30 Fashion Blog Post Ideas for New Bloggers 2022

– Fashion Blog Post Ideas –
Are you planning to go into fashion blogging, are you already a fashion blogger? In the article we will provide you with 30 fashion blog post ideas to help you escape your creative block and create great content for your blog. Keep reading and stay with us.
fashion blog post ideasfashion blog post ideas
Bloggers who are new to the fashion blogging niche may have a problem navigating between what the audience of the day and age want from fashion blog and what they personally are attracted to.
The fashion world is wide and complicated enough to give fashion bloggers a migraine in creating fashion blog post ideas for their fashion blogs.
If you are dealing with a creative block or simply at a loss of fresh and unique content for your blog, we have provided 30 fashion blog post ideas to help inspire your next fashion blog post.

Fashion Blog Post Ideas for New Bloggers

There are so many fashion blogs all over the internet doing the same thing.
It is a saturated market and the target audience is craving something unique and different.
Below are a few ideas to help your fashion blog content stand out.

1. Wardrobe Items that See the Least Use

Your fashion blog posts must be exciting and engaging, trivia is one sure way to achieve that. You can walk your subscribers through the articles of items in your wardrobe.
Or simply show them what in the wardrobe of the average female are most likely to get off the hanger and make an outfit.

2. How to Style your Outfits Yourself

Your blog posts must also be able to solve a problem. Your subscribers may be looking for ways they can put together stylish and trendy outfits.
You can show them ways to do that without having to spend a lot of money on hiring a stylist or buying the latest Fenty collection for a fortune.

3. Recreating Celebrity or Film Looks

 Catalina is a fan favorite to recreate and every movie fan trying to do that needs ideas on how they get the outfit right for cheap.
Other popular cosplay looks from movies and television may include the James Bond or Indiana Jones look, or the Tomb Raider look.
You can help your audience find ways to look like Rihanna or Angelina Jolie without breaking the bank or having to hire a Virgil Abloh.

4. How to Dress to Suit your Body Shape

You can also help your subscribers, especially the plus-sized ones, to avoid a Lizzo type situation and wear things that complement their body types perfectly.
Despite the ‘zero is not a size’ body positivity campaigns, one still needs to wear what looks good on their body size and shape.
Many women with larger bosoms often complain of their woes when it comes to finding bras their size.
Other big girls complain of how every clothing item they find at malls is too small or too revealing for their size.
You can help them find what to wear to look both comfortable and stylish.

5. Memorable Outfits you Wore to Special Occasions

You can also create a memorable outfit hashtag for your audience. You can highlight the most remembered outfits you wore to memorable events and urge your audience to follow suit.
It might be a regular party, prom, or your sister’s wedding, it must not be the Met Gala.

6. Fashion Rules you Live by

You can let your audience know what fashion rules you live by. By showing them things you wear often, and without them your outfit is never complete.

You can also reveal clothing items you can never be caught dead wearing.

7. Sales & Promotions

This is a popular trend in Fashion blogs. Help your audience find the best off sales and promos happening near them or online.

8. Reviews

You can review the latest fashion items and collections from Versace to Fenty to Under Armor, etc. Reviews are very easy and popular ways to build trust between your blog and your users.

This is because you will help your audience know what to buy and what not to buy.

9. Share Personal Stories

You can also share your own personal stories with your audience. That time you went you went out in something you should not have. Or that time you had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at a party.

Even when you completely pulled off a dream outfit.

fashion blog post ideas

10. Fashion History

Share the history of fashion or some specific fashion items and trends with your enthusiastic fashionistas.

Let them know which of their favorite fashion trends started in Paris or 16th century England, India, or South Africa.

11. Your Seasonal Fashion Boards

Ever heard of vision boards? you can create something similar to show your audience. But in this case, this will be a vision board of what hat to wear in what season.

Let your audience in on what is on your Fashion board and when; fur for the winter, denim for spring, etc.

12. How to Dress for Success

Different occasions require different fashion styles and outfits. It will surprise you how many people are clueless on what to do about the above information.

This is where your services as a fashion blogger come in.

You can write a blog post on how to dress like a millionaire to attract the right clients.

13. What to Wear to a Wedding

Weddings are popular topics on fashion blogs. Provide information on what works for a wedding and what does not.

 14. What to Wear to the Office

Help that newly promoted junior executive learn how to dress the part and command more respect in the office.

Help that teen who is used to baggy jeans and Football jerseys to dress better for his internship job.

15. Style Tips to Feel Your Best This Year

You can create guides to help fashion clueless folks to become good, snazzy dressers. They do not have to become Victoria’s Secret models or celebrity fashion icons.

