115 Unique Gifts for Employees that will Boost Morale & Show Appreciation

The festivities are an excellent opportunity to express gratitude to your coworkers and employees. Because we understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift while not breaking the bank, we’ve come up with these unique gift ideas for them.

gift ideas for employees

Gift Ideas for Employees

The best employee gifts make them feel valued and a part of the team.

Giving them gifts also boosts their team spirit because they’re more than just tangible gifts;

They’re ways to show appreciation and make employees feel valued.

Not sure where to begin?

There are numerous gift options on the market, but picking the ideal gifts for staff personas is critical.

It is also crucial to consider a variety of perspectives.

Do you have any employees who work from home? Or did a new employee start recently?

The type of gift you buy for them can vary greatly based on their job role within the company.


Employee Gifts for Remote Employees

Gifts that improve remote work, making it healthier, more productive, and more fun, are the nicest things for employees who work from home.

Remote workers may occasionally feel alienated.

Any of these team gift suggestions can provide a tangible means of reconnecting.

From ear muffs to personalized doughnuts, here is a list of gifts for work remotely employees in all price ranges.

gift ideas for employees

Blue Light Custom Glasses

These Blue light glasses are designed to reduce visual fatigue on all gadgets.

Do we think they’ll like it? Without a doubt! Your employees will appreciate having that radiant glow in their eyes all day.

This staff appreciation gift is an item that your workers will use on a daily basis.

Headphones with Noise Cancellation

These headphones are pricey.

However, the increase in employee profitability and the calmness they provide can make them a good bet.

The headphones’ battery is not only long, but the audio quality is superb.

The most prominent factor of these headsets is that they reduce background sound by up to 90%.

They make an excellent present for remote workers.

 gift ideas for employees

A Private Chef’s Dinner

Because remote employees miss out on occasional group meals, multi-cuisine meetings, and occasionally business parties, an haute-cuisine dinner is a treat and the ideal gift for foodies.

Private chefs will arrive with all of the ingredients and equipment necessary to prepare a five-star meal.

This would also make an excellent work anniversary gift for those who have reached a pivotal point.

Automated Coffee Pot

Even if there is no main cafe where coworkers can get a coffee, you can ensure that your remote employees constantly have the treats at their disposal.

The Cuisinart 10-Cup Thermal Configurable Coffee machine includes a charcoal water purifier and a steel cup to ensure a hot and delightful coffee drink at all times.

This is a unique gift idea for your employees

Set of Massager Mat and Pillow

Acupressure mats are a tried-and-true way to ease muscle cramps, headaches, strain, and burnout from your body without doing anything more than lying on them.

Especially when your workers don’t have time or plainly don’t want to go for an effleurage, take a stroll, or unwind,

They can use this rug and matching pillow while watching TV, working, or anywhere else to help them calm and revive their clarity.

Newly Hired Employee Gifts

Presents for fresh hires are things that you can send to make newcomers feel accepted and merged into your squad.

These gifts can assist business owners in making a positive “first impression” and creating motivated newcomers to the team.

gift ideas for employees

Donuts with Customised Message

By basically wording out the emotion, this gift expresses a special message.

These donut offerings come in a variety of sayings, including:

Welcome to the Group.


We are delighted to have you! 

You are loved! 

Best wishes!

The myriad of statements makes these treats suitable for a wide range of events.

In the United States, there are numerous fresh donut shops with delicious flavors.

Chocolate or vanilla sprinkles, orange blossom, fruity pebbles, Samoa, and raspberry chocolate chip are among the flavors available.

Starter Pack for New Hires

Your eager new hires will be given 8 – 9 items, including office decor, software solutions, and technology to help them get settled in.

This workspace kit includes items necessary for office productivity and cognitive functioning.

It will show your team that you appreciate them and will help them flourish in their tasks.

It can also serve as a considerate staff welcome kit for the new teams to help them get off to a good start.

gift ideas for employees

Customized Dons

Almost every office makes its own merch for employees to wear or give out to customers.

Custom memorabilia hamper is an excellent welcome gift for new hires, allowing them to express confidence in their new position. 

If your company does not already have specially made items like work tank tops, t-shirts, and bandanas, it might be worth paying for some to have on hand for new recruits.

Laptop Backpack

A laptop bag makes hauling a laptop in and out of the workplace easier.

This rucksack not only is available in a variety of colors.

But it also contains the specific tools you need to keep all of your office equipment in one place.

Decorated Apple Airpods

With this unique tech gift, you can amp up the fun!

This high-tech gift is designed to honor your team’s efforts all year long.

For a truly special business surprise gift, customize these with your corporate logo and paint job.

This will not only be an asset that they will use on a daily basis.

It will also be an exclusive staff treat that will leave a mark.

