years with you my lovely 2 year old. Enjoy your 2nd birthday.

  23. I can think of two reasons you’re the coolest kid turning two that I know.

  24. The only joy that find its way into my heart today is in seeing that I’m able to provide a very good life for you since birth. Happy 2nd Birthday son.

  25. I will withhold nothing good from you, because I want you to get the best of everything in this short life. Happy 2nd Birthday my boy.

  26. You are a great person with a big heart and an adorable smile, I will shelter you from any harm imaginable, just be happy my sweet child and have a blessed second birthday.

  27. What a magical time to be two years old. Not a care in the world as you explore, learn, and grow.

  28. Happy birthday! Let’s sing for the 2-year-old. The second year of life. The next coming of a generation. Muah!

  29. You aren’t just two. You are too cute, too sweet, and too fun!

  30. Happy 2nd Birthday son. When I was your age, I was not privileged to have a tricycle, but you now have everything. I’m happy to see you happy.

  31. Now that you’re two, watch out for the younger girls. One-year-old girls drool over handsome older guys like you.

  32. Happy second birthday honey, you are truly an amazing additional and I can never take you for granted. I love you, have a beautiful birthday.

  33. You’ve been around for two years and my life has been enriched by your presence.

  34. You’re little and timid but your light is bright and glowing. Happy Birthday little man. I’m glad you’re with me. Enjoy your great day.

  35. Not all moms have little superheroes as I have. Have a great second birthday my love.

  36. Happy birthday to a super cute 2-years-old! You look so cute I can just eat you up for how yummy you look.

  37. Cute is an understatement. You are stinking cute! Look at you! You are turning two! I hope your day is full of fun, As you learn, play, and run!

  38. It’s amazing how you’ve grown since you turned one. I am looking forward to seeing you grow just as much this year.

  39. Two-year-old boys are sweet trouble-makers. I love your charm.

  40. Have two times as much fun this year on your birthday!


  41. Enjoy your birthday toddling around and welcome to the terrible twos!

  42. You are a blessing, a great addition to my life, I hope you enjoy this birthday with all the candy, sweets and hearty wishes. I love you baby.

  43. I Love the adorable little man who walks like penguins. I love you so much, baby. Have a great second birthday.

  44. Cake and gifts! Balloons and friends! What more could you ask for when turning two?

  45. Wow! You’re two! And look at you. See how far you’ve come?

  46. I wish you my lovely little man good health and good strength to be a sport man when you grow up. Happy 2nd Birthday son.

  47. I am honestly blessed, to look into the eyes of such a beautiful two year old. I hope this day is forever with you. Have a hearty birthday my dear.

  48. After your arrival, my life has completely changed. I have forgotten how to live free. I spend my all time with you. Wishing you the loveliest second birthday sweetheart.

  49. It’s your birthday sweetie; you get to enjoy all the cake and sweets you can have. I hope you wear that smile for the rest of the day. I love you and want nothing but the very best for you.

  50. Oh my god! You are the most adorable little 2-year-old baby I have ever seen! It is unbelievable how cute you look. And you are growing up so fast, it’s like you are going to be twenty before you know it! Happy birthday!

  51. You are my little and security for future. You are my clone and I cannot share you with anyone. You are my love, my sweet child. Wishing you a great 2nd birthday.

  52. Did you know that 2 year olds can make the harshest women or man smile? They are just irresistible to their lovable charms. Happy birthday little baby.

  53. Happy sweet second birthday my dear, you are going to be a great person someday and I love you so much. Have a great birthday love.

  54. How did you get so smart in only two years?

  55. Just think: You have doubled your age in one year. That will never happen again.

  56. I wish you all the great things this world has to offer, you are a great kid and I know someday you will change the world. Happy second birthday cutie!

  57. To my shining star on your birthday. Two years ago you brightened my life. Today you brighten it still more with each beautiful smile and wondrous laugh.

  58. All the ladies love you, because you are the cutest two-year-old guy I know.

  59. 2 years is a long time. I can’t believe you are complete grown. You can walk! Happy birthday!

    2 years is a long time. I can’t believe you are complete grown. You can walk! Happy birthday!

  60. My brand new baby boy got a bit old and reaches the second milestone of life. I wish you a very happy birthday sweetheart. You are adorable.

  61. It is time to celebrate the birthday of a brand new soul. You are only two years old after all. Your first year is mainly you pooping all over the place. Happy birthday little one.

  62. A precious gift sent directly from heavens that complete my entity. I wish you a great happy 2nd birthday. May you have thousands of outstanding moments.

  63. Stay sweet and innocent. You don’t need to be terrible this year.

  64. You are a piece of love, God has gifted to me and say handle it with care. I love you my cute little child. Have a stunning 2nd birthday.

  65. My life -my baby. May you save from evil eyes and have a healthy, wealthy life ahead. Have a great second birthday.


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