How to Get Wi-Fi Without an Internet Service Provider

– Wi-Fi Without an Internet Service Provider –

Get Wi-Fi Without an Internet Service Provider: There are many reasons you might not have WiFi internet access when you need it. Is there a way to get WiFi without an internet provider? Actually, we’ve got six things you can try.

Get Wi-Fi Without an Internet Service Provider


How to Get Wifi Without an Internet Provider

1. Using a Smartphone with Hotspot Option


Today, almost all the latest smartphones have the option to enable a hotspot that allows you to share the internet connection on your device over the WIFI.

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This option is great for you if you have a cellular network that allows internet connectivity and you want to share it over WIFI with other devices without having to worry about extra costs.

However, it got its drawbacks like relatively slower internet speed.

You can only connect a limited number of devices over such a WIFI network that are supported through your smartphone.

Also, there are data caps on the cellular plan that might cause a hassle for you.

2. Tethering

Tethering essentially uses a similar principle as creating a hotspot with your mobile device but instead of using Wi-Fi to connect your laptop to the hotspot, you used a USB cable to connect your mobile to your laptop.

You are still using your mobile data and connectivity to access the Internet.

Tethering uses slightly less battery than hotspot, thus it might be smarter to use it if your phone’s battery is low.

However, you should know that tethering has much greater limits when it comes to data transfer than a hotspot connection.

Thus, tethering is suitable for simpler tasks like emails and browsing. Video streaming and other larger data will not work properly with the tether option.

3. Public WiFi (With a VPN!)

Depending on where in the world you live, there may be a lot of public WiFi hotspots available around you.

These are great options to access WiFi without an internet provider. Some people can even access them from inside their homes!

These hotspots may belong to businesses such as restaurants or coffee shops. Some are actually provided by the government in some countries.

There are also networks of private WiFi hotspots that offer premium prepaid internet access that’s much cheaper than using mobile data.

Using your Laptop to get Hotspot


This option is similar to having a cellular network and using the hotspot feature.

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Windows 10 have the option by default to enable your laptop with WIFI to be able to share the internet connection acting as a WIFI provider.

So, if you don’t want to face any consequences, this might be the perfect option for you.

However, the drawbacks are obvious of not having dedicated hardware on your laptop or a hardware router that emits strong signals and amplifies the speed of the Internet.

Using your Router

There are WIFI routers available in the market that work on almost all the networks. There is a built-in modem with a module to convert your DSL or Broadband internet to WIFI.

The installation is pretty simple and all you have to do is install a router in your wired connection and configure the settings.

However, such installations might be illegal and not authorized by your wired Internet provider and you might have to face consequences for doing so.

WiFi USB Dongle

Wi-Fi USBs, also known as the Instant Internet are small USB devices, normally just slightly larger than a typical USB key, that use a SIM card to enable you Internet access via Wireless Provider.

Wi-Fi USBs work in a similar way as a tethering option, however, they do not have the limitation of not being able to process video streaming and other large-data actions.

Of course, the data available to you will depend on your deal with a wireless provider, while the speed of the connection will depend on the quality of the signal.

4G or LTE is what you want for smooth browsing, 3G may work for emails but will struggle with images and larger files. Anything below 3G is not suitable for online work.

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