Deserve EDU Credit Card: Why Every College Student Should Have it

Deserve EDU Credit Card: This card is made to help you build credit, so if you apply, Deserve will also consider your financial health, potential employability, and educational level to increase your approval chances instead of just checking your credit history.

Deserve EDU credit card

You don’t need to apply for a credit history or a security deposit, but Deserve will need to connect to your bank so your balance can be verified.

Card Details: Overview

  • Card members can earn 1% cash-back on all purchases
  • Students have access to up to a $5,000 credit limit with no need for a credit history
  • It is available to international students without a social security number
  • No foreign transaction or yearly fees
  • Gives Amazon Prime Student membership fee reimbursement
  • Cell phone insurance for up to $600
  • Travel assistance, roadside assistance, and price protection services available for free


  • This Credit card is not a secured card
  • Available to individuals establishing credit – both Domestic & International
  • Credit limits up to $1,500
  • $0 yearly charges & no foreign transaction fees
  • Neither security deposit nor co-signer is required
  • Helps individuals build their credit history and gain financial independence
  • Can be used anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted
  • It includes Credit card Platinum Benefits like Car Rental Collision Damage Waiver, Roadside Assistance, Travel Assistance Services, Price Protection, Extended Warranty and ID Theft Protection
  • Complimentary cellphone insurance up to $600


  • 20.24% for all card members and might fluctuate over time


  • The credit card offers a relatively high credit limit even for card members with little or no credit history
  • Card members have a variety of additional advantages and services included with their card for no additional charges
  • International students are also eligible for the credit card
  • There are no yearly charges or foreign transaction charges with the credit card


  • Cash back earned is only available in the form of a statement credit which is applied automatically in the increase of $25
  • Balance transfer or cash advance transactions are not allowed with the credit card
  • Increasing the credit line is not allowed unless the card member changes to another type of credit card altogether
  • There is no opportunity to qualify for a lower interest rate and the rate may fluctuate over time

Bonus Rewards

  • No kind of bonus rewards are available for this credit card offer

Rewards Points

Deserve EDU Credit Card reward point

  • All purchases made on the card earn 1% cash-back without limitations

Intro APR

  • There is no introductory APR for new card members; all card members receive an interest rate of 20.24% which may fluctuate over time

Recommended Credit Score

  • New applicants for the card do not need a strong or long credit history to qualify, and therefore, there is no minimum recommended credit score. This credit card is specifically designed for students who have low income, a low credit score, or few other accounts on their credit report.

Full Deserve EDU Credit Card Review

The Deserve EDU Credit card is made specifically for college students, which lets them use credit while building a track record of financial responsibility at the same period.

The credit card is a rewards card that offers 1% cash-back on every purchase made, redeemable for statement credits, without limits on cash-back earned.

The Deserve EDU Mastercard is made available for nearly all college students, whether they have a credit history, high credit score or  not. International students can also apply, without a social security number, and credit lines are available up to $5,000 for each card member.

The credit card has no foreign transactions charges and no yearly fee, making it a better option than some comparable student credit cards with fees.

What you should consider before applying for Deserve EDU Credit Card

Before applying for Deserve® Edu credit card, here are some important questions to ask yourself at the beginning of your credit journey.

  • Can you pay your bills on time? A late or missed payment can obviously damage your credit scores — and then you must pay a certain interest if you carry a balance from month to month. This card charges a 20.24% variable APR for every purchase, which is relatively higher than the average APR on a credit card.
  • Are you a student? Deserve demands you to be a college student and you must provide a proof of enrollment. Other student credit cards do not necessarily require proof.
  • Do you have a regular stream of income or a job? If you do not, using a credit card and making on-time payments every month could end up being a struggle.

If you are an international student and you do not have a Social Security number, Deserve may be your best choice to help you establish and build your credit while you also enjoy some perks, like 1% cash back on all purchases.

However, if you are planning on using your credit card for a balance transfer or cash advance, you will have to look elsewhere, as Deserve® Edu Mastercard does not offer any.

How to get the most out of Deserve® Edu Mastercard

Maximizing the advantages of Deserve® Edu Credit card means understanding what the card offers. Since the card does not charge a foreign transaction fee, you can take it with you on your next trip overseas. Using Deserve® Edu Mastercard also implies that you can take advantage of some travel assistance and ID theft protection services.

Another great way of maximizing this card’s value is to sign up for the Amazon Prime Student membership, since this card gives subscription fees reimbursement of up to a lifetime total of $59. After enrolling, you must however, choose Deserve® Edu Credit card as your major method of payment in order to be eligible for the reimbursement.

Bottom Line

Deserve EDU Credit Card bottom line

The Deserve EDU Mastercard is a great choice for college students who have a little credit history or a bad credit score but desire to earn rewards on their everyday purchases.

Because the card has no yearly or foreign transaction charges, and there are no limits on rewards, this is a better choice for some students as a beginner rewards card.

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