37 Different Types of Sunflowers to Plant In Your Garden (Names & Species)

From its name, you can almost believe that sunflowers can’t be killed because of how it is cared for. However, if you seek to know some sunflower names, read through this article to find out.


Sunflower names, in all of their types, they are among the plants that are often simple to maintain and difficult to destroy. 

They come in a wide range of kinds, including large, little, and even colorful sunflowers.

Despite the variety of forms, this plant can take, the care needs for most of them are similar. Sunflowers require reasonably loose soil that drains well. 

They are not particularly picky plants, although they do prefer acidic soil. You should also know that they require strong direct sunshine in order to grow their lovely blossoms. 

They may survive in warm and even hot areas because they are very tolerant plants.

37 Types of Sunflowers

Below are some of the types of sunflower names that we have and are widely known;

1. Titan Sunflowers

Are you wondering why this is topping the list? Anyways, this is because this flower has what it takes to catch the attention of a person.

Titan gives a gentle bloom and grows at such a rapid level as well as making it easy not to get your eyes off it. 

Additionally, what distinguishes them from others is that their bloom is large and it is 2 feet in diameter. 

2. Royal Hybrid

Royal Hybrid

The flower heads on the Royal Hybrid are somewhat big, measuring about 8 inches in width in addition to their 7-foot height. 

This allows them to produce the great amounts of sunflower seeds that both birds and people enjoy eating.

3. Junior Sunflowers

This particular sunflower falls into the small categories just as the name implies. 

What makes it even more unique is that it is pollen-free, which means fewer insects will be around and potentially fewer cases of the sniffles.

You won’t be surprised to learn that small categories of sunflowers can grow to a maximum height of around 2 feet and have smaller, 5-inch wide blooms. 

The normal bright yellow color of the blossoms is present.

4. Bashful

Both the junior and bashful sunflower categories are pollen-free. 

The bashful category has a different color scheme where the petals are more of a pastel shade of yellow rather than a great bright yellow.

More so, you’ll discover that the petals, which are around four inches long, can have a salmon hue. 

This 3-foot-tall sunflower is very stunning because of that.

5. Sunrich Lime

It is necessary to know that this particular sunflower is one that lacks pollen. 

Also, for this sunflower, instead of the customary dark center, the center disc is an odd shade of lime green.

Every year, this annual flower will bloom, creating an impressive display that can grow to be 6 inches wide on a stalk that is 6 feet tall. 

This is an excellent option to consider if you want to see one of the sunflowers grow quickly because they mature in just 60 days.

6. Topolino


This is a mini kind of sunflower that excels at producing more flowers per plant than the ordinary sunflower due to the way the stem branches come out in different directions. 

Their resilience in containers and pots is a contributing factor in their popularity and uniqueness.

With a medium-sized bloom and a height of roughly 2 feet, their size makes them manageable. 

They naturally come in the typical bright yellow shade.

7. Big Smile

Because these particular sunflowers grow to a height of about 2 feet, they are really smaller than most other big varieties, which is how the name “Big Smile” came to be. 

They display their flowers with golden centers and beautiful yellow petals.

8. Dwarf Incredible

This kind of sunflower has shorter stems but nevertheless, produces full-sized blooms. 

The flower head’s face can be up to 18 inches wide, and they can have stalks up to 2 feet tall. 

Since they aren’t extremely tall, they are enjoyable to cultivate in containers because they are still manageable. 

The seeds can be sown at any time if you grow them indoors.

Meanwhile, you must plant them outside approximately three weeks before to the last frost of the season.

9. Ms. Mars

Interestingly, it is possible for Ms. Mars’s sunflowers to reach a  two feet height. 

They are colorful sunflowers distinguished by the beauty of bloom colors. Purplish-red centers on Ms. Mars’s blossoms fade into yellow tips. 

More so, they are a nice plant to keep around because they are so low to the ground.

10. Terracotta

The brown-hued blossoms of terracotta sunflowers are different from the conventional yellow and red hues of sunflower flowers.

11. Sunny Smile

The Sunny Smile sunflower has a height range of 12 to 15 inches. 

Small sunflowers with beautiful yellow petals and dark brown cores are displayed on large stems.

