100 Challenging Sports Trivia Questions and Answers

Sports Trivia Questions

We all enjoy sports. But how well do you know the ins and outs of the sports world? That’s why it’s always a lot of fun to put your knowledge to the test by asking yourself a few sports trivia questions.

Sports Trivia Questions

Why Should I Answer Sports Trivia Questions

While you may believe you are a sports fan, there is a world of information available to you that you may not be fully aware of.

This brain game is ideal for birthday parties, family game nights, or as a fun way to pass the time in the car or on the plane.

These current sports trivia questions and answers range from simple sports trivia for kids to difficult sports trivia that even the most die-hard fans may now know.

Furthermore, they are divided into different sports trivia quiz categories.

So baseball fans can find tricky baseball trivia questions, basketball fans can find interesting basketball sports trivia questions, football fans can find cool football trivia facts, Super Bowl trivia, and more.

General Sports Trivia

‣ In inches, what is the diameter of a basketball hoop? The answer is 18 inches.

‣ How many years do the Olympics take place? The answer is four years.

‣ What is the most well-known sport as the “King of Sports”? Soccer is the answer.

‣ When a bowler strikes three balls in a row, what do you call it? Turkey is the answer.

‣ What is Canada’s national sport? Lacrosse is the answer.

‣ What is the average number of dimples on a golf ball? 336 is the answer.

‣ What country has competed in the Summer Olympics the most times but has yet to win a gold medal? The Philippines is the answer

.‣ Which real-life boxer is the subject of the classic 1980 film Raging Bull? Jake LaMotta is the answer.

‣ Which horse receives the Triple Crown if he wins all three races? The Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, and the Preakness Stakes are the correct answers.

‣ Nadia Comaneci was the first gymnast to achieve a perfect score in the 1971 Olympics. Which country did she represent? Romania is the answer.

‣ Venus Williams or Serena Williams has won more grand slam titles in tennis. Serena Williams is the answer.

‣ What country has competed in the Summer Olympics the most times but has yet to win a medal? Liechtenstein is the answer.

‣ Every year on Memorial Day, a sporting event is held. What exactly is it? The Indianapolis 500, of course.

‣ What was the greatest margin of victory in a Triple Crown race ever? The answer is 31 lengths.

‣ Who was the first woman to win the World Figure Skating Championship for women? Madge Syers is the answer.

‣ What coach came off the bench to play in the Stanley Cup finals for his team? Lester Patrick is the answer.

‣ What sport did bank robber John Dillinger participate in? Baseball is the answer.

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Golf Trivia Questions

‣ Tiger Woods was how old when he won the Masters? The answer is 21.

‣ The dimples on a golf ball provide traction on the ground. What is the average number of dimples on a golf ball? 336 is the answer.

‣ Which golfer was dubbed “The Golden Bear”? The answer is Jack Nicklaus.

‣ Tiger Woods won which golf tournament by 12 strokes in 1997? The Master’s Tournament, to be precise.

‣ How much time do players have to look for their ball? 5 minutes is the answer.

‣ Who was the first golfer on the PGA Tour to earn a million dollars in career earnings? Arnold Palmer is the answer.

‣ Who was the first woman to win the US Women’s Open? Patty Berg is the answer.

‣ What golf clubs are used for long shots off the tee or fairway? Woods is the answer.

‣ What golfer is credited with inventing the modern sand wedge? Gene Sarazen is the answer.

‣ In 1996, who was named PGA Tour Rookie of the Year? Tiger Woods is the answer.

‣ In 1985, who won his only Open Championship at Royal St Georges, Sandwich? Sandy Lyle is the answer.

‣ Which country will host the Ryder Cup in 2022? Italy is the answer.

‣ Which major championship has Rory McIlroy yet to win? The answer is The Masters.

‣ In 2018, who became the first European player to score the maximum of five points in a single Ryder Cup? Francesco Molinari is the correct answer.

‣ Who won the Masters for the sixth time in 1986? Jack Nicklaus is the answer.

‣ What is the most time you can spend looking for a lost ball? Answer: 3 minutes.

‣ Tiger Woods’ real first name is? Eldrick is the correct answer.

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Football Trivia Questions

‣ What is the only NFL team that has never hosted or played in the Super Bowl? Cleveland Browns are the answer.

