Everything You Need to Know About Walmart Air Mattress Return Policy

Are you wondering about regular, non-inflatable mattresses? Not to worry, we’ve covered Walmart’s return policy if you purchase one and then don’t need it after all. Here’s everything to know about Walmart Air Mattress Return Policy.

Walmart Air Mattress Return Policy

According to Walmart’s return policy, they will exchange, refund, or repair your purchased item as long as it meets the following guidelines: Walmart will accept returns within 90 days after purchase.

This applies to all products, with a few exceptions, such as the following:

  • Electronics, including but not limited to computers, camcorders, digital music players, and GPS units, must be returned within 15 days of receipt
  • Airbeds that are not defective must be returned within 15 days and, if used, will only be exchanged for an airbed of equal or greater value
  • Tools for outside use, such as lawnmowers or power washers, must be returned within 30 days with a receipt
  • CD, DVD, and video game cartridges follow the 90-day return policy but must be either defective or returned unopened for a refund or exchange
  • Perennials, trees, and shrubs may be returned within 1 year of purchase with a receipt

Walmart does not require a receipt to facilitate your returns, except for the exceptions mentioned above. All items may be exchanged.

However, for purchases under $25, you may choose to receive a cash refund instead. For purchases over $25, you may choose a store shopping card for the amount of the purchase.

Walmart’s In-Store Air Mattress Return Policy

Some Walmart customer service was asked to confirm that yes, air mattresses are subject to Walmart’s standard return policy.

Which states that customers have 90 days to return any unopened, unused air mattress with the original receipt and packaging.

If you’ve already opened the package and removed the mattress from the box, it will be eligible for an exchange, provided you have the receipt and the original packaging.

However, if any accessories are included with your air mattress purchase, you’ll need to return those accessories with the air mattress.

If you want to return any air mattress accessories that were bought separately, they are also subject to the standard 90-day return policy.

If you don’t have your receipt, your air mattress may still be eligible for a refund or exchange as long as it passes Walmart’s refund verification process.

Furthermore, if you opt to return the air mattress, then you’ll be reimbursed for the purchase in the same payment method you used to buy the mattress.

For example, if you used a credit card, your card will be credited. You may also exchange it for the same item if you find the air mattress to be defective.

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Walmart.com’s Air Mattress Return Policy

As confirmed by Walmart customer service, you may return an air mattress purchased at Walmart.com to a Walmart store or to Walmart.com. 

You will need your online order receipt, the original packaging, and any accessories that came with the air mattress.

Just like in-store purchases, you can opt for a refund or an exchange for the same item.

When returning an air mattress back to Walmart.com, you may process a return on Walmart’s website by logging into your account. You’ll have to fill out the returns/replacements form and print out the shipping label.

You may also contact a Walmart customer service representative, and they will process the return and provide you with a prepaid return shipping label.

You must use the shipping label provided by Walmart; otherwise, they won’t be able to process your return. If you can’t print the label, you’ll have to make the return at a store.

It’s important to note that orders placed on Walmart.com but shipped from a Walmart Marketplace seller cannot be returned or exchanged at Walmart.

The Marketplace is an online community of independent sellers, so their return policies differ from Walmart’s.

You’ll need to refer to the specific marketplace seller’s return policy If you purchased an air mattress on Walmart.com. That is if you get it through one of Walmart’s Marketplace sellers

Walmart’s Return Policy for Non-Inflatable Mattresses

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Non-inflatable mattresses must be returned in their original and unopened packaging to qualify for a return. Corporate and store customer service representatives said.

If your mattress is open, you can only exchange it. You have 90 days to make a return or exchange.


If you bought an air mattress or are thinking of buying an air mattress from Walmart, now you know what the return policies are. That is if you decide not to keep it.

Mattresses bought through Walmart have a 90-day refund and return policy. The store’s return options are very flexible and popular with customers.

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