The Best US History Trivia Questions That You’ll Love

These top history trivia questions are ideal for anyone who enjoys learning about the past. These free trivia questions about world history are excellent for classroom activities, online competitions, and more.

The Best US History Trivia Questions That You'll Love

What are Trivia Questions?

In a trivia game or competition, participants are quizzed on intriguing but insignificant facts from a variety of areas.

Many people find history fascinating because it reveals how past events have influenced and continue to influence the society we live in today.

Historical stories often include interesting trivia and ground-breaking firsts. It is unquestionably a work of beauty that merits attention and admiration.

The Best US History Trivia Questions for You

For your upcoming trivia night, patriotic party, or any other occasion to learn more about the country under the stars and stripes, here are the top American history trivia questions.

  1. What is the smallest US state by land area?
  2. Who occupied the White House as its first resident president?
  3. What country does Mount Rushmore belong to?
  4. What is the largest lake in America in terms of size?
  5. Which state is also referred to as “Finlandia” since it resembles Finland so much?
  6. Which nation gave the Statue of Liberty as a gift?
  7. The American flag has how many stars?
  8. In which Sports Hall of Fame was Abraham Lincoln inducted because of his outstanding record of just one defeat?
  9. The American flag has how many stars?
  10. How many stripes are there on the flag of the United States of America?
  11. What started the great Chicago fire?
  12. Which Founding Father had a house which was discovered to have had about one thousand two hundred bone pieces from about ten human skeletons?
  13. Which US president served the shortest term of about two months because of the death of a cold?
  14. Who preceded Ronald Raegan’s presidency in the United States of America?
  15. Which United States of America’s Armed Forces did John Fitzgerald Kennedy serve in?
  16. Who was the first President of the United States of America?
  17. On what date was the Declaration of Independence signed?
  18. Ever since World War Two, what beverage equipment is furnished in British battle tanks?
  19. When Pope Gregory IX rose to power, what domestic animals did he order to exterminate across Europe in the belief that they were used in devil’s worship and witchcraft?
  20. What health problems bothered Elvis Presley throughout his lifetime, which eventually related to his death?
  21. What was the initially reported cause of death for Elvis Presley that was spread in the media?
  22. The shortest war in human civilization’s history was between England and Zanzibar. How many hours did it last?
  23. Which Asian country had seven of the ten deadliest wars in human history, some even deadlier than World War I?
  24. What famous children’s party game that doesn’t involve balls was an Olympic event from 1900-1920
  25. Victorians said this word before having their pictures taken instead of the word “cheese”. What fruit did they say?
  26. What natural human bodily fluid did Romans use as a mouthwash because of the presence of ammonia in it, what natural human bodily fluid did the Romans use as a mouthwash?
  27. Which actor top-billed the 1960’s television series, Batman?
  28. In which century did the French Revolution take place?
  29. In what year did the Ford Model T enter production?
  30. What empire did the country Turkey belong to during the First World War?
  31. In USSR, What does the letter “R” stand for?
  32. Who was the leader of the people who killed the first circumnavigator, Ferdinand Magellan, when they went to Mactan Island Philippines?
  33. James Cook led and commanded what ship when he discovered Australia?
  34. In what year was Mahatma Gandhi killed?
  35. The catastrophic destruction of Pompei in 79 AD. was done by which active volcano?
  36. The citadel Machu Picchu is located in which Latin American Country?
  37. Who is the Greek God of the Underworld?
  38. The name of Beatle’s debut album is?
  39. In 1593, the thermometer was invented, which invention is connected to its invention?
  40. He Led USSR from 1917 to 1922?
  41. “The Whitechapel Murderer” is the nickname given to which serial killer?
  42. The construction of the historical and divisive Berlin wall began in what year?
  43. This question can be answered as true or false. Demeter is the Greek goddess of hunting.
  44. The Battle of Agincourt of 1415 between England and France belongs to what war?
  45. Who was the captain of the vessel Titanic at the time of its sinking?
  46. The devastating Great Fire of London happened in which year?
  47. The modern name for Van Diem’s land, which is now an island part of the territory of Australia, is?
  48. How many people have already walked on the moon?
