25+ Best HR Blogs for Human Resources Leaders & Professionals

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 25+ best blogs on HR that all human resources leaders should read to keep up with the latest management and technology trends in HR. However, with so many blogs available for HR pros, it’s hard to tell which one you should be reading. 

25+ Best HR Blogs for Human Resources Leaders & Professionals

Increasing your career as an HR leader may be one of your top priorities as you make a list of resolutions.

Human resources are crucial to the development of a company’s strategy and the management of the majority of employee-related tasks for both large and small organizations.

Best HR Blogs for Human Resources Leaders and Professionals

Business executives and HR experts must stay current on industry regulations, technology advancements, digital changes, marketing tactics, and personnel management techniques.

Following a comprehensive sorting process, we have therefore included some of the top blogs on human resources, covering topics including hiring, culture, employee engagement, and payroll.

Here are our picks for the best 50+ blogs on HR and newsletters, without further ado:

1. The Uncover Recruiter

The Undercover Recruiter provides advice for both job searchers and recruiters and hiring managers about the current employer/employee market.

This blog’s content is diversified and offers a range of viewpoints to give readers insight into each function engaged in the hiring and recruitment process.

For access to current market trends, interviewing methods, best practices, and recruiting technologies, to name a few, check out The Undercover Recruiter.

This is one of the good blogs on hr you can rely on anytime any day.

2. Ask a Manager

Do you want to know how to conduct yourself at a second interview, how to ask for a raise politely, or if you might be at risk of losing your job?

Ask a Manager is here to help. It’s a wealth of crowd-sourced knowledge and fun.

This is also listed among other major blogs on HR.

3. HRZone

According to HRZone, a resource for corporate leaders and HR professionals, it provides “advice, assistance, opinions, and current information on how the working life and responsibilities of the modern HR professional are being changed.”

It offers a glimpse into the direction of HR and the finest HR practices, making it a great reference for anyone working in the field.

For your human resource needs, HRZone and others are highly rated as top reliable blogs on HR.

4. Unlocked

Unlocked produces content aimed at assisting managers and HR specialists in streamlining their personnel and workplace procedures.

This covers everything from onboarding and wellness to communication and innovation. Finding high-level insights for successfully running an office is easy here.

With unlocked Blog, you can be certain and be assured that your journey in search of blogs on HR has come to an end.

5. When I Work Blog

Managers and HR professionals can both benefit from the fantastic content on the When I Work blog as they work to improve their management abilities.

The harsher issues managers encounter, such as managing rules infractions or improving the workplace, are frequently covered in articles. This blog is essential reading if you oversee a team.

6. The People Equation

Jennifer V. Miller has focused her career on the human aspects of business and is an expert at deconstructing individuals and their interactions at work on The People Equation.

Miller’s goal is to improve readers’ connections with coworkers, and she provides detailed guidance on everything from negotiating office politics to providing worthwhile training to avoiding hiring errors.

7. The Employer Handbook

On this blog, Eric B. Meyer, a partner in the Labor & Employment Department of Dilworth Paxson LLP, concentrates on employment law.

Meyer is a skilled author, trainer, and attorney. His blog discusses issues including parental leave, workplace discrimination, and the harmony between at-will employment and off-the-job free expression, among others.

Everything from case studies from the day’s headlines to in-depth analyses of current legal issues is covered in posts.

8. SnackNation Blog

Although you will find some articles specifically about snacks, SnackNation’s goal is to assist businesses to enhance their corporate cultures, workplace wellness initiatives, employee engagement, and other factors.

This is a fantastic tool for managers and HR specialists who want to make their workplaces healthier and happier.

9. HRHero Blog

HR managers can get legal information on state and federal laws at HRhero blog. Readers can find helpful information on topics including employee engagement, immigration issues, and worker’s compensation.

Some of the most prevalent HR-related topics that readers may need to be aware of are listed alphabetically in the website’s “Hot Topic” section.

