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Top 40 Places Where You Can Get Free Things for Your Birthday

Is your birthday fast approaching and you would like to get some free stuff or gift from random people without having to subscribe or sign up for any service?

Get Free Things for Your Birthday 2022

This article will give you a list of 40 places to get free things for your birthday.

Here are a few places where you can get something or anything good on your birthday without signing up for anything.


Get Free Things for Your Birthday

1. DSW

Want to get free things for your birthday?

  • Freebie: $5 that’s valid for the month of your birthday.
  • How to get it: Show your ID to the cashier at the checkout to get your $5 discount.
  • Location: Find your nearest store here.

2. Benefit Cosmetics

  • Freebie: Makeup fans should head on over to benefit Cosmetics on their birthday. There you can get a complimentary Brow Arch! Yes, you can get your eyebrows shaped and it’s on the house.
  • How to get it: Just show your ID at the store and ask about the birthday freebie. You can claim your complimentary brow arch anytime during your birthday week. There’s no sign-up required to get this complimentary service.
  • Location: Find your nearest store here.

3. Smashbox

  • Freebie: Get a complimentary gift on your birthday!
  • How to get it: You’ll need to make a purchase to get your gift. Also, check with your local store before you actually buy anything to make sure the offer is still current.
  • Location: Find your nearest Smashbox store here.

4. Estee Lauder

Want to get free things for your birthday?

  • Freebie: Get a complimentary gift on your birthday.
  • How to get it: You can get a gift with any purchase. Just make sure you check beforehand to make sure the offer is still valid.

5. Aveda

  • Freebie: This is another one that gives out complimentary gifts with a purchase if it’s your birthday.
  • How to get it: Just buy something and you’ll get a gift with your purchase. Again, check with the store before you make your purchase.
  • Location: Find your nearest Aveda store here.

6. Changing Hands Bookstore

  • Freebie: If you love books and live in Arizona, then you may want to visit the Changing Hands Bookstore. There you can get from 10% to 25% off your purchase anytime during your birthday month.
  • How to get it: Take your ID with you during your birthday month to get your discount.
  • Location: Find your nearest Changing Hands Bookstore here.


  • Freebie: A complimentary mini duo with purchase.
  • How to get it: Make a purchase at any time during your birthday month to get your gift.
  • Location: Find your nearest NARS store here.

8. Winky Lux

  • Freebie: Birthday cake lip gloss.
  • How to get it: Make a purchase on the Winky Lux website during your birthday month to get the lip gloss.
  • Location: Visit the Winky Lux website here.

9. Comedy Clubs

  • Freebie: Enjoy a humorous evening out with free or discounted admission.
  • How to get it: We’re not talking about one comedy club in particular here. No, lots of different clubs will offer free or discounted admission on your birthday. Just call and ask!
  • Location: Do a quick search on Google to find comedy clubs near you.

10. Dave & Buster’s

  • Freebie: Get $10 off games
  • How to get it: On your birthday, just bring your ID to the arcade.
  • Location: Find your nearest Dave & Buster’s location here.

11. Family Video

Get Free Things for Your Birthday 2022
  • Freebie: Get a movie or video game.
  • How to get it: Just bring your ID and make sure your nearest store offers a complimentary movie or video game.
  • Location: Find your nearest Family Video store here.

12. AZ on the Rocks

Want to get free things for your birthday?

  • Freebie: AZ on the Rocks is a place that offers rock climbing and yoga. You can get a day of yoga or rock climbing at no cost.
  • How to get it: Call ahead to reserve your time and then take your ID with you when you visit.
  • Location: Get the address for AZ on the Rocks here.

13. Mulligan Family Fun Center

  • Freebie: A game of mini-golf. Please note that this is in the California area. So if you live nearby check it out.
  • How to get it: On your birthday, bring your ID and have fun playing mini golf.
  • Location: Find your nearest Mulligan Family Fun Center here.

14. Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum

  • Freebie: Admission to the museum. Please note that this is based in Salt Lake City.
  • How to get it: Just show up with your ID at the time you plan to visit.
  • Location: Get the address for the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum here.

15. AMC Theatre

  • Freebie: Large popcorn.
  • How to get it: Bring your ID to the theatre and let the front desk know it’s your birthday. You’ll get popcorn with the purchase of a movie ticket.
  • Location: Find your nearest AMC Theatres here.

