AppBounty Review: How to Make Money Downloading Apps

AppBounty is promising that you can earn money simply by just downloading apps. But do they really deliver on that promise or is it just another scam?

AppBounty Review: How to Make Money Downloading Apps.

Depending on your income goals it may or may not qualify as a reliable source. However, AppBounty is 100% legit.

If you are looking for a way to earn a full-time income, I would say this is probably not going to do it. But if you want an easy way to earn a few extra bucks on the side, then AppBounty could be a good choice for you.

What is AppBounty?

AppBounty is a smartphone app that allows users to win credits and try them out every time they download an app. By completing those assignments and allowing friends to sign up, people can also receive credits.

Credits can then be traded for gift cards is used in Amazon, iTunes Stores and Google Play by individuals. It is also possible to swap credits for Xbox Live and PS Network points.

You can download AppBounty for free from the Apple Store and Google Play. People only need to become a member and begin downloading the featured apps to earn credits and check them out.

Pros and Cons of AppBounty


  • Trusted and used by more than 10 million users.
  • They have paid over $1 million to their users.
  • Very easy way to make extra money by simply downloading apps to your mobile device.
  • The platform doesn’t take much time. Maybe 5 minutes on average tops.
  • Wide selection of gift cards to choose from for rewards.
  • There are a few different ways to earn with the app.


  • No Better Business Bureau rating nor accreditation.
  • Poor customer service.
  • Common complaints include, not getting paid at all and glitches with the app.
  • The site pays you in gift cards and not cash.
  • Some app downloads earn you very few points. Which can make it take a long time for the points to start adding up.

How Does the AppBounty App Work

It is been rounded up into 3 Steps to getting started:

  1. Visit the website and download the free app.
  2. Earn credits when you download any of the free apps.
  3. Redeem your credits as gift cards or points.

They say that you can start earning credit for installing other applications once you have the app installed on your phone. You will go to the Deals tab within the app to gain credit and find applications that reward you.

AppBounty can provide you with credits once you download the app and open it on your computer. You can then exchange these credits for the incentives that are available.

However, if you have a code from someone referring you, you get 50 points when you sign up.

How to Earn Rewards With AppBounty?

Downloading Apps

AppBounty will pay you credits when you download an application. How much per app you can receive varies.

You will definitely want to search for the highest-paying software. You can find applications that are available for free in the Deals section of the app.


You receive 250 points on the iOS platform and 100 points on Android when you refer someone to the platform. As I said, just for joining the app, the individual you referred to will receive a 50-point referral bonus.

You can find referrals in the Invite section of the app.

Completing tasks or targets

You can gain credits depending on the operating system you use when you complete a task (iOS) or a goal (Android). There are some tasks you can complete.

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Some tasks include:

  • Games – download or play a game and be rewarded.
  • Videos – watch a video to earn a reward.
  • Registration – register for programs and get rewarded.
  • Surveys – take part in surveys and earn rewards.
  • Deals – get special offers from select retailers.

You can cash out when you need to hit the 2500 point threshold, which is the equivalent of $5.

You are able to redeem your credit in the form of a gift card. It takes about 48 hours to get approved for your gift cards.

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Who Uses AppBounty

The AppBounty can be used by anyone, but the key types of people who use it are the individuals who want to win, and the creators of apps and ad networks who want to advertise the apps they have. For developers and ad networks, AppBounty gives them a chance to get users to download and test their app.

Since the organization wants the software to be downloaded by its representatives and checked for at least 30 seconds, developers are confident that people can actually download and use their application. Before they finally launch it and see how people respond to it, this is a good way for them to try out new software. Now those who are trying to win are the other kinds of users visiting the app.

The participants who download and test the software, and those who choose to be media partners, can also be split into two. The members are the consumers who download and test the applications that AppBounty promotes through developers and ad networks.

With vouchers that they can trade for gift cards and points, the company pays them. In the other hand, the media partners are like premium owners. For individuals who are considered social influencers, AppBounty provides more benefits, such as allowing their credits to be transformed into cash.

Media partners are now considered a priority account, ensuring they get a personalized code of their own. In addition, to help promote the app, AppBounty provides them with giveaways they can use.

In addition, on the AppBounty social media platforms, the company promotes the best videos created by its media partner. This also helps improve the media partner’s audience. However, the firm demands that its media partners have at least 10,000 subscribers and render videos frequently to become a partner.

The media partner will have to produce an AppBounty promotional video, upload it to his or her own YouTube channel, and include their customized link in the description to guide people to sign up. Each sign-up will receive credits for the media partner that they can turn to cash.

Bottom Line

If your goal is to find ways to make extra cash, then AppBounty is not the app that you are going to need to do that, as it does not really provide users with ways to earn cash from it.

AppBounty has potential as a reward-earning app, as it really delivers on its pledge to pay individuals the credits they received after completing a task or downloading and using an app.

As a reward earning app, AppBounty does have potential, as it really delivers on its promise of paying people the credits they earned after completing a task or downloading and using an app.

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