10 Websites That Offer Online Translation Jobs for 2020

10 Websites That Offer Online Translation Jobs for 2021

Are you fluent in another language other than your native language? You can find jobs in online translation and make money from your computer.

10 Websites That Offer Online Translation Jobs for 2020

With the trend to make information accessible to all, regardless of the language they speak, many businesses provide translations of different forms of content.

How much you make will be determined by the complexity of the work, the languages being translated, and the turn around speed.

One unfortunate downside is that many businesses employ freelancers or contractors. This implies that most workers would not have the usual advantages you might expect from a full-time job.

However, this gives you more flexibility to set your own schedules and operate remotely.

Requirements To Be A Translator

To do it with this level of perfection a translator must have the following skills.

  • Writing skills in both the languages
  • Good listener
  • Accurate and Precise in translation
  • Able to deal with the cultural barrier of the languages
  • Specialization in any other subject(to expand your market)
  • Attention to the detail (accent, patterns, context, emotion, etc.)
  • Computer skills (since most of them are online jobs)
  • Time management (if working from home)

Websites That Offer Online Translation Jobs


This site provides its customers worldwide with translation subscription services across 28 languages. What makes the subscription model perfect is that the same customers will always get work from you, making it easier to understand their needs.

To test your ability level, Unbabel is open to both novice translators and veterans and will make you go through around two dozen short translating tasks.

They will give you an hourly rate and work based on your skill level once that’s completed.


  • Plain content to translate.
  • Get paid by the hour.
  • Edit on the top of machine translation.


  • You are not paid per word like other websites.
  • Rates vary between unbelievably low to pretty good.


A popular go-to site for translators is Translate.com. There is a lot of work, but they operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you want to get a steady income from them, you have to be quick.

You get paid by the word and can deal with articles such as emails and blog posts. They even pay through PayPal, and at any time you can cash out.


  • Great company to work with.
  • Good pay rates.
  • Enhances your language skills.


  • Limited opportunities. You need to check regularly.


It is a cloud-based translation company that helps various platforms translate, automate, and manage your content.

By visiting their website Smartling, you can join them in translating. However, with smartling, there are certain upsides and downsides to think through.


  • A consistent flow of order.
  • Prominent names among clients.
  • The content here is fitting for IT-savvy translators.


  • Higher focus on customers.
  • Little lining for translators.


This is a translation company for crowdsourcing that is over 40 years old.

Many other translation companies use their translation platform to run theirs, which is a fascinating fact about this company. With this, you can understand how broad and trustworthy this translation business is.

Online Surveys

2500 linguists worldwide use this company’s Unify Technology Software platform.

There are other work-from – home career openings, aside from translators, such as social media assessor and Lionbridge internet assessor.


  • Great and fun place to work especially for women.
  • Open for beginners.
  • Flexible work hours and a friendly environment.


  • No promotions.
  • Management is a bit poor.


This is a company for professional translation, writing of web material, and proofreading. It is a renowned business and recruits translators from all over the world.

Depending on the project they are dealing with, one can earn up to $15 per word.

It is very easy to work with TextMaster. What you need to do is sign up and take a proficiency test on their official website. You can pick and translate projects, which are versatile for you to do once you are eligible.


  • Reasonably good rates.
  • Energetic Community
  • Messaging and Guidelines are clear.


  • Uncompromising selection process.
  • The job flow is uncertain.

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Gengo provides the ability for freelance translators to translate texts from 15 different languages.

A potential translator must take a test upon signing up, which will place them in either the “Standard,” “Pro,” or “Proofread” categories. Such categories are dependent on capacity and the payoff for each is also different.

In the source language, translators are paid through PayPal in USD per word / character. Typically, short-form stuff like emails and social media posts are the sort of text Gengo provides for translation.

Income varies depending on customer demand and work availability, but a Gengo translator ‘s possible earnings can be up to $417 monthly.


  • Effective onboarding material.
  • Some languages have many jobs to deal with.
  • Adaptable interface.


  • Fewer jobs
  • Projects are assigned on a first come first serve basis.
  • Rates are pretty modest.


A top language service provider, TransPerfect offers various online translation jobs for independent contractors.

Currently, they have openings for bilingual over the phone interpreters (OPIs), customer service representatives, and quality monitors for those fluent in English and such languages as Navajo, Korean, Portuguese, Mandarin, and many other languages.

The good thing about TransPerfect is that some of the positions, while remote, are regular positions; that is, you’ll be an employee of TransPerfect and thus eligible for such benefits as medical, dental, vision, life insurance, 401k, paid time off, and other competitive benefits.


Registering as a translator on ProZ is free, but there is a paid subscription option that allows you to access even more opportunities for work.

On ProZ, you can search the many jobs available and bid on any one you are interested in. Note that not all of these are translation jobs online.

Via PayPal, ProZ pays.


  • Large Community.
  • Several jobs are posted.
  • It helps establish a profile in the translation industry.


  • There are a lot of fake orders.
  • Not as Pro place as it claims.

Universal Translation Services

Unlike the other places on this list, Universal Translation Services is searching for translators with a little more experience. I have added them here because after you have acquired some experience, you can always come back to them.

UTS is a great option because they are a solid brick and mortar company that focuses on offering quality work to attract freelancers to fill their online translations jobs.

They also have a free training program which will help you expand your skills even more.


SDL has become a global pioneer in solutions for content management. It has expanded even larger with its purchase of Donnelly Language Services, becoming the foremost language service provider in the world.

SDL is currently looking for freelance translators in sectors such as the life sciences, financial services , legal, travel, marketing and automotive industries.

Start your application by filling out the form in the link above, wait to be contacted, and if you’re accepted, you can start work immediately.

Bottom Line

Ever since the history of humanity, translators have played a significant role. If you use this chance correctly, with the opportunities this sector has to offer you, you will get to live the life of your dreams.

Now that you have read the whole post, you will have an idea of which business you are going to be able to fit into.

Compare your capabilities with the skills that you need from these translation companies and select the one you want to join.

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