The idea is to help them dress in more fitting outfits and color combos that are more stylish and help them blend into society.

Keep in mind their comfort and how they prefer to look while you are writing.

16. How to Pull a Thrift Look and Still be Classy

Your audience is definitely looking for ways to save more money on their style journey.

You can help them do this by suggesting ways in which they could by thrift shop clothing items and combine them into great outfits and still look fly.

17. Christmas Fashion Guide

This obviously might come closer to Santa Claus’s arrival, in the winter (presuming they live North of the Equator).

You can suggest winter-proof outfits that can still look classy and not tacky in any way.

18. Fashion Gift Ideas for Men

Many women often complain that they never know what to get their boyfriends, husbands, brothers, or male colleagues and cousins. This is where you come in.

You can list ideas of fashion items the ladies can gift their men and make them happy.

Also, maybe you can mention where they can get the items.

19. Valentine’s Fashion Gift Ideas

Similar to the idea above. You can help love birds pick out clothing and other fashion items for their significant others on St. Valentine’s day.

20. Birthday Gift Guide for Her

Make a guide to help the clueless men visiting your site to have ideas on what fashion items to gift their queens on her birthday.

21. The Total Cost of your Wardrobe

This is for both trivia and information sake.

You can use this idea to help your audience know just how much it would cost them to get something they see on you that they might like.


22. Create an Entire Outfit Under £X Again

People visiting your site are apart from looking to get stylish, are also looking for ways to save money.

Help them do just that with this idea on how to create an entire outfit on whatever budget they have.

23. What Clothing Items to Save on, and What Items to Splurge on

You can do this in the form of reviews of different brands or trends.

Through this idea, you can let your audience know what clothing items or trends are worth their money and those that do not.

fashion blog post ideas

24. Make Lifestyle Posts

Most people visiting fashion blogs love to read a good lifestyle post!

It’s hard to categorize the ideas on lifestyle posts because they include so many different ideas.

Nevertheless,  you can include anything under this branch that doesn’t directly correlate to your primary niche.

25. The Fashion Blogger’s Guide to this or that City

Presuming you have the resources and time to travel, you can go to an exotic city say in Europe or Asia.

Then you can immerse yourself in the place’s culture.

Of course, you can let your audience know what to wear and when in that city, e.g. ”what to wear in Beijing in Winter.”

26. A Beginner’s Guide to a Trend

You can introduce new fashion heads to some trends they may not be aware of e.g. A beginner’s guide to Alte fashion.

27. 10 Best Places to Get Stuff

You can also direct your audience to places they can get clothing articles or whatever fashion article they are looking for.

It may be websites to get prom dresses, stores to get lip glosses, or the best brands to get leather jackets from.

28. Best Brands for Trends

Your audience may want to know which brands are the best to get certain fashion trends from.

It could include maybe best lingerie brands or best brands of strapless bras, etc.

29. Host a Giveaway

People love free things, your followers are not an exception. The subscribers would engage more if they feel included and appreciated.

Ask for their opinions host give giveaways and gift them items.

This can also be a good way to partner with brands and attract a larger audience.

30. Host Style Challenges

Also about being inclusive and appreciative, you can also host style challenges among your subscribers and attach prices to them.


More Fashion Blogger Content Suggestions

With our list above, you now have a plethora of titles to inspire your new content. But don’t stop there — the world is full of ideas for your fashion blog.

Here are some more ideas and practical tips to help you create a thriving, successful fashion blog.

Make a Blog Series

In addition to the blog post ideas mentioned above, you could create a series for your blog. This could be a weekly feature or something you write about on a monthly basis.

But a consistent theme can help attract readers and provide you with plenty of content ideas.

Here are some ideas for themes or series:

‣ Today’s Look (also known as OOTD)

‣ What I Wore This Week

‣ My Monthly Fashion Favorites

‣ What’s New This Month in Stores

‣ This Season’s Best Trends

Titles or Headlines That are Catchy.

You want to create titles that are enticing. Did you know that once you have a great title, you have completed 80% of your work?

Seriously! No one will read the rest of your blog post if your title is boring.

According to good copywriters, your job as a writer is to get your audience to read the first sentence, then the next sentence, and then the sentence after that.

Doesn’t that sound simple? True, but how many of us actually do that? Unless your title and first few paragraphs are highly engaging, you risk losing your reader before they even get to the meat of your post.

To check the quality of your headlines, I recommend using Co-free Schedule’s headline analyzer.

 Add a Collaborative Component.

Through a collaboration with a fashion or beauty blogger or someone in the fashion industry, you can help your readers feel closer to you while also reaching a new audience.