16. Bob Evans

  • Freebie: Kid’s meals. So, if you have children, consider taking them there on their birthday.
  • How to get it: Just dine in when it’s your kid’s birthday and let the restaurant staff know.
  • Location: Find your nearest Bob Evans restaurant here.

17. Cheesecake Factory

Want to get free things for your birthday in 2022?

  • Freebie: Mini hot fudge sundae. Sure, it’s not a free cheesecake, but it’s still food on the house. Plus, when your order a cake or any other dessert, The Cheesecake Factory will decorate it with a “Happy Birthday” greeting, confetti, and candle at no cost!
  • How to get it: Just tell your server that it’s your birthday. It’s a good idea to take your ID with you just in case.
  • Location: Find your nearest Cheesecake Factory location here.

18. Chompie’s

  • Freebie: Breakfast meal that includes home fries, two eggs, and then your choice of an English muffin, bagel, or toast.
  • How to get it: This deal is only available around Arizona. Just make sure you bring your ID!
  • Location: Find your nearest Chompie’s restaurant here.

19. Dutch Bros. Coffee

  • Freebie: You can get complimentary coffee at some locations. Since every Dutch Bros. Coffee is locally owned, it’s up to the franchise owner to decide if they want to offer this company promotion. If you’re close to a store that participates in this promotion though, you could get free coffee.
  • How to get it: Just show your ID at any taking part store.
  • Location: Find your nearest Dutch Bros. Coffee here.

20. Cracker Barrel

  • Freebie: You can get a complimentary dessert and a birthday song from the staff at Cracker Barrel.
  • How to get it: Just tell your server that it’s your birthday. You’ll get the complimentary dessert with a purchase of a meal.
  • Location: Find your nearest Cracker Barrel location here.

21. Denny’s

  • Freebie: Get a breakfast that includes two strips of bacon, two sausage links, two eggs, and a short stack of pancakes.
  • How to get it: Show your ID at Denny’s on your birthday.
  • Location: Find your nearest Denny’s here.

22. Dunkin’ Donuts

  • Freebie: A complimentary drink of your choice (excludes bottled drinks).
  • How to get it: While Dunkin’ Donuts says you need to be a member of its rewards program to claim your drink, many locations give out complimentary birthday drinks with just an ID. To make sure, just call ahead to ask.
  • Location: Find your nearest Dunkin’ Donuts location here.


23. Firehouse Subs

Get Free Things for Your Birthday 2022
  • Freebie: On your birthday, you can get a free medium sub.
  • How to get it: While the restaurant generally provides the complimentary sub to those in its rewards club, many people report that they managed to get the sub on their birthday just by showing their ID.
  • Location: Find your nearest Firehouse Subs location here.

24. Iguana Mia

  • Freebie: A regular entrée of your choice – up to $18 value and fried ice cream on the house. If you provide a camera, you may even be able to get a free photo with the brand’s huge sombrero to commemorate your birthday celebration at the restaurant.
  • How to get it: You can get your freebie by visiting your nearest Iguana Mia on your birthday and showing your ID.
  • Location: Find your nearest Iguana Mia restaurant here.

25. The Capital Grille

  • Freebie: The Capital Grille will give you chocolate espresso cake on the house.
  • How to get it: Dine in at the Capital Grille on your Birthday and show your ID to get your dessert. You will need to purchase a meal to get this cake.
  • Location: Find your nearest Capital Grille restaurant here.

26. Jack-in-the-Box

  • Freebie: Get a New York cheesecake, mini churros, or a chocolate cake, depending on the branch.
  • How to get it: Visit your local restaurant and show your ID. Sometimes there are birthday coupons on the restaurant’s website that you have to print out first. Call your local branch to find out more.
  • Location: Find your nearest Jack-in-the-Box here.

27. The Dead Poet

  • Freebie: If you’re in New York, you could get a complimentary beer from The Dead Poet.
  • How to get it: This New York-based bar will give you a beer on the house on your birthday and you can listen to music while you enjoy it. Like with many of the places on this list, you may have to show your ID to get your complimentary beer.
  • Location: Get the address for the bar here.

28. Outback Steakhouse

  • Freebie: Outback Steakhouse will give you a freebie on your birthday. What you get varies from restaurant to restaurant. It could be anything from a dessert to a blooming onion.
  • How to get it: Take your ID with you to your nearest location and ask about birthday freebies.
  • Location: Find your nearest Outback Steakhouse restaurant here.

