150+ Veteran’s Day Thank You Messages Honoring Those Who Served

Veteran’s Day is on the 11th of November to celebrate and thank all the members of the armed forces who have given a lot including their lives for our defense and protection.

veteran's day

Veteran’s Day Messages

The Veteran’s Day celebration features a moment of silence by 11am to reminisce on all the wars that the veterans have fought to bring us to where we are right now.

They usually celebrate it on a weekday but if it falls on a weekend, then they shift it to the closest weekday.

It is not just for those that served America but also those that fought in foreign nations to keep the peace all over the world.

Americans use that moment to honor and appreciate the sacrifice of the active duty military, the service returnees, and the fallen heroes.

There are three main categories of veterans we should celebrate on Veterans Day, and they are active-duty veterans, fallen heroes, and veterans who have returned from service.


Active Duty Veterans

They are veterans that currently enlisted and serving in the US Military in various capacities and may be sent abroad, serving in the US or in the reserves.

However, wherever they may be, they are still dedicated to keeping the peace in the United States and making sure that the country is safe.

Veteran’s Day is the perfect time to say thank you to these brave souls for their service of sacrifice.

Fallen Heroes

Although these ones are majorly celebrated on Memorial Day, they also have a place on Veteran’s Day because they paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect the country.

The military family takes out the time to remember all they shared together and what their relationship meant.

They also welcome civilians coming to share in their loss, and you can write them a card to ease their pain.

A thank you card may look simple but it could mean a whole lot to them.

Served and Returned Veterans

These are military personnel who have served and returned, despite the age, duration of service, or location of service.

It could be a family member that served in Vietnam or Iraq and returned with or without their body parts completely.

No kind of military service is more recognized or deserving than the other and so every one of them deserves to be honored and appreciated for their selfless service.

veteran's day

Veteran’s Thank You Messages

1. Happy Veteran’s Day to everyone in the service. Thank you for always protecting the country and the people.

2. Happy Veterans Day to all those who sacrificed their lives to help build a great nation like ours!

3. To the soldiers of the past and present, thanks for taking all these risks and making these sacrifices.

4. We are always grateful to you for your service. Happy Veteran’s Day.

5. It is my honor to thank you for your service and dedication. I hope that God will continue blessing us with brave veterans like you!

6. I am so proud to be an American and I want to thank you all around this country, especially on Veterans Day.

7. Thank you to all the great and brave soldiers who helped to build this great nation! You are the reason behind our greatness today! Have a great Veteran’s Day!

8. Salute to everyone who has made an immense sacrifice for the country. Your patriotism is an example for all of us. Thank you very much. Happy Veterans Day.

9. Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for your service to our country and I hope that God will continue blessing it with loyal people like yourself.

10. May this day be forever rooted in our hearts as a day to respect and honor the great, brave patriots who gave their lives for this nation! Happy Veteran’s Day to all!

11. On this Veteran’s day, I would like to convey my heartiest thanks to those who have answered the country’s call. We are forever grateful to heroes like you. I’m extremely proud of you.

12. Happy Veterans Day to everyone celebrating! Let us honor the heroes who protect our motherland with their unyielding courage!

Veteran’s Day Quotes

1. “Thank you for everything you do! YOU have kept my family safe and are giving me a life of safety. Thank you for serving our country!” Madeline Gaffney

2. “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” Joseph Campbell

3. “How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!” Maya Angelou

4. “This will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” Elmer Davis

5. “Never was so much owed by so many to so few.” Winston Churchill

6. “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” John F. Kennedy

7. “Better than honor and glory, and History’s iron pen was the thought of duty done and the love of his fellow men.” Richard Watson Gilder

8. “Soldiers are men… most apt for all manner of services and best able to support and endure the infinite toils and continual hazards of war.” Henry Knyvett

9. “He loves his country best who strives to make it best.” Robert G. Ingersoll

10. “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” John F. Kennedy

11. “The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude.” Jeff Miller

12.  “Thank you so much for your countless sacrifices. I appreciate all you’ve done to keep all of us safe and free.” Amy Minchin

Personal Thank You Notes to Veterans

1. I am so proud to call you my dad because of all you’ve done for this country.

2. You’ve probably seen a lot of Happy Veterans Day messages, but I wanted to offer my personal thanks for everything you’ve done to protect my freedom.

3. Happy Veterans Day to my favorite vet!

4. Not only are you my son—but you’re also my greatest hero.

5. When I see the American flag, I think of you and how grateful I am for your service.

6. I have always been so impressed with your emails while deployed and feel thankful for your service.

7. You have made me more appreciative and patriotic through your example.

8. I will never understand all you’ve gone through for this country but I can say that I am incredibly grateful for it.

9. Thank you to you and all the brave veterans who sacrifice so much for our country.

10. Thank you for serving and for continuing to serve our nation… Happy Veterans Day!

11. You put your life on the line each and every day for our freedoms. Let’s not forget all they’ve done today.

12. Today is a day to remember that our freedoms aren’t free. Thank you to all the brave soldiers who make it possible.

13. Here’s a salute to all of the military members past and present who have made this nation great. We honor you!

Veteran’s Appreciation Messages

1. Today and always, I have nothing but honor and gratitude to express to you. You are deserving of everything!

2. Have a wonderful Veterans Day. You deserve every bit of credit for ensuring our future.

3. Thank you for your service in protecting us. Have a wonderful Veterans Day.

4. The sacrifice you’ve made will not be in vain. All of your great deeds will be passed down from generation to generation for as long as the human race exists.

5. A heartfelt congratulations to you and those who collaborated with you to bring honor to the nation. I wish you a very Happy Veterans Day.

6. Happy Veterans Day to all military personnel. We thank you for sacrificing all of your comforts to keep us safe from all of the challenges.

7. Have a wonderful Veterans Day. On this special day, I simply want to say that you have done your country proud.

8. All of the sacrifices of our armed forces will never be forgotten. They will continue to inspire each of us for generations to come. Thank you for your service.

9. Happy Veterans Day to all of our service members who have always made the country proud by giving their all.

10. We owe our independence and sovereignty to you, veterans! Thank you for your unwavering dedication!

11. Even though we will never be able to thank you enough for everything you have done for this country, I want to emphasize that we owe everything to you.

12. Have a wonderful Veterans Day. We would never be able to sleep so peacefully in our homes if it weren’t for your sacrifice.


Final Words

There are numerous ways to express your gratitude to veterans for their service, and it is well worth your time.

If you know any of them, you can call them or send them a greeting card with your thank you message written on it.

If that isn’t enough, you can make a solidarity video in which you thank them for their consistent service to the nation.

We can never thank our veterans enough, but including these messages in your cards or videos will help you express your heartfelt gratitude to them.

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