Employee Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of year again when everyone crawls into bed and the holiday season begins.

It usually gets cold outside as Christmas approaches.

Here is a list of gifts for those workers who are perpetually cold, ranging from heated blankets to beer brewing kits.

Gift Cards

Gift cards have consistently been at the top of every roster of business giveaway notions.

It is the most adaptable gift that a boss can bestow upon his or her staff.

The best feature about handing gift vouchers to your employees as a Christmas gift is that they can use them however they want. 

So, all you have to do now is find some lovely gift cards and share them with your staff.

Miniature Christmas Tree

Spread holiday spirit by giving your staff a dinky Christmas tree to adorn however they choose fit.

Décor is a pleasant employee holiday gift idea that is sure to get their imagination flowing and make things merry and bright.

Heated Sunbeam Blanket

Cold-prone employees make poor workers, and heated duvets are appealing gifts.

The Sunbeam vaporized blanket has ten settings, allowing your recipient to choose the ideal dose of warmth.

The crocheted wool on the throw is also soft and exquisite.

The blanket is machine washable and has a five-year warranty.

Christmas Gift Basket

To up the ante, if you want to make your staff feel good this holiday season, consider offering them a goodie bag full of various yuletide gifts.

The key benefit of giving such gift baskets is the ability to select myriad gift items and then compile them into only one basket.

Chocolate bars, top-quality coffee, marshmallows, and other such items can be included in such a gift hamper.

 gift ideas for employees

“Microchip” Cookie Jar

JK Chocolates’ new “microchip” style of your absolute favorite chewy treat inspired this new snack concept.

Each bottle of microchip cookies includes bite-sized cookies encircling a chocolate chip core.

One peanut butter chip is also included in their spiced peanut butter mini snacks. Delish!

They’ve probably never had a crunchy cookie like this before.

And because these cookies are honestly tasty, they’ll want to finish the entire bottle!

Employee Morale Boosting Team Gifts

These staff gifts are freebies that add as much joy and worth to workers’ lives as they have to your business.

The team spirit items in this section work in tandem with other forms of acknowledgment.

They also help to keep employees feeling appreciated and committed to the company’s goals.

Gadget Charging Station

A gadget battery pack keeps workspaces clear of obstructions and can charge different gadgets.

This simple facility allows users to easily arrange all of their digital equipment in one location.

It also creates a clear route for your charging cables to avoid becoming bunched.

You don’t have to be a tech expert to value this useful employee present.

Send a Virtual Prize!

Instead of coming to grips with idle speculation and packaging paper, a digital staff appreciation gift enables staff to choose their own present.

With so many options for finding the perfect staff gift, it is often wise to let them choose.

You can launch an initiative where workers can choose the perfect gift from their favorite store using an employee giving away provider like Awardco.

They’ll be able to choose between something on their Amazon list of wants and something from your company’s boutique.

gift ideas for employees

Durable Umbrella

A rainproof umbrella is an elegant staff memento that is always beneficial to have on hand.

Either in your filing cabinet or in your ride.

This simple gift will actually be helpful numerous times and is suitable for everybody.

Elegant Lunch Bag

Whoever said lunch bags are just for children!

A lunch tote bag makes it simple to bring a home-cooked meal to work every day.

It can also assist them in identifying their lunch from others in the group fridge.

Gift Cards for Foodies

Many people prefer experiences over physical gift.

Foodie gift cards create special employee treats for those who face overtime hours in the office.

Assist your team in unwinding and having fun with their friends and relatives.

Vouchers can be used to pay for an online chef, in-person cooking lessons, online craft cocktail classes, food excursions, digital wine tastings, and other experiences.

Self-Watering Hydroponic Planter

The Hydroponic Self-Watering Planter engages a soil-less sprout format and sophisticated water storage that waters plants every three hours.

It depletes and reuses surplus water to keep your roots hydrated.

The ideal gift for an employee who enjoys cooking with raw vegetables or is hesitant to take care of another plant because it will be too difficult to maintain.

It will provide them with an excellent way to grow local ingredients, chilies, tomatoes, and other veggies with minimal effort on their part.

Employee Birthday Presents

Here is a list of birthday gifts for your employees to celebrate their special days.

It ranges from mug cakes to balloon bouquets.

A Mug of Birthday Cake

No birthday is perfect without cake, and a birthday cake in a tumbler is a handy way to commemorate the occasion.

Each set includes an acrylic porcelain mug, chocolate mousse mix, sprinkles, and a sparkler.

This kit is a convenient way to send a tasty treat to your remote workers on their special day.

Sing “Happy Birthday” to the celebrant on Zoom, or send a video with a birthday love song.

Best of all, your recipient can continue to drink coffee from the cup long after the celebration has finished.

A Chocolate Gift Basket

Birthday parties, like birthday gifts, are flawed without chocolates.