10. Workology 

Workology, formerly Blogging for Jobs, hosts a collection of articles written by over 100 established authors. The blog’s advice is intended for HR professionals at all ranks, from interns to CEO.

Workology offers useful guidance for navigating the area and advancing your abilities in the profession, whether you’re looking for your first HR position or updating benefits for a huge company.


11. Assembly Blog

The Assembly Blog offers distinctive viewpoints on employee recognition and engagement in the online environment.

They are concentrating on creating excellent material on a variety of topics, including employee feedback loops, cultural gamification, staff retention tactics, and more.

For your business, we advise using their no-cost employee recognition software to put these ideas into effect.

12. Great Leadership

How to Become an Effective and Respected Leader is a topic covered in Great Leadership. The site, which is hosted by Dan McCarthy, a seasoned manager, and leader, provides straightforward guidance for anybody wishing to develop their leadership abilities.

Best HR Blogs

Great Leadership takes a multifaceted approach to issues including creating a positive workplace culture, getting insightful feedback, crisis management, and more.

Learn from McCarthy’s experiences and those of other experts who write as guest contributors to the site.

13. Necter Blog

The Nectar Blog focuses on the most important HR issues of the day, such as corporate wellness, employee experience, employee appreciation, and company culture.

Learn about the newest trends, particularly those that deal with remote work environments and “the new normal.”

14. Blueboardblog 

The goal of Blueboard’s blog is to motivate HR and sales professionals to acknowledge their staff members in genuine, valuable ways.

On hot issues like how current developments will affect the industry’s future and how to successfully modify recognition programs during uncertain times, you’ll find new points of view.

In their thorough webinar summaries, best practices, clever techniques, and innovative tactics abound as well. Similar to their immersive incentives, Blueboard’s blog is full of adventure.

Blueboardblog is also rated among good blogs on HR.

15. Bonsuly Blog

Insights and new perspectives on employee engagement, workplace recognition, the employee experience, corporate culture, and employee rewards are shared on the Bonusly Blog.

You can trust their team to provide you with excellent advice on creating better workplaces because they have thousands of satisfied clients.

You’ll gain knowledge on a wide range of subjects, including how to deal with high turnover and real-world instances of employee recognition.

16. HR Examiner

The HR Examiner provides in-depth blog entries and podcasts with human resources focused on technology and people.

This blog (created by John Sumner) is a must-read for any HR professional operating in a highly competitive market to acquire cutting-edge strategic insights that could be challenging to find elsewhere.

17. Baudville

This blog, which focuses on the recognition, has the same appearance and feel as a Pinterest board created especially for the kind HR representative.

Baudville has you covered whether you’re looking for recipes for a Cinco de Mayo office party or want to improve your wellness program.

18. TLNT

TLNT is a veritable informational treasure trove for anything concerning human resources or talent management.

For the most recent information, news, HR thought leadership, and practical advice, check out TLNT every day.

Every HR professional should certainly sign up for their newsletter and incorporate TLNT into their regular routine because of the site’s almost limitless supply of contributors and tools.

19. CareerPlug

The CareerPlug blog is dedicated to assisting non-HR individuals in making better hiring decisions.

This includes everyone from franchise owners to small business owners to individuals who have never even heard the term “candidate experience.”

CareerPlug is the blog for you if hiring is not your main role. You don’t even have to be a qualified hiring expert because they make it a requirement for all of their employees.

They draw all of their practical, doable recommendations from their tried-and-true hiring strategy, which they have spent years honing.

20. Namely

The go-to source for all things HR is Namely’s award-winning blog. Each post is written to assist HR professionals at all levels and covers everything from industry best practices to the most recent compliance news.

The Namely blog contains all the resources you need to create a better workplace, thanks to a committed team of HR thought leaders.

21. Everyday People

Another down-to-earth blog that is open about management and human resources practices is called Everyday People.

The author is a seasoned HR expert who uses many of his own personal anecdotes from the actual world to support his arguments. It will be like receiving guidance from a fantastic mentor if you read this blog.