12. Pacino Sunflowers

These almost two-foot-tall flowers have vivid yellow blossoms. Multiple flowers can grow on a single stem.

13. Taiyo Sunflowers

sunflower names

You can probably tell that these sunflowers are Japanese kind of sunflower names from their looks and names. 

Due to their relatively common appearance, you may find them in grocery stores and, of course, flower shops. 

Their large blooms have a black center that serves to highlight the vibrant golden petals. 

You can mix and match the many colors that make up the dark center to create a stunning floral arrangement when placed in a vase.

14. Super Snack Mix

You might wonder who came up with these sunflower names. 

The Super Snack Mix seeds are numerous, big, and simple to crack open, hence the name. Both people and birds enjoy eating these.

These 6-foot-tall sunflower types feature petals that are more freely organized and come to a point. 

Bees and butterflies, two pollinating insects, are particularly drawn to them.

15. Soraya Sunflowers

sunflower names

If you were to judge it by the description of its brief, bright orange petals and dark center, you’d assume it sounds like any other flower. 

But you have to picture something far more captivating because this sunflower has won a few international flower prizes.

These barely reach a height of 6 feet, making them excellent container flowers. Soraya can be compared to a larger variant of the Suntastic sunflower species if you are familiar with them.

16. Lemon Queen

This sunflower has shorter petals than many other types, but it still retains the vibrant yellow color that draws bees. 

In actuality, this flower excels in pollination, which is why it’s so simple to obtain.  Entomologists have lots of room to operate because the bloom’s core is so large.

17. Kong Hybrid

The Kong Hybrid is another sunflower variety with a catchy name since it grows to a height of 14 feet and has enormous blooms that measure 10 inches in width.

The flowers have bright yellow petals, but their black centers are reminiscent of Kong himself. 

Of all the numerous varieties of sunflowers, these are most likely the best conversation starters.

18. Hopi Black Dye

The name fits the bill when it comes to descriptiveness for sunflowers. 

This particular type of sunflower was used by the Hopi people to produce black pigments in addition to serving as a food source.

The fact that the flower’s center was an extremely dark blue-to-black color made this conceivable. 

This flower is highly visually remarkable since the surrounding petals are a common gold to yellow, especially when it reaches its height of 9 feet.

19. Giganteus Sunflowers

This gigantic sunflower can grow as tall as 12 feet. The flower can open up to a width of one foot when it is in bloom. 

A huge number of seeds are also produced by this enormous bloom.

The two most intriguing characteristics of this kind of sunflower are their ability to stand on their own without the aid of a stake despite their height and top-heavy bloom.

20. Chocolate Cherry

The Chocolate Cherry variety of sunflowers is medium-sized in comparison to other types.

Their distinctive coloring of a dark reddish center (the cherry) surrounded by petals is what makes them have this name.

21. Sundance Kid

One of the first types of small sunflowers for gardens was Sundance Kid. 

They have highly unique red blossoms that become yellow as they age. These plants grow to a height of one to two feet.

22. Schweinitz’s Sunflower

These plants can grow up to 16 feet tall, however, the usual height is just 6.5 feet.

23. Sunforest Mix

One of the tallest giant types of sunflowers is the Sunforest Mix, which may reach heights of 10 to 15 feet. 

They grow large blossoms that are almost 40 inches in diameter. If you wish to stroll through a floral forest, these are the ideal flowers to grow.

24. Chianti Sunflowers

The darkest type of sunflower names is those from the Chianti region. Their unusual, intensely pigmented wine-colored flowers are what set them apart.

These pollen-free blooms bloom on four to six-foot-tall bushes and have no petals.

25. Earthwalker

This is one of the sunflower names that is peculiar because they have some level of earthy tones. 

They also reach around five to nine feet tall and produce huge blossoms in a mix of oranges, reds, mahogany, and brown.

26. Moulin Rouge

These flowers are pollen-free, 5 inches across, and resistant to fading in direct sunshine.

The sunflowers grow to a height of around five feet. 

They are a very popular kind that looks wonderful in floral arrangements because of their distinctive color.

27. Strawberry Blonde

These sunflowers have blooms with dark brown centers and petals that are reddish-pink cream tips. These sunflowers have a height of five feet.