29. California Pizza Kitchen

  • Freebie: At the California Pizza Kitchen, you can get a complimentary dessert when you dine in.
  • How to get it: Show your ID when you visit your nearest restaurant and enjoy your dessert!
  • Location: Find your nearest California Pizza Kitchen restaurant here.

30. TGI Friday’s

  • Freebie: An ice cream when you dine in. The crew may even sing you a Happy Birthday song.
  • How to get it: Tell the server that it’s your birthday. You may have to show your ID.
  • Location: Find your nearest TGI Fridays here.

31. O’Charley’s

  • Freebie: A slice of pie.
  • How to get it: If your birthday falls on a Wednesday, then you can get a slice of pie on the house when you dine at O’Charley’s. You may have to show your ID though.
  • Locations: Find your nearest O’Charley’s restaurant here.

32. Harkins Theatres

  • Freebie: Get the popcorn!
  • How to get it: Show an ID, like a driver’s license or birth certificate.
  • Location: Find your nearest Harkins Theatres location here.

33. Chili’s

  • Freebie: You can get a molten lava cake from Chilies on your birthday.
  • How to get it: Just show your ID to get your dessert.
  • Location: Find your nearest Chili’s restaurant here.

34. Applebee’s

  • Freebie: You can get a complimentary hot fudge sundae and a birthday song from Applebee’s.
  • How to get it: Show your ID to get your complimentary dessert shooter. Although the restaurant’s site states you require a membership for the complimentary dessert, an ID should score you your complimentary sundae!
  • Location: Find your nearest Applebee’s here.

35. Call Ahead

Stores change their promotions all the time.

A promotion that was available one day might not be the next day, and this includes birthday freebies.

So just because these offers may have been valid in the past, it doesn’t mean that they will be when you come to visit the store, attraction, or restaurant.

So, we would highly recommend that you call ahead to ask whether the brand still offers complimentary stuff on customers’ birthdays.

This saves you from wasting your time.

You don’t want to go all the way down to a store, attraction, or restaurant only to find that they’re no longer running that offer.

It’s just something to keep in mind.

36. Show Your ID Wherever You Go

Just because a store, attraction, restaurant, or other establishment didn’t feature on our list, doesn’t mean they won’t give you something on the house on your birthday. Just ask!

Take your ID with you and then let’s say you go to Starbucks.

Just ask at the counter if the store offers any complimentary stuff or at least a discount because it’s your birthday.

It’s an easy way to save money at Starbucks or any other place you visit on your big day.

37. Set Up a Dedicated Email Address for Freebies

Want to get free things for your birthday in 2022?

Signing up for email lists can be a pain, however, you really are missing out on so many birthday freebies by not signing up.

What we would suggest is setting up a separate email address that you use solely to sign up for offers.

That way, you aren’t cluttering up your inbox, but you’re still unlocking those awesome freebies.

38. Use Seated to Book Your Birthday Meal and Save 30%

You could save up to 30% on your birthday meal with Seated!

It’s an app that gives you 30% back on every restaurant reservation.

You can then get your cashback on a gift card. There are gift cards available for lots of brands, like:

  • Amazon
  • Airbnb
  • Target
  • Sephora

39. Register for Dosh and get 10% Cashback Automatically

Plan to go shopping on your big day? Or maybe you’re planning to go out for a birthday meal?

If so, then you might want to check out Dosh.

It’s an app that gives you cashback when you use linked credit cards to pay at a restaurant or store.

Here’s how it works:

  • Link your credit cards and debit cards to your Dosh account.
  • When you shop or dine out, use your linked card to pay for your purchase.
  • You’ll then automatically get up to 10% cashback.

Your cashback is sent right to your PayPal account, so that’s really handy!

What’s great about Dosh is that you can get cashback at 1,000s of stores and restaurants.

It’s good to know you can earn some cash if you go out on your big day.


40. Get 30% Back From Participating Restaurants with Groupon

You can get 30% cash-back at participating Groupon+ restaurants.

So, if you’re planning to dine out on your birthday, it’s definitely worth having a look at the restaurant deals.

Also, you can save up to 70% on purchases with Groupon.

So if you’re looking to treat yourself on your birthday, have a browse of the deals on there.

You can get everything from discounted events, experiences, getaways, jewelry, clothing, and more.

Final Words!

Share this with your family and friends and show them where to give themselves some well-deserved treats on their birthday.

Don’t just take our word for it, go and find out for yourselves.

Let us know in the comments what went down and also drop your questions and hot takes.

We love reading from you!

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