Why do All my Text Messages Say Downloading?

We know how frustrating it can be when you are waiting for a particular thing, in this case, your text! So it’s totally okay to ask questions like “Why do all my text messages say downloading”? Keep reading to find the cause of this issue.

Why do All my Text Messages Say Downloading?

Our curiosity can quickly become frustration when we wait for text messages to download and it’s taking forever.

Even if you are naturally impatient, it can be infuriating when all you see on your screen is “downloading”

And you probably sitting and wondering, why exactly are these text messages taking a while to download. Just in case you don’t there are many reasons why your messages could be stuck on” downloading”.

It can be related to but not limited to iCloud sync settings or issues, internet or mobile data being switched off, device or firmware-related problems, corrupted files within the message, and an incompatible messaging app that is being used.

The good news is there are a few tricks that you can use to speed up the process or stop seeing downloading next to your messages.

Reasons your Messages Keep Saying Downloading

As said earlier there are reasons why you might keep seeing “downloading” next to your text messages.

This is particularly common when you have an iphone with an iCloud account linked to your device

So the “downloading” can be as a result of you enabling  the “Messages in iCloud” feature on your devices

Immediately this happens, it means that the cloud system will attempt to sync or “match your text history with all your devices.

How to Speed Up the Process

To make sure the process is completed quickly, you need to make sure your iphone is plugged into a power source

And it needs to be set up with strong and fast Wi-Fi or mobile data to make sure the process goes very smoothly and quickly

For Android, the reason why your messages say “downloading” might be entirely different, this happens when someone sends you a text message and it contains a picture(i.e an MMS message) when your mobile data or Wifi is switched off.

To prevent this from happening, any message that is sent to you, especially an MMS message should be sent when your mobile data or WiFi connection is switched on

If this is not the problem, then this might be beyond your control, and your mobile carrier or service provider can be the right channel where you tender your complaints.

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