Messages for Web: Including iPhone and Android

Have you been wondering if you can send and receive messages on your personal computer? The answer is Yes, Messages for web is one good initiative for both iPhone and Android users that allows you to keep the communication flow.

Messages for Web: Including iPhone and Android

When Google launched Messages for Web, it became an easy way for Andriod users to send and receive a text from their computers through a simple website. 

Although this good initiative isn’t just limited to Andriod users, iPhone users can also receive messages too by setting up the messages for web on their computer.

In fact, Messages for web can go beyond texting from your laptop to using a tablet too. It is a good way for people with an Android phone and an iPad or iPhone to keep in touch remotely.

Another interesting is that can also work on an iPod Touch, plus you can add your Messages site as a home screen shortcut

How do I Access Google Web Messages

Accessing your Google Web messages shouldn’t be a hassle for you. This new feature by Google has proven very easy for people to chat with their loved ones without needing to download any additional app.

The web is easy to install and simple for communication. The app gives you allows you to see all your messages on your Google Messages App.

To put it simply you can say that Google Messages for Web is a browser version of your normal messages app but of course with certain limitations.

The app also allows users to comfortably link their messages to the mobile app where you can send and receive text messages from your PC

One thing you should note is that for the Google Web Messages, carrier charges also apply and you might need a data connection that will enable you to access it send and receive messages.

How to Access your Google Messages Online

How to Access your Google Messages Online

Here’s how to access your google messages online.

  • On your computer, navigate to Google Messages for a web page. You might need a web browser for this. 
  • Scroll to where your messages are on your Android phone and open it. 
  • Tap on the three-dot icon in the top right and choose the device pairing. Ensure you pay attention while at it. 
  • Tap on the QR code button for scanning and point your camera towards the QR code shown by Google web messages. 
  • When you have finished scanning, you should be able to immediately link your messages app with Google messages for the web. You can link your device for a long period of time depending on which is comfortable for you.

Where is QR Code on Google Messages?

The only reason you will need a QR code on Google messages is when you need to set up your messages for web.

The QR code is what helps link your computer and cellphone together to enable you to send and receive text messages on your computer.

Many people are now opting for this method because it allows them to keep the flow of communication and attend to their business needs while simultaneously carrying out their tasks for the day.

You can ask the average working man in the office why he prefers the messages for web and his response will definitely be that this feature helps him to manage time.

How to Access the QR Code

As mentioned earlier, the QR code for scanning will only pop up when you are trying to link your two devices together.

In the case of your Google messages, it would show when trying to pair and set up messages for web.

Here are the steps you should take :

  • Open your browser on the computer and enter into the address bar.
  • On your cellphone, open the messages app and click on the menu button(top-right corner) then choose Messages for web > Scan QR Code.
  • Point your camera toward the QR code on your computer’s screen.

Where is My QR Scan Code?

Over the past decade, QR codes have become quite popular, you can now find them everywhere from restaurant windows to stores and even in books.

They are quite useful when it comes to directing people to specific websites.

And as they continue to become the standard, they have now been included in communication devices and including smartphones.

Your scan code pops up when you are trying to link your smartphone and another device together to be able to send and receive data. Once you have scanned the code you can open and share its URL

How to Scan a QR code on your Android

How to Scan a QR code on your Android
  • Open the Camera app on your Android phone.
  • Move the QR code into the frame. If the code is easily scannable, you’ll see the code’s URL appear at the bottom of the frame. Click to open that URL.

If the camera on your Android device is unable to scan the QR code automatically, you will need to use Google Lens, a feature in the Google Search app that enables you to perform online searches using your camera, which you can get from the Play Store.

The QR code you scanned can be used in many ways thanks to Lens.

Some Android phones, like the Pixel 5, have Lens built into the camera app. Just click Modes at the bottom of the screen, then Lens, and try again.

How Can I Get Text Messages From my Old Phone?

When you buy a new phone, it is quite reasonable to need your old messages, they may contain important information stored in them like pictures, clients’ details, or even passwords.

So the next thing on your mind is how best you can recover them, but if they were backed up safely then you have no reason to worry.


How to Recover Text Messages From your Old Phone

To recover some of your text messages from your old phone. Here are some of the important steps you should take:

  • If you own an Android smartphone, open Google Drive.
  • Go to the menu option and tap the Backup icon. You will see the backup files. 
  • You will need to log into your Google account.
  • Click on the restore icon only if you are asked to do so. 
  • Finally, check your phone to see if all your Android text messages have been restored successfully.

How do I Find my Google Text Messages?

Your Google text messages contain all of your personal information.

And to be sincere you won’t find it funny when you discover that all of your text messages have been wiped away, this may be due to an update, a bug, or a mistake.

You won’t be worried if this happens if you took the proper steps to back up your messages which would ensure that they are secured and not permanently lost.

How to Find your Google Text Messages

There are many ways you can find your text messages they include:

Checking the Archived Box: Most times we forget that we might have accidentally long tap our messages making them automatically archived. 

Here are the steps to take to unarchive your messages

  • Open Messages on your  Android smartphone.
  • Tap the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner.
  • Select Archived.
  • Long tap the message you want to unarchive and tap the up-arrow icon at the top.

Gmail Account: Your Gmail is a reliable app that does many things that you have no idea of. One of them is storing and securing your text messages.

Just in case you are looking for your google messages, try checking your Gmail.

Note this doesn’t only apply to Android phones, you can find your text messages on your iPhone too with the Gmail app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can, you can decide to check your messages from your Android tablet with Messages by Google. 

Yes, with your permission, Google and third-party apps can gain access to your messages to provide companion experiences like when you retrieve messages to a new phone or app.

You can read your messages online, by setting up messages for web. This would enable you to send and receive text messages online.

Open the Chat app or Gmail app, At the bottom, Click Chat or Spaces, and Open the conversation to search. At the top, Click Search. Or, at the top right, Select More options Search in conversation, Enter your search text, To open the message or thread, tap it.

Yes, you can. All you need to do is sign in to your iPhone and Mac PC with the same Apple ID. Go to the settings on your phone and then tap “messages.” Inside this section, activate the text message forwarding setting and grant permission to your Mac PC.

Yes it is very possible to retrieve all your text messages

You can see and manage your SMS Google backups from the Google Drive app > Menu > Backups.

It depends, if you clear your backups and your carrier also clear their history, then your text messages will be deleted forever.

Yes, there is. Only if your service provider has not allocated your old number to anyone, you can ask them to reactivate it.

Ever since Google launched this feature, it has gained wide reception around the world.

The idea that you can send and receive text messages without needing to leave your workspace is really appreciated.

If you haven’t synced your mobile device and your computer together to enable you to access your messages, then you should as it would help you save quality time while attending to both your tasks and your client’s needs.

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