‣ What is the weight of an NFL football? The answer is one pound.

‣ This player was the first openly gay player drafted by an NFL team. What was his given name? Michael Sam is the answer.

‣ In 1970, which NFL team lost the first Super Bowl? Minnesota Vikings are the answer.

‣ Which NFL team’s logo appears on only one side of their helmets? Pittsburgh Steelers is the answer.

‣ Which NFL team is regarded as the oldest? Green Bay Packers, to be precise.

‣ What team won the first-ever night football game? Philadelphia Athletes is the answer.

‣ Which team has the most points scored in a single Super Bowl? The answer is The 49ers of San Francisco.

‣ In the 1990s, which team won three Super Bowls? The answer is the Dallas Cowboys.

‣ What wide receiver made a one-handed catch during his rookie season that caused quite a stir? Odell Beckham Jr. is the answer.

‣ In American football, how many points is a touchdown worth? 6 points for your response.

‣ In 1969, this player set a record with a punt against the Denver Broncos. What was his given name? Steve O’Neal is the answer.

‣ How many games were on the NFL regular-season schedule in 1982? The answer is nine games.

‣ This American Football team went undefeated for the entire season in 1972, including the Super Bowl. What was the team’s name? The answer is the Miami Dolphins.

‣ Which Hall of Fame NFL player was known as “Sweetness”? Walter Payton is the answer.

‣ In the 1990s, which team won three Super Bowls? Dallas is the answer.

‣ Who was the first player in NFL history to rush for 1,000 yards in a single season? Beattie Feathers is the answer.


Soccer Sports Questions

‣ Which African country was the first to qualify for the World Cup? Egypt is the answer.

‣ What are the reddest cards ever given in a single soccer game? 36 is the answer.

‣ What is the name of a soccer field? The answer is a pitch.

‣ What was the age of the youngest professional soccer player? 12 is the answer.

‣ Who was the first British player to win four league titles? David Beckham is the answer.

‣ Which country was the first to win the Women’s World Cup? The answer is the United States.

‣ Which of the following is another name for soccer? Association football is the answer.

‣ Who were the winners of the first two FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year awards? Mia Hamm is the answer.

‣ What was the fastest goal ever scored in World Cup history? 10.8 seconds is the answer.

‣ What is the only country that has competed in every soccer World Cup? Brazil is the answer.

‣ What sport is known as the “King of Sports”? Soccer is the answer.

‣ What country won the first World Cup in soccer? Uruguay is the answer.

‣ Mia Hamm learned to play soccer in which country? Italy is the answer.

‣Who was the first player to score in all five World Cups? Marta Vieira da Silva is the correct answer.

‣ What did Iran’s national team players lose a week before their World Cup match in 2018? The answer is their shoes.

‣ What is depicted on the FIFA World Cup Trophy? Answer: The Earth is held up by two human figures.

‣ What was the name of the first World Cup mascot? The answer is World Cup Willie.

Olympic Quiz

‣ How big is an Olympic-sized swimming pool in meters? Answer: 50 meters long and 25 meters wide.

‣ How many years do the Olympics take place? Four years, to be exact.

‣ Who was the first athlete in Olympic history to fail a drug test? Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall is the answer.

‣ How many Olympic games have taken place in countries that no longer exist? Three is the answer.

‣ What country has competed in the Summer Olympics the most times without winning a medal? Liechtenstein is the answer.

‣ What is the Olympic rallying cry? Answer: faster, higher, and stronger.

‣ What country boycotted the Summer Olympics in 1980? The answer is the United States.

‣ Who won eight gold medals at the Summer Olympics in 2008? Michael Phelps is the answer.

‣ What were the winners of the first modern Olympics given instead of gold medals? Silver medals are the answer.

‣ Where were the first ancient Olympic games held? Answer: Greece.

‣  What color medal does an Olympic athlete receive when they win first place? The answer is gold.

‣ What is the number of rings on the Olympic flag? 5 is the answer.

‣ What do the Olympic rings represent? Answer: The world’s continents.

‣ What colors do the Olympic rings come in? Blue, yellow, black, green, and red is the correct answers.

‣ The Olympic torch is a tribute to which goddess’s fire burned throughout the ancient Greek Olympic games? Hestia is the answer.

