How do I Find my Messages App?

Getting used to a new device and knowing where each app is can take a while. So, if you have recently wondered where you can find your messages app, it is not strange. 

How do I Find my Messages App

To find your message app, you can simply go through the phone search button carefully. If you are using the messaging app, all you need to do is type in the type of message app you are looking for and you will see it. 

If you however don’t want to go that way, or you don’t have any message app on your phone, you can just go ahead and download it. 

Finding your message app won’t take time, provided you know what you are looking for. Make sure you have it stored on your phone. 

Can I Open my Message App on my Phone?

Sometimes, you might find it very difficult to open a particular app on your phone and this might turn out to be frustrating.

If you have ever tried opening up your message app on your phone and it didn’t come up, it might be a storage problem.

However, if you are wondering if you can open your message app on your phone, the truth is, you can do that with a good phone.

While you must have gone through one or two challenges with your message app, you are expected to make sure you have a good amount of storage on your phone.

Also, be sure that you are not making your phone take up some apps with very big storage that your phone can’t handle. 

How do I Set my Message App?

When you get a new device, you might have to do some amount of installing apps into the phone. 

If you must use an app, it is important that you go through installing it first before access can be granted to it. 

  • Most messaging apps will ask you to set them as the default when you launch them since they need to be set as the default in order to function. Open the messaging application that you want to make the default.
  • You ought to see a popup requesting that you change your current app to the default messaging app. Some applications, like Facebook Messenger, only provide this option upon initial launch.
  • Select the app you want, and then select Set as default. You only need to do that for it to become your go-to service.

You’ll need to replace the shortcut to the old app with another shortcut to the new one if you want to access your message app via a shortcut on your Home screen or from your favorite applications section of the Home screen.

Whichever way you want to go about it, be sure that you have good storage on your phone before you go about opening the message app.

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