22. TINYPulse

Executives, middle managers, and HR professionals can find information on employee engagement and corporate culture on the TINYPulse blog.

It provides knowledge that readers can use to enhance talent management and recognition initiatives in their organizations.

23. HR Bartender

Sharlyn Lauby founded and runs HR Bartender, a website that offers information on a wide range of subjects in an approachable yet thorough manner that HR professionals will comprehend and be able to use.

Like its namesake, reading this blog is like having a friendly, always-available conversation with a bartender who is full of useful tips.

24. Fond

Fond offers a wealth of knowledge on engaging, motivating, and rewarding people.

Here, managers and HR specialists will find practical takeaways in addition to high-level theory—everything they need to step up their employee engagement and recognition initiatives.

25. BambooHR

Naturally, we have a blog right here at BambooHR where readers can learn from HR professionals about the most effective HR tactics, best practices, trends, and advancements.

To ensure that HR professionals and managers have access to the information they require, we put a strong emphasis on offering both high-level guidance and practical instructions.

26. Good.co Blog

The blog’s parent firm has been referred to as “the job-hunting lovechild of LinkedIn and e-Harmony.”

With the help of tests and articles that make use of the business’s proprietary psychometric algorithm, Good.co helps consumers find the right job fits.

Their postings examine gender equality, individuals, businesses, trends, and other topics using this data.

27. Insperity Blog

The Insperity blog’s major objective is to provide a dependable source of innovative concepts and industry best practices for those starting, running, and transforming businesses.

Their blog postings offer in-depth HR guidance from Insperity professionals whose authority is derived from meticulous analysis, research, and in-depth knowledge of the business.

They cover a wide range of the most popular issues and topics in HR and company improvement right now.

28. Tiny Buddha Blog

Despite not being specifically about HR, the Tiny Buddha blog enters our list for one very good reason: every HR manager could use a bit more zen and optimistic thinking in their lives.

This site provides readers with a wonderful dose of deliberate positive thinking—exactly what they need to lead an upbeat team.

29. Motivosity Blog

There must be a blog dedicated to employees’ welfare on every list of HR blogs.

The Motivosity blog creates employee-focused articles from a unique angle, addressing all of your most important inquiries about employee satisfaction and churning out a ton of brilliant suggestions you can quickly implement in your workplace.

30. upstartHR

Every post on upstartHR is focused on achieving the company’s goal, “making HR better, one HR pro at a time.”

The author of this blog hopes that both beginning HR professionals and seasoned HR professionals will find plenty of useful information in his blog, which includes ideas, suggestions, best practices, and even book reviews.

In other words, each piece will encourage you to maintain your enthusiasm for HR.

Final Note

HR professionals can acquire daily updates and insights on HR subjects that can help them meet the demands of their employees and HR by using the aforementioned HR websites and blogs.

The websites for human resources offer in-depth information on a variety of HR-related topics, including employee management, talent management, and talent acquisition and onboarding.

Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees.

Handling employee compensation and benefits.

Offering employee job/career development.

Addressing work-related issues of individual employees.

Developing policies that affect a working environment company-wide.

Hybrid work is driving corporate transformation, according to HR Trend No. 1. 95% of HR executives anticipate that at least some of their staff members will work remotely following the epidemic. HR leaders need to be ready to assist this transformation because the move to hybrid work will be a significant driver of change.

Talent management, pay and benefits for employees, training and development, compliance, and workplace safety are the five key responsibilities of human resources. By handling the employee lifecycle well, an HR department can contribute to organizational structure and the capacity to meet business needs.

Begin modestly. The HR team’s confidence in HR Knowledge is essential to its success.

Simplify. HR articles should be formatted with succinct responses to address employee questions right away.

Equal Opportunity in Employment Organizations’ HR management. Planning and management of HR strategically. Analysis of Workers, Jobs, and Jobs.

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