Guitar Center Return Policy, Customer Service, and Covid 19 Refund Policy

– Guitar Center Return Policy –

Guitar Center Return Policy is evidence of the fact that the Guitar Center strives to achieve total customer satisfaction. Generally, you can return a product within 45 days of purchase. However, there are a few exceptions and limitations to this general rule. This article will discuss these in the next section of this article, Read to the end to find out just more about the Guitar Center Return Policy

You must note that the product that you are trying to return must be in the original condition and should not be used at all. The instrument or its accessories should not be scratched or damaged in any other way.

Exceptions to the 45 days Return Policy

As mentioned earlier, the 45 days return policy does not apply to certain products. Vintage Instruments must be returned within 3 days of purchase.

You can return items such as workstation keyboards, DJ equipment, recording devices, rack signal processors, and lighting/fog machines only within 14 days of purchase.

Further, there is a list of products that cannot be returned as per the Guitar Center Return Policy. These are:

CDs, Videos, Books, Vinyl Records

Turntable cartridges, tubes, in earbuds, earplugs, and in-ear monitors

Fog fluid, harmonicas, cleaning products, demo gear, fog fluid, harmonicas, cleaning products, demo gear,

Clearance items, items identified as non-returnable, discontinued items,

Apple hardware, computers, opened software, electronic software downloads,

 Special orders

You must also note that if you want to return any woodwind and brass instruments you will have to incur a $10.00 fee for sanitization.

If you are returning mouthpieces over $300, incur an $8.00 sanitization fee. Whereas, the fee for mouthpieces under $300 is $4.00.

Also, if you want to return any opened Apple products, you will have to incur a 10% restocking fee.


Guitar Center Return Policy Covid-19 Response

Guitar Center Return Policy serves valuable customers & customer executives as their top priority. They also always ensure that the customers and should be safe while they are shopping at Guitar Center. The Guitar Center Return Policy has taken some steps to the prevention of Covid-19 such as.

Guitar Center Return Policy Covid-19 Response

You can download the app and order.

You can order online and pick it up from the store.

You can directly order and pick up the product by Contactless Curbside Pickup, you can pick the product from outside of the store.

To assure protection, they would not allow anyone inside the store without wearing a mask or fair face covering.

You must use the sanitizer provided in the stores.

You must maintain social distance by staying at least six feet away from other customers.

Ways to Return a Product to Guitar Center

You can either make your purchase at a Guitar Center store or from their official website. However, as per the Guitar Center Return Policy, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it either to a store or by mail. This section shows how you can initiate your return:

Guitar Center Return Policy

Return to a store: You have the option of simply returning your product to a nearby Guitar Center store. This way, you can avoid paying return shipping charges.

All that you need to do to return a product purchased from the store or online, is take it to the Guitar Center store. Just make sure to take a printout of the order confirmation email or the packing slip (which was included in your original order.)

You can locate a nearby Guitar Center store by clicking here.

Return by Mail: You may also choose to return your product by mail. However, for this, you need to make sure that you have a return authorization code.

You can get this code by contacting on 1-866-498-7882. You can ship your return to the following address:

Guitar Center

(Your RA #)

4005 N Norfleet

Kansas City, MO 64161-9231

You need to note that all the products that you want to return should be in their original condition and should not be damaged.

If the products are not in their original condition, Guitar Center might charge a minimum of 15% restocking fee. And if the product that you are trying to return is damaged, Guitar Center might not accept your return.

Also, note that your return package must include all the original packaging, accessories, warranties, manuals, etc. If these are not included in your package, you might have to incur a return handling charge.

The return handling charges differ based on the product. Click here to know the handling charges for various products.

Guitar Center Refund Policy

Now that you know about returns, this section tells you about Guitar Center Refund Policy. Guitar Center processes your refund as soon as your return is reviewed and it meets all the necessary return requirements.

Guitar Center Refund Policy

If you want to return a product, which was a cash purchase of more than $250, then your refund will be made only by Visa Debit Card.

Once Guitar Center issues your refund, it may take the bank up to 72 hours to process the credit. However, if the credit does not reflect in your account for a very long period of time, then you should contact Guitar Center’s Customer Care.

Guitar Center Exchange Policy

Guitar Center’s official website does not mention anything specifically about Guitar Center Exchange Policy. However, if you wish to exchange a product you purchased, you may enquire about it at a Guitar Center store or call Customer Care.

Guitar Center Abuse of Return Privileges

The company return policy is in place to ensure that its customers don’t get stuck with the wrong piece of gear. It may, in its sole discretion, limit or suspend return privileges for customers who abuse or attempt to violate the return policy through practices including, but not limited to, excessive returns, attempts to return items that are no longer in brand-new condition, etc.

I believe this article has been helpful enough just so you need to return a guitar you bought, you can always come right back to this article to get more informed on how to do that,

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