Why Are My Messages Not Updating Android?

Why are my messages not updating Android? when your messages app is not updating as it should, it can be a result of a technical issue that needs to be fixed. Sometimes, it can even be a connection problem. Whatever the problem may be, we will get a solution to it as we go on. 

Why Are my Messages Not Updating Android

You might encounter issues when it comes to using your messaging app on your Android if it is outdated or probably has bugs. 

Connection errors and data plans can also be common reasons that can interfere with RCS messaging and MMS.

Technical issues, outdated operating systems, versions of Android devices, problems with the Google Play Store, and low device storage can cause the problem of the messages app not downloading. 

Can I Update Messages App?

Yes, you can. This is because Google helps give all the app updates through the play store that can be found on smartphones.

Android messages might not be responsive if you have an outdated version installed on your phone. 

You can go to the Play Store app on Android and search for messages. After that, go to the Android messages information page and update the app to the latest version for your phone. 

How do you Update Messages on Android?

1. Close Unneeded Applications

The new message app you want to update may be slow if your Android is low on storage. If your Android messages won’t open or keep crashing, ensure that you close all the apps that you aren’t using at the moment.

Doing this will free up some space to get your messages app updated and also make your Android device run smoothly. 

To do this, you can swipe up from the bottom of your screen and swipe up on the messaging app that you want to close. 

To shut down all apps at the same time, swipe from the left to the right part of your screen through the previews and click “clear all” to shut down all apps. 

You can now try opening the messages app again to run an update. If the problem still precedes, clear all your messages temporarily after doing a backup and try again.

2. Clear the Messages App Cache

After closing all unneeded messages and you still can’t run an update, proceed to delete the app’s cache data and try updating your messages app again.

Go to the messages app icon ( Setting > Apps & notifications > App info > Messages), proceed to select Storage & cache, and click Clear Cache.

Go back to the messages app and check if it is working properly. If it doesn’t, clear the app data. Furthermore, select Clear Storage and click OK in the confirmation box. 

If you delete the message’s cache data, it will factory reset the app’s setting, give a fast response and it won’t delete text messages

However, when running a new update for the messages app, it might bring bugs to your device. Ensure that you are careful when running an update to your messages app to the latest version. 

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