How do I Restore my Text Messages App on Android?

As you go about using your phone, it is more likely that you will come through some challenges that you might not know how to fix. A question like, how do I restore my text messages app on Android might pop up? 

How do I Restore my Text Messages App on Android

Restoring your text messages is a critical step that you shouldn’t skip if you’re intending to reset or switch to a new Android phone. The same goes for Android text message backup. 

There are numerous methods available for restoring text messages on Android if you don’t want to lose all of those wonderful texts from a friend or family member. 

This might involve storing them locally on your SD card or using a cloud backup service like Google Drive. 

This post will serve as a guide to the many methods for restoring text messages on Android, depending on your preference.

Can I Restore Text Messages on Android

Initially, Android allows you to back up your app data, contacts, device settings, call history, and SMS text messages to Google Drive if you are running Android 8 or higher. 

By doing this, you can automatically back up your text messages to Google Drive and recover them when you log in to a new Android phone.

The only issue with this backup option is that you can only restore it when you reset your phone or set up a new device. The backup will expire and be removed from Google Drive if you are idle for 57 days. 

Google does not maintain backups indefinitely. In light of this, we advise you not to keep your backup for an extended period of time to avoid losing important texts.

You must first install SMS Organizer on your phone before you can continue restoring your text messages. You can download it from the Play Store and have it installed on your phone.

After that, you have to grant it permission to read messages on the first run. You should then be able to access SMS Organizer and view all of your texts.

Ways to Restore Text Messages on Android

With SMS Organizer, you can restore your text messages with the following steps; 

  • Install SMS Organizer.
  • Choose the “overview” button (usually three vertical dots).
  • Click on Settings.
  • Tap on the “Backup and restore” icon.
  • Activate your Google account. This will be the method that you will use to restore all of your text messages.
  • To begin backing up all the text stored on your phone to Google Drive, select how frequently you want the service to back up your messages, then click Back Up.

It’s more difficult to recover deleted texts on Android due to how Android handles them, unlike Gmail where the deleted emails are saved in the trash. 

Following the steps provided above will help restore all messages and also save you from losing important messages as well. 

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