best rated pizza near me

The Ultimate Ranking of America’s Pizza Chains

You might be wondering, where can I find the best rated pizza near me? There is nothing better than biting into a hot, fresh piece of pizza that is dripping with tomato sauce and loaded with mozzarella and flavorful toppings.

best rated pizza near me

The choice of top pizza franchises in America is not always straightforward.

We gave a lot of thought to all the available pizza chains before deciding on our top picks.

You need to consider your options for pizza style, crust type, cheese to sauce ratio, toppings, and much more.

Here is our list of the top pizza chains in the US, compiled after much study and taste testing.

Best Rated American Pizza Chains

1. Godfather’s Pizza 

Godfather’s Pizza 

Their unique pizzas, like the Taco Pie and the Bacon Cheeseburger, are highly renowned.

They are well renowned for their famous advertisements and operate over 670 distinct restaurants throughout the UK.

2. Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom

There are few pizza crusts that can compare to Mellow Mushroom in terms of quality.

Even though they might not be the most popular option, if you haven’t tried them yet, you should.

They sell craft beer, sandwiches, and salads in addition to a selection of pizza toppings.

3. Pizza Hut


One of the most recognizable pizza restaurants in America, Pizza Hut is a perennial favorite. 

They mostly serve pizza, but they also have an excellent range of wings and sides.

Over 7,000 Pizza Hut locations may be found across America, and the company has been there since 1958.

4. Uno Pizzeria & Grill

Uno Pizzeria & Grill

UNO Pizzeria & Grill is a great choice if you’re looking for a business that offers a large selection of meals. 

Deep dishes and thin crust pizzas made in the Chicago style are their specialties. They also provide soups, salads, burgers, spaghetti, and steaks.

There are options for everyone on their broad menu. It is simple to understand why this eatery is so well-liked.

5. Marco’s Pizza

best rated pizza near me

If you’re searching for pizza on the run, Marco’s is a wonderful choice because they provide a good selection of sides.

There are more than 800 Marco’s Pizza franchises.

6. Jet’s Pizza

best rated pizza near me

Jet’s Pizza features all the different kinds of pizza you may want. 

They provide a range of alternatives, including thin, New York-style, and deep dish in the style of Detroit.

Even pizzas with cauliflower bases and no gluten are available. Deep dish pizzas with a square form are popular at Jet’s Pizza.

Garlic and Cajun seasoning, for example, can be used to flavor the crusts for free.

7. Peter Piper Pizza

best rated pizza near me

In addition to pizza, Peter Piper Pizza offers a wide range of other items on its menu, including salads.

Although they might not be the most expensive option, this restaurant is well-liked by families and offers good food at a reasonable price.

8. Round Table Pizza

Round table

Pizzas from Round Table are made with delectably fresh dough. Street Taco Pizza is only one of the many flavor and topping options they offer.

They are a preferred option for families as many of their chains offer kid-friendly entertainment and craft beer for adults.

9. Sbarro

best rated pizza near me

Although they also offer thin crusts and Stromboli, their pizzas are pie-style. 

In the US, they have more than 600 different restaurants, with the first one opening in 1956.

10. Papa Murphy’s 

Papa murphy's

Pizza is the only item on Papa Murphy’s menu, and they are a well-liked option.

Their “take and bake” method of distributing pizzas sets them apart from their rivals. The pizza is picked out by the consumer, who then bakes it at home.

11. Little Caesar’s

Little Caesar’s

Little Caesars is a good choice if you want delicious pizza at a reasonable price.

They serve their pizzas swiftly and they are delicious so you can’t go wrong.

They are renowned for offering a wide variety of pizza toppings, which is ideal for ordering pizza.

12. Papa John’s

Papa John’s

The reason Papa John’s is the best is that their takeout pizza is not only tasty but also very affordable. 

They sell items like sandwiches and wings in addition to their delectable sauces.

Despite having a small menu, they are a fantastic option if you want to eat pizza. They provide a wide variety of pizza styles and toppings.

Additionally, they are generous with the number of toppings and quantity sizes. They also provide a good selection of meatless dishes.

13. Domino’s


Domino’s Pizza is perhaps the greatest pizza to order for delivery, and it’s understandable why.

Domino’s is perhaps the first pizza delivery service that comes to mind when you think about takeout.

Their pizzas are excellent value for money, and they frequently produce intriguing new toppings.

They provide a variety of foods for sale, such as sandwiches and chocolate lava cakes.

14. California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen

A BBQ pizza was their brilliant invention, and it instantly became popular.

In addition to their wonderful, wood-fired pizzas, they also offer salads and power bowls.

15. CiCi’s Pizza

best rated pizza near me

Look no further than Cici’s pizza if you’re looking for an unlimited pizza buffet. It is among the best in the country.

There are various things to pick from, including pasta, salads, and a delectable macaroni and cheese pizza.


These pizza restaurants are well-liked across America for their delectable pizza, commitment to their trade, and customer support. Which American pizza chain is your favorite? Please let us know in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions


Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s.

Domino’s Pizza


Little Caesers

Domino’s is better.

Pizza from Domino’s checked all the right flavors, sauces, and dough texture boxes.

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