Though giving chocolates is a familiar occurrence at Christmas, it remains one of the most popular gifts.

As a result, as part of your worker gifting efforts, try offering your employees a lovely chocolate gift box.

Balloon Flowers from Party City

If blossoms aren’t your personnel member’s thing, try a balloon garland.

Party City has a wide range of inexpensive choices.

Because most individuals live close to a Party City, placing an order and preparing for shipment is simple.

Balloon bouquets are available in a wide range of colors, themes, and designs.

Tickets to a Movie

A brilliant film with your near and dear ones is a pleasurable experience.

And what could be better than giving your staff this encounter by funding their theater tickets?

All you have to do here is make a note about this special gift and purchase the tickets on behalf of your employees based on their interests.

Yoga Mat Bag

For employees who exercise out before or after work, this yoga mat tote is vital for transporting a yoga mat, gym clothes, as well as other fitness equipment.

Having a bag that can hold everything motivates employees to stay fit while also looking fashionable.

Employee Recognition Gifts

Here are some gift ideas for appropriately thanking employees for their hard work and excellent results.

This collection will undoubtedly make an impression on your staff.

It will also ensure that they give their all to the success of your company.

Cell Phone Holder

This cell phone rack is ideal for using on your desk to log into a Zoom call.

You can also use it to watch a video on your smartphone or listen to music through the Bluetooth speaker.

Employees appreciate this economical gift because it is simple to use, portable, and versatile.

Stainless Steel Barware Set

Exquisite stainless steel highball glasses, such as the True Fortify Stainless Steel Barware Set, make a respectful and soothing gift for employees.

Especially those who adore staging home happy hours or creating gourmet beverages.

For the ultimate staff appreciation gift, include a bottle of their favorite alcohol and a beverage recipe book.

 gift ideas for employees


A flower bouquet is a quintessential thank-you gift for colleagues.

And is also often the simplest way to express your gratitude.

Most people enjoy receiving a splashy flower delivery at work and the extra attention it draws to their counter.

Flowers are meaningful employee presents that are always well accepted.

Longer Vacation

Who doesn’t want an additional day or two off from work?

Even you can’t ignore how delighted your employees will be if you give them additional time off for the holidays as a thank you.

Granting them this extra time off will not only increase their holiday cheer but will also portray you as a responsible employer who cares about his or her employees.

gift ideas for employees

Pack of Chocolates

Rather than waiting for an innovation or major amazing feat deserving of a massive gift, surprise your staff with a small token of your appreciation.

This lovely treat pack comes in a special box with the words “We’re Choc Full of Love For You” and a heartwarming epitaph.

Inside are a variety of enjoyable candy bars.

If your team isn’t chocoholic, try an alternative snack.

Like the Starbursts kit, which declares, “our team is bulging with stars like you,” or the Goldfish pack, which declares, “you’re a great catch!”

Employee Retirement Presents

This catalog is intended to bid farewell to that beloved colleague.

They’re a great way to express your appreciation for their outstanding contributions throughout their time at the office.

From Virtual Retirement Parties to personalized glass cubes, here is a list of gifts to bid your cherished colleague farewell and leave them with fond memories.


Your retiring employee has more time to pursue new interests or skills.

Giving a Masterclass course allows the retiree to learn a new course with a world-renowned expert.

Among the various courses offered are Gordon Ramsey’s culinary classes, Malcolm Gladwell’s prose tutorials, and Carlos Santana’s music lessons.

Customized Glass Cube

During the farewell party, many employers present retirees with a plaque or a crystal award.

This glass cube is an elegant piece of home décor that can be used in living rooms or offices.

The main screen displays a luminous LED moon that changes colors, and the wooden platform includes an inscribable metal name badge on which you can print your colleague’s name or a special message.

gift ideas for employees

Virtual Retirement Celebration

Retirement parties are common treats for leaving employees.

But if you work on a scattered team, you may be unable to gather to bid your colleague farewell.

Throwing the perfect virtual retirement party as part of your employee’s farewell gives the team one last chance to have fun on the job together.

Virtual Retirement Parties include fun team bonding exercises like Retirement Trivia, team treasure hunts, and icebreakers.

All led by a lively host. Each event lasts 90 minutes and is held in a reliable Zoom room.

Feelcare Digital Photo Frame

Colleagues frequently present a photo in a lovely frame to a retired person.

This classical gift is given a new spin with online photo frames.

While emblazoned platinum frames make nostalgic gifts, digital photo frames allow users to display multiple images at once.

Allowing you to pre-load the frame with an animation photo tribute.

The Feelcare frame accepts film clips as well as images and loads content via an incredibly simple app.

As an additional perk, the frame can sustain the link between the team and the resigning colleague.