28. Italian White

This is also one of the popular colored sunflower names that you will see now. 

Interestingly, they have cream-colored blooms and also have dark chocolate brown centers. 

Compared to traditional flowers, these particular sunflowers have slender petals that have more spacing.

These plants have a rapid growth that they can grow as tall as five feet and should be sown in early spring. 

They attract a lot of pollinators that are beneficial in some ways.

29. Russian Mammoth

This giant sunflower can possibly grow up to 9 to 12 feet high which is considered to be really fast. 

They can also produce flowers that span 14 inches across.

More so, they are very sensitive and choose to bloom during the late summer months and produce flowers that have a bright yellow ambiance with a chocolate brown center. 

They also cost little to maintain as they can survive in most types of calm fertile soil. 

However, you must note that they do need to be planted in a covered space. 

This is because the huge flowerheads may break off if they get caught in the wind.

30. Little Becka

One of the tallest small sunflowers is little Becka, they grow to about two to three feet in height. 

Their multicolored blossom is their most distinctive characteristic. They give forth flowers with burned orange centers, deep red centers, and orange tips. 

This is one of the sunflower names, that is most distinctive.

31. Firecracker Sunflowers

Are you looking for the type of sunflowers that you can plant in containers or for establishing garden borders? This is the best one you should go for.

This is because they generate 4 to 6-inch broad, pollen-free blooms. The flowers feature a dark brown center and petals that are a blend of orange and gold. 

They will also need an adequate amount of sun and fertile soil is ideal for them.

32. Suntastic Yellow

This type of sunflower barely grows to a height of twenty inches. 

However, it produces rather large blossoms that are about 6 inches across, with golden petals and a black center.

They generate at least 20 flowers per plant and reach bloom in less than 65 days after planting. 

More so, they are perfect for window boxes and garden beds since they flower early and thrive in groups.

33. Elf Sunflowers

This is a scaled-down variety of regular sunflowers. They are a small type that only stands 14 inches tall. 

The four-inch wide flowers have a bright yellow color with a brown core. They look fantastic when planted in clusters in flowerbeds or containers. 

You should plant them when gardening in your backyard and create your paradise.

34. Teddy Bear

These plants can grow as tall as 16 to 24 inches, and their fluffy golden blossoms bloom in the middle of the summer. 

Their edible seeds and petals are one of their distinguishing characteristics. The petals can be used as a form of salad or cake garnish.

35. Giant Sungold

The Giant Sungold kind of giant sunflower grows quickly, with a maximum height of 5 to 6 feet.

They produce fluffy golden flowers, setting them apart from other enormous varieties of sunflowers. 

These flowers can grow up to 6 to 10 inches broad thanks to their thick layers of petals.

36. American Giant Hybrid

This sunflower has a maximum height of 16 feet, and occasionally even more. 

Also, they are frequently grown as competition flowers because they are one of the tallest types.

Their blooming period is 65 to 75 days. They grow flowers that are 10 inches across and bright yellow with a dark brown core. 

You should also know that they have thick, strong stems that can support the weight of the enormous blossoms.

They are sown in the spring, and they bloom in the summer. 

37. Skyscraper Sunflower

The Skyscraper is a large sunflower variety that can grow as tall as 12 to 14 feet. They grow enormous flowers, at least 16 inches across. 

The flowers feature a large orange center with a bright yellow outside.

To prevent them from collapsing beneath the weight of the enormous blossoms, their long, thick stalks need to be given extra support. 

They bloom between 75 and 90 days. You can gather the seeds after the blossom has withered and eat them yourself or use them as bird seeds.


If you are seeking to own a garden or a little container of them close to your bedside or living room, sunflowers are a great choice. 

This is because they happen to be very attractive and bright as well. You can choose from any of the types of sunflower names to suit your needs. 

Whether you want to construct a forest-like landscape with large flowers or you want some delicate and colorful flowers to fill the window boxes, you can go for any of them in this article.

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Loyalty and adoration.


Chianti sunflowers.

Dwarf Sunflowers

“I want to be like a sunflower, so that I may stand tall and find the sun even on the darkest days.”

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