  49. The attack on Pearl Harbor fell in what month?
  50. Athena is the Greek goddess of?
  51. Which World War was the attack on Pearl Harbor a part of?
  52. What is Neil Armstrong’s nationality?
  53. What is the name of the Roman God of fire and blacksmiths?
  54. During World War Two, Winston Churchill held an important government post. What was his title or job?
  55. The Nobel Peace Prize was first organized and started by?
  56. The Plays Macbeth, Hamlet, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream?
  57. Who was the Emperor of the Huns during the year 400 AD?
  58. Henry the Eighth had how many wives?
  59. The invention of the telephone is credited to which inventor?
  60. The Olympic Games originated from which country?
  61. According to a Greek myth, what did Prometheus steal to give to humans?
  62. What is Thomas Edison’s most famous invention?
  63. The Iconic and Historical Speech, “I Have a Dream” was delivered by?
  64. Which Japanese city was the first place to be attacked by an atomic bomb?
  65. Aside from Hiroshima, which city was also destroyed by an atomic bomb?
  66. What was the name of the leader of the Nazi Party?
  67. Which Asian country is the first in the world to use paper money or paper bills?
  68. The United States of liberty was a gift from which European Country?
  69. This ancient king had a round table.
  70. This question can be answered as true or False. The Titanic sunk because of engine failure.
  71. What year was John F. Kennedy assassinated?
  72. Which US President was born in Hawaii in 1961?
  73. The Baseball World Series was first contested in which year – 1883, 1893 or 1903?
  74. Known as ‘Motor City’ what is the actual name of this American city?
  75. What was Hopkinson’s fee for creating the flag? 
  1. When did the Revolutionary War end? Sept. 3, 1783.
  2. What was the name of the treaty that ended the war? The Treaty of Paris.
  3. How many battles were fought during the American Revolution? More than 230.
  4. What was the first American state? Delaware.
  5. Who was the first president to live in the White House? John Adams.
  6. What founding father was credited with inventing bifocals? Benjamin Franklin.
  7. How many original British colonies existed in America? 13.
  8. What was the first governing document of the newly created United States, later replaced by the U.S. Constitution? The Articles of Confederation.
  9. Where was the Constitutional Convention held? Philadelphia.
  10. To start us off with a topical one, which 15th-century sailor is said to have “discovered” America?
  11. And on that subject, in what year was America discovered?
  12. What was the date for the US declaration of independence from the British empire?
  13. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from which country? 
  1. The Baseball World Series was first contested in which year – 1883, 1893, or 1903?
  2. Known as ‘Motor City’ what is the actual name of this American city?
  3. What is the longest river in the United States?
  4. Which US state’s name only consists of one syllable?
  5. The number of US territories.
  6. What is the US mountain with the highest elevation?
  7. What does D.C. in Washington, D.C., stand for?
  8. What is the United States national animal?
  9. How many stars do you think the American flag has? What year, exactly, did John F. Kennedy die?
  10. What was New York named before it was formally known as New York?
  11. Which American state has the highest population?
  12. What is the most visited national park in the United States?

Frequently Asked Questions

What woman discovered radium and polonium?

What was the name of Blackbeard / Edward Teach’s ship?

In what year did the Battle of Hastings take place?

Bosnia and Herzegovina was part of what former European country?

Who was the first explorer to sail around the world?

Which big cat is the largest?

Which is the largest planet in the solar system?

In which city did the Olympic games originate?

How many Olympic rings are there?

What is the fastest aquatic animal?

Are worker bees male or female?

How many Earths can fit inside the sun?

How many languages are spoken worldwide?

Which language has the second-most native speakers?

Most English vocabularies used when talking about the law or cuisine has roots in which language?

Which book has been translated into the most languages?

First dollar coin made on which date?

According to Greek mythology who was the first woman on earth?

Which country consumes the most chocolate per capita?

Which two U.S. states don’t observe Daylight Saving Time?

How many teeth are there in an adult’s mouth?

When did World War II end?

How long did Queen Victoria reign for?

The Taj Mahal was constructed as a tomb of the wife of which Mughal Emperor? Question: According to Greek mythology, who

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