Why is my Android Not Downloading Text Messages?

You probably are wondering and asking yourself questions like “Why is my Android Not Downloading Text Messages”? Keep reading to know how best to solve this issue.

Why is my Android Not Downloading Text Messages?

Using the traditional text messaging style has never gone out of style and in situations where you have been sent an important message either from your customer or loved ones and you can’t see it.

It becomes very frustrating and of course annoying.

Sometimes, it might not be just text messages but MMS messages too and you need to see the picture sent to you, it can be very worrying most times.

Like any other third-party app, you can send pictures, videos, or multimedia files through the Android Message app. However, sometimes, the files may not download.

How to Fix Messages not Downloading on your Phone?

Here are ways you can probably fix messages not downloading on your device:

Restart your Phone

In many cases, just restarting your device can help solve the problem. This is the simplest action you can take.

Simply hold down the power button until the power menu appears, then select Reboot or Restart. After your phone has restarted check if you can download your text messages.

Check the Network Connection

When there is no network connection in your phone, the issues of your text messages not downloading will definitely occur.

Ensure you have a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data, and if you do, ensure your witch it on. Then search for something on your browser to check the connectivity.

Clear Cache and Data

Just so you know, all apps on your phone include cache files that are used to save data.

Sometimes these cache files are corrupt, leading to your text messages not downloading. To fix this problem, it is necessary that you clear the cache and data from your messaging app

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Settings > Apps to Click on your messaging app.
  • Click on Storage and you can see two options – clear data and clear cache. Click them and check if your text messages can be downloaded.

Uninstall Problematic Apps to Allow Text Message Download

If you have tried all the possible options above, then the issue might come from the “too-much” apps on your phone

Most time some apps or even antivirus that you are not aware of interfere with the normal working of your phone, so the safest method is to uninstall them.

Uninstalling not just clears up your phone storage but also prevents your files from getting corrupted.

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