‣ What do the Olympic rings symbolize? Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania are the correct answers.

‣ Who composed The Olympic Hymn’s music? Spyros Samaras is the correct answer.

Tennis Quiz Questions

‣ What game does “love” have a score in? Tennis is the answer.

‣ What sports equipment is used to hit a tennis ball? A tennis racquet is an answer.

‣ When and in what sport were women first allowed to compete in the modern Olympic Games? Tennis, 1900, is the answer.

‣ How long was the longest point ever recorded in tennis history? 29 minutes is the answer.

‣ Venus Williams set a record for one of tennis’ fastest serves. How fast did her ball travel? The correct answer is 127.4 miles per hour.

‣ In what year did the first Wimbledon tournament take place? The answer is 1877.

‣ In what year was tennis first included as an Olympic sport? The year is 1896.

‣ What is each player’s name for the left side of the tennis court? Answer: Ad court.

‣ What is Roger Federer’s nationality? Switzerland is the answer.

‣ Which Hills hosted the US Open before it relocated to Flushing Meadow? Forest Hills is the answer.

‣ Who has won the most Wimbledon singles titles for women? Martina Navratilova is the answer.

‣ Rafael Nadal has won how many French Open singles titles? 12 is the answer.

‣ Since 1988, where has the Australian Open been held? Melbourne Park is the answer.

‣ In 1980, which American sister and brother won the mixed doubles championship at Wimbledon? Tracy and John Austin are the correct answers.

‣ In which year did Novak Djokovic turn professional? The year is 2003.

‣ Venus Williams has won how many Grand Slams? The answer is 7.

‣ Who was the youngest and first unseeded player to win the Wimbledon men’s singles? Boris Becker is the answer.

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Basketball Trivia Quiz

‣ When Michael Jordan was in high school, he was nicknamed after which basketball player? Magic Johnson is the answer.

‣ In 1946, which team won the first NBA game? The answer is the New York Knicks.

‣ Who was the NBA’s youngest player to reach 10,000 points? The answer is LeBron James.

‣ Which WNBA player was the first to dunk in a playoff game? Brittney Griner is the answer.

‣ Which team has the NBA’s longest winning streak? Los Angeles Lakers is the answer.

‣ What NBA coach appeared on Late Night with David Letterman when he was in eighth grade? Frank Vogel is the answer.

‣ Which NBA player was the first to test positive for COVID-19? Rudy Gobert is the answer.

‣ Which NBA player was the first to shatter a backboard? Chuck Connors is the answer.

‣ What are the two states in America that have yet to send a team to the NCAA? Alaska and Maine, respectively.

‣ Who was the first NBA player in history to score 2,000 points in a single season? George Yardly is the answer.

‣ How many NBA titles did Michael Jordan win as a member of the Chicago Bulls? Six is the answer.

‣ What professional basketball team did Stephen Curry’s father play for near the end of his career? Toronto Raptors are the answer.

‣ How many personal fouls does a player get to be ejected from an NBA basketball game? The answer is six personal fouls.

‣ How many seasons did Michael Jordan spend with the Chicago Bulls before joining the Wizards? The answer is 13 seasons.

‣ Who has the most fouls in basketball history? Answer: Kareem Abdul.

‣ What Harlem Globetrotters player was known as the “Clown Prince”? Hubert “Geese” Ausbie is the answer.

‣ Which team has the NBA’s longest winning streak? Los Angeles Lakers is the answer.

Baseball Trivia Questions

‣ What was the first material used to cover baseballs? Cowhide is the answer.

‣ Who was the first Major League pitcher to throw a ball faster than 100 miles per hour? Nolan Ryan is the answer.

‣ What is the name of The Simpsons’ fictitious Minor League Baseball team? The Springfield Isotopes are the answer.

‣ Which team gets the first batting opportunity? The answer is the visiting team.

‣ What female pitcher once got Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig to strike out? Jackie Mitchell is the answer.

‣ Which baseball player was the first to appear on a Wheaties box? The answer is Lou Gehrig.

‣ Traditionally, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” is sung during which inning? The answer is the seventh inning.

‣ In 1994, which retired basketball player tried out for the Chicago White Sox? Michael Jordan is the answer.

‣ What is the most commonly stolen base? The answer is second base.