Here are a few ideas for how to start a collaboration on your blog:

Solicit questions from readers and social media followers before writing or filming a Q&A.

You Can Ask Me Anything.

Invite someone from the fashion industry (e.g., design, public relations, retail) to participate in an interview series on your blog.

Make collaboration with another fashion blogger, such as a haul or “inside the closet of” feature.

Collaborations will not only provide you with great content to share, but they will also introduce you to a new audience — your collaborator’s fans!


It can be exhausting to come up with blog posts.

Take 1-2 hours out of your schedule once a quarter to brainstorm blog post ideas.

You can make as many as you want–the more the merrier!

Assuming you come up with 52 suggestions! If you blog once a week, you’ll have enough content ideas for the rest of the year.

This is extremely satisfying because it frees up so much mental space, and you’ll always know what to blog about.


Before you begin writing a blog post, conduct proper keyword research to see if there is a demand for your article.

To begin, install the free Keywords Everywhere plugin and enter your keyword into Google.

You will now be able to see how popular this search is and how many people look for it each month. The more the merrier.

With “Keywords Everywhere“, you can also see related Google searches and how many queries they receive each month.

Answer The Public” can also help you find related keywords and searches.

This is fantastic because it suggests dozens, if not hundreds, of related content ideas that you may not have considered before.

When combined with Keywords Everywhere, you’ll be able to see how many searches occur on a daily basis.

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer’s block occurs when a writer experiences a creative stutter or cannot produce new work; it is essentially an artistic stop. An author’s inability to create new, original material propels a story forward.

The term “writer’s block” refers to any process of writing or composition in which creativity is stifled. New work creation comes to a halt.

Creative constipation is a term that is frequently used to describe this condition. Feelings of frustration, fear, anger, dread and other strong emotions sometimes accompany it.

In addition to our prompts and collaborations with other bloggers, there are many sources of inspiration all around you. Now that you’ve come up with some great topics to write about, it’s time to overcome your writer’s block and bring them to life.

Here are some pointers on how to overcome writer’s block:

Use the Pomodoro Technique.

According to Francesco Cirillo, creator of the Pomodoro technique, people are most productive in 25-minute increments. Set a timer on your phone or download an app (search “productivity timer” in your app store).

Then don’t allow yourself to be interrupted (that means no email, no getting up to get more coffee, etc.).

Do whatever it takes to sit tight and push through. Take a well-deserved break after 25 minutes.

Set Attainable Goals

For example, could you write two posts per month? One blog post per week? Take a break and do something else with your blog for a few hours, such as chatting with your social media followers.

Work With Others

Collaborate with others by going to a co-working space to work and socialize with other creatives. If you’re really stuck, have someone interview you about what’s bothering you.

When you have to discuss it with someone else, the ideas and words flow. Make a point of recording your sessions so you can refer to them later.

Put an End to the Myth of Writer’s Block.

There’s no denying that writing is difficult. If you’ve been working on a project for weeks or years, you’re bound to be frustrated when you hit a seemingly insurmountable roadblock.

That being said, there is always a root cause of the problem — and while it may take some time and effort, there will be a solution. In addition to the strategies listed above, here are a few mantras to remember:

‣ “There are no permanent stumbling blocks, only temporary setbacks.”

‣ “It makes no difference how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop.”

‣ “Every great writer has also been here.”


Perhaps you have a home office where you can close the door and study, or perhaps you do homework with your children at the dining room table.

Make your surroundings a place you want to be, no matter what. Declutter, or place fresh flowers or a picture of something that inspires you.

Make a Spotify playlist and eliminate distractions so you can concentrate and write in peace.


If you enjoy reading, you can find inspiration from your favorite authors. Even if you don’t always read, try picking up a book before sitting down to write.

For 10 minutes, read poetry, a chapter of a book, or a short essay. This will prepare you to write your own words—or, at the very least, to imitate those of your favorite writers.

Just Write

Trying to write a perfect first draft is a sure way to suffer from writer’s block. On your first draft, don’t worry about spelling, grammar, or even good writing. Simply begin writing.

Don’t worry about it being perfect — and get some practice. With time, you’ll be perfect.

Use filler words as well. (Yes, this is the opposite advice you’ll get from an editor near the end of the writing process.)

According to the Center for Writing Studies at the University of Illinois, phrases like “because of this” and “it is essential that” can help you get to the idea you’re looking for early on.

You can remove them later.

For overcoming writer’s block, there is no magic trick or formula.

However, if you incorporate these suggestions into your creative arsenal, you’ll be well on your way to kicking it to the curb!


With our list of ideas and places to look for inspiration, you’ll have enough ideas for your fashion blog to last a lifetime.

Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to write.

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