Find Your Friends via GPS With These 5 Free Android Apps

– Find Your Friends via GPS –

Find Your Friends via GPS: When you’re trying to coordinate plans with friends or just find time for plans with them in the first place it can be really useful to keep tabs on each other without constantly texting “Where are you?” back and forth.

Find Your Friends via GPS

That’s where friend-finding apps come into play. We’ve rounded up our favorite iOS and Android apps to help you find your pals.

This best tracking Apps for Android and iPhone list will tell you:

‣ How to check the real-time location of a target device?

‣ How to track a lost or stolen phone?

‣ What is location history used for?

And much more…


1. GPS Phone Tracker


This is a handy and easy to use application that utilizes the possibilities of GPS technology to assure family safety and protection.

You can easily find the location of the device in real-time. This is a great plus to locate your device in case it is stolen or accidentally misplaced somewhere.


  • No compromise inaccuracy
  • Better privacy with no ads

2. Google Maps


Did you recognize that you can use Google Maps to find your friends via GPS?

It relies on the person sharing their location with you, so it would not be the most effective option for a few situations. However, for groups of friends or colleagues trying to rearrange a meetup, it’ll quite suffice.

If you wish to grasp the way to share your location with your friends on Google Maps, follow the instructions below:

  • Open the Google Maps app.
  • Click the menu icon in the upper left corner.
  • Select Share location from the list of options.
  • Click the Add people icon in the upper right.
  • Set the sharing duration or select Until you turn off this mode.
  • Choose the people you want to share with you from your contact list.

Remember, if you are a member of the Google Family Group, you’ll need access to the GPS location of any participating kids.

3. Cartrack


This app is designed to monitor fleet vehicles from any location in the world, at any time. Furthermore, Cartrack provides software-as-a-service for fleet management, vehicle security, and driver safety at your fingertips.

Besides, this fleet telematics app is deployed in thousands of fleets in South East Asia, Europe, and Africa.

4. Find my Friends

A lot of individuals want to understand a way to find a friend’s location by a telephone number, but we did some research and did not have any solutions worth recommending.

One app that is accustomed to a well-liked thanks to finding a friend’s phone location was Mobile Number Locator, but the bulk of recent reviews are low.

As a result, we’d recommend Find My Friends for anyone who needs an app to locate friends.

The core feature is plotting their GPS location on a map in real-time, but the app incorporates a few other functions that help it stand out.

These include temporary location sharing, a built-in instant messaging chat service, a directions finder, and an estimated time of arrival calculator.

You’ll be able to enable and disable the placement sharing as required, and it offers granular settings to manage exactly who can see your location.

5. A-GPS Tracker

Although the first use case for several apps during this category is to stay a watch on your children, they’re also handy for anyone who spends lots of their time off the beaten path.

Specifically, we’re talking about hikers, walkers, and campers.

Hiking in unfamiliar areas can pose an actual danger to your safety. If the weather suddenly changes, it is easy to urge lost.

As such, it would be to put in A-GPS Tracker on your device before you depart.

Developers have created maps that take hikers into account. All maps have altitude and latitude and longitude coordinates for your location provided in both degrees and UTM-WSG84.

You will also load the routes of other users and find an alarm sound if you stray too far from the place you imagined.


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