‣ What is the origin of the Minnesota Twins’ name? The answer is the Twin Cities.

‣ What size is a baseball? The circumference is 9 to 9 1/4 inches.

‣ Which baseball player has the most home runs in a single season record? Barry Bonds is the answer.

‣ What year did the players go on strike, which resulted in no World Series?  The year is 1994.

‣ In a typical baseball game, how many total minutes of action are there? The answer is 18 minutes.

‣ The term “home run” was first used in another sport before becoming a fixture in the baseball lexicon. What was that sport called? Cricket is the answer.

‣ Who won baseball’s first World Series in the 1950s? The answer is New York Yankees.

‣ What player was killed by a pitch thrown by New York Yankees pitcher Carl Mays? Ray Chapman is the answer.


FAQs on Sports Trivia Questions

1. What’s the Most Interesting Game in Sports History?

The Super Bowl is the most important sporting event in the United States, followed by the World Series and the NBA Finals.

The Olympics and FIFAWorld Cup are the most-watched international sporting events on a global scale.

Almost every sport has a fascinating history, including golf, soccer, lacrosse, track and field, basketball, baseball, and cricket.

2. What was the Most Suspenseful Moment in Sports History?

Unquestionably Munich, Germany, hosted the 1972 Summer Olympics.

The Munich Olympics began on August 26, 1972, with 195 events and 7,173 athletes from 121 countries competing.

On September 5, Palestinian terrorists wearing ski masks ambushed the Israeli team.

After failed negotiations to release the nine Israelis, the terrorists took the hostages to Munich airport.

When German police arrived, they opened fire from rooftops, killing three of the terrorists.

A gun battle ensued, killing the hostages, two more Palestinians, and a police officer.

There was a memorial service for the athletes at the main Olympic stadium.

International Olympic Committee President Avery Brundage ordered that the games continue to demonstrate that the terrorists had not triumphed.

Despite the fact that the tragedy has left a deep scar, there were numerous instances of outstanding athletic achievement.

3. Who has the longest winning streak in sports history?

Khan Jahangir.

Pakistan’s Jahangir Khan is widely regarded as the greatest squash player of all time.

He holds the record for the longest consecutive winning streak of any athlete in any sport.

Having won 555 matches in a row between 1981 and 1986.

Between 1982 and 1991, he also won the World Open six times and the British Open ten times in a row.

4. Has Anyone ever won 4 Championships in a row in any Sport?

Before the AAFC was merged into the NFL, the Cleveland Browns won four straight AAFC championships from 1946 to 1949.

However, it has never occurred in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers have won three consecutive NFL championships twice (1929–31 and 1965–67).

Nevertheless, the Yankees dominated baseball for eight years from 1936 to 1943.

They won seven American League pennants and six World Series championships, including four in a row from 1936 to 1939.

5. What is the Most Unbreakable Record in Sports?

There are some professional sports records that will never be broken. The fans are aware of this. Other players are aware of it.

The record holder is well aware of it. It’s emphatically impossible to rank these records, especially when comparing sports, so they’re not in any particular order.

Rickey Henderson has 1406 stolen bases, Cal Ripken Jr. has 2632 consecutive games played, Brett Favre has 305 interceptions, and the Boston Celtics have won eight straight championships.

6. Will we ever see a Perfect 82-0 Basketball Season?

No way in the NBA. To begin with, an 82-game season is a lot of games.

Statistically, a team would have to have a 95 percent chance of winning every game in order to have even a 1% chance of going on an 82-game winning streak.

In the NBA, that would be the equivalent of the best teams facing the worst teams.

Contextually, during the 2016–17 season, only a few teams near the bottom of the standings (e.g., Sixers, Knicks, Nets, etc.) faced such odds when facing the Warriors.

Despite that, it didn’t happen every time they met. Nobody should be surprised to learn that no NBA team has ever gone 82-0.


Needless to say, professional sports can be a very interesting topic to discuss. However, are you certain that you know everything there is to know?

Try to flex your sporting muscles with this list of difficult sports trivia questions and answers.

Therefore, give your friends a run for their money by tossing these difficult trivia around!

Albeit preparing yourself for the next get-together with these mind-bending sports questions will provide you with hours of entertainment and back-and-forth banter.

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