The Hiring Process at Walmart: From Application to Interview to Orientation

– Hiring Process at Walmart –

The Hiring Process at Walmart: Walmart employs more than 2 million workers across the globe. The retail giant constantly seeks out new associates across its more than 11,000 Walmart locations.

Hiring Process at Walmart

The hiring process at Walmart involves various stages, including the job application and interview processes you need to successfully complete to be employed by the retailing giant.

Read on to learn about the Walmart recruitment process and increase your chances of being employed by the Company:

Emergency Notice

Recently Walmart shortened its hiring process for store associates, which normally takes two weeks to complete, to the point that “they can now hire associates in as little as 24 hours.

The initiative is part of the retailer’s goal to hire 150,000 new associates by the end of May to work in its stores, clubs, and distribution and fulfillment centers.

Also, Walmart said in a March 19 statement. The chain faces increased consumer demand amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Walmart also announced a bonus for all U.S. hourly associates that will be paid out on April 2.

How to Apply for a Walmart Job

While applying for a Walmart job, the following are to be considered:

Know the Role You are Applying for

Your recruiter is your biggest advocate throughout this process, so use them! An example of a great question to ask your recruiter is, “What did the team ask for in an ideal candidate, but might not be getting with me?”

He will help with preparing and focusing on those pieces to make sure your hiring panel knows you are capable of learning. Finally, bring a couple of examples to sell yourself for this particular role.

Register for an Applicant Account

If you are applying online, you and all other applicants must create an applicant account. If you have applied for a Walmart job before, you can log in to your existing applicant account.

Visit a Walmart

If you’re not applying online go into a Walmart Supercenter, Neighborhood Market, or convenience store. Look around and talk to associates. I’d like you to be able to speak about a store and what you see and experience when you walk in and out of a Walmart location.

For hourly roles, you do not need a resume or CV in order to apply but you will need to share your job history and highlights on the application itself. If you would like to upload your resume there will be a section where you can add it to your application.

Do Your Research

Find out what to expect from the behavioral interviews, a style that helps the hiring team understand your thought process, and how you could potentially work on their team.

This is situational based and includes a follow-up question to reiterate a time you have been in a situation similar. Be prepared for this.

Dress to Impress

A picture says a thousand words and a first impression says a million. The phrase ‘how you dress is how you are addressed is more than just an old person saying in the orporste world.

For example, you may meet an executive, the leader of your organization, your potential supervisor, and/or your future supervisor/mentor. Your safest bet is to wear a suit and bring your resume, a pen, and a notebook.


Walmart Interview Process

Walmart usually carries out two job interviews. Your performance on the first interview usually determines if you would be called for the second and final interview, which leads to the job.

Hiring Process at Walmart

Questions that will be asked in the second interview are almost the same as the first one, but they are bit tricky and not as shallow as the interview questions.

The Walmart interview questions can be slightly tricky questions. For example:

  • “Did you disagree with any policy at your previous place of work?”
  • “Did you make any attempt to change that policy?”
  • “What steps did you take in changing the policy?”
  • After this first interview, you will be sent home with an assurance that you will be contacted in seven days.

If Walmart has an interest in you, they will call you for a second interview. This absolutely shows that you were the preferred applicant amongst the three individuals who participated in the interview.

The second interview is nearly the same as the first one, but you will be asked a few different questions. For example:

  • “Have you dealt with a tough situation before? And how did you go about it?”

You will be given some paperwork to fill out if they have decided to choose you for the job.

Walmart usually ensures you pass through a drug screening test if it is necessary for the position you are applying for. After checking the results of the drug test, you will be contacted for orientation if you have been employed.

However, getting a call for a job requires you to make use of some tips that will give you an edge during the interview.

We hope this article was useful and educative, do well to share these messages with friends and loved ones. If you have a question, kindly drop your comments below.

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