This is by allowing coworkers to post recent pics to the app in order to keep up and link up with their former friends.


According to Stephen King, books are a distinctively compact form of magic.

Book reading can provide you with an altogether fresh experience.

It not only expands your horizons, but it also helps you improve your repertoire.

So, why not plan on giving your retiree a book to assist them to fill up their chest of drawers?

After all, now that they’re no longer working, they’ll be all too happy to sit in the morning sun with a book by their favorite author.

Best Gifts for Women

Every woman is entitled to the best.

So, when it is time to shop for the special lady in your life, you want to make damn sure that you choose the finest.

The key is to find something thoughtful, one-of-a-kind, and genuinely loved by her.

Any of these gifts will be suitable for the special women in your life, such as your diligent wife, your devoted mother-in-law, or perhaps the funny coworker who always keeps you cracking up during long stressful days.

gift ideas for employees

Subscription Box for Lingerie

Your ladies deserve better than terrible, tattered, ill-fitting undies.

Empress Mimi, a London-based underwear label, offers a monthly fee box filled with adorable and super soft undies.

Including seductive paired sets, and even hedonistic collections complete with kimonos and accessories, all carefully selected for her size and pleasure.

Keepsake Case

This customized carved wood gift box can hold her pictures, jewellery, and other sentimental items from her life.

You can choose between three sizes, and we strongly recommend adding a special surprise or two in there for her.

Necklace with Star Sign Constellation

If she’s fascinated with her zodiac sign, she’ll adore this necklace.

The 14k gold necklace’s perfect on anyone but is still unique and special. 

Simply enter her zodiac sign and choose the chain length when placing an order.

Pink Memory Foam Slippers

With these gentle slippers, you can bid adieu to aching feet.

She can appreciate a pair of flats that are both usable and stylish, with a padded base that provides just the right amount of support and an elegant crisscross design.

Include a coupon for a free foot spa as an additional perk so she can thoroughly enjoy being babied.

gift ideas for employees

Maestra Midi Bag

This finest bag will become an immediate fashion statement because it fits an 11-inch laptop and can be worn four ways:

Rucksack, crossbody, shoulder bag, or duffle.

It also comes in a wide variety of leather and gold and silver components, so you can find the perfect one for her.

Employee Gift-Giving Rules and Regulations

Choosing presents for employees can be confusing.

So keep a few simple safety tips in mind as you navigate the intricacies.

The Dos

1. Have a budget plan.

Whether you buy gifts for employees with your own cash or with a corporate card, you’ll want to stay within your spending limit.

Going over budget is not only pricey, but it may make other employees feel left out if they got a far less expensive gift.

2. Order something that your employee will appreciate.

When buying a gift for an employee, you should keep that person’s tastes in mind.

A pointless and cliched gift may not have the same effect.

3. Remember to adhere to conventional gift-giving decorum.

You don’t want to demean them, even if you want to express yourself.

Ensure your employee gifts are suitable for an office setting and coworker relationship.

Furthermore, you should give them their gift in an acceptable manner and at the opportune moment.

Interrupting workflow to give them their gift may cause others to feel unhappy, sidetracked, or overlooked.

The  Don’ts

1. When purchasing gifts for employees, remember to include gifts for remote workers.

Despite the fact that they aren’t always physically present, their job is equally crucial as that of others.

Indeed, remote employees are regularly exempted from main office events, meals, and so on.

So making sure that they receive a gift in addition to the rest of the staff is essential.

2. Don’t put it off!

Waiting until the very last minute to complete shopping for employee gifts is always a bad idea.

You may not be able to locate the item you’re looking for as effortlessly as you thought, or it may be more difficult than you thought to find something within your budget.

After all, it’s sometimes easy to determine if someone rushed out and bought a last-minute gift.

More time and effort put into employee gifts will yield better results.

3. Don’t overthink things.

Don’t panic if you’re having trouble finding a gift for an employee or if you don’t know the employee well enough yet.

The more you take it too seriously to get a gift, the more difficult it will be to make a decision.

If you can’t think of anything, go with a classic.

Final Words

This article is mainly a guide to how you can show your appreciation for your coworkers or loved ones at home.

They are not irreplaceable, and you can always put your own spin on them to completely dazzle your beneficiaries.

Show your appreciation for all of your employees’ and coworkers’ hard work with these considerate holidays and every day gift ideas.


Frequently Asked Questions

Gift Cards.

Branded Tech Items

The practice of creating a touchpoint with employees, clients, or prospects through the use of a gift

A Christmas Gift Hamper

Noise Cancelling Earphones.

A Chocolate Gift Box.

Etiquette says that gifts at work should flow downward, not upward (meaning that your boss can give you a gift, but employees shouldn’t be expected to give gifts to their managers).

 No less than $50 and do not exceed $100.

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