65 Most Well-Known Fonzie Sayings and Catchphrases from Happy Days

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Fonzie is an imaginary character played by Henry Winkler in the iconic American sitcom, Happy Days. Below is a look at 65 of the most well-known and still in use Fonzie sayings & Quotes ever said on screen.

65 Best Fonzie Sayings and Catchphrases People Still Use

65 Most Well-Known Fonzie Sayings and Catchphrases from Happy Days.

In 1999 TV Guide ranked Fonzie, also known as The Fonz, number 4 on its 50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time list.

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65 Fonzie Sayings & Quotes

  1. Hang on for a minute. Something is not clear to me right here. I practice pretty hard all week right here. I shell out several dollars just for a monkey suit.I get locked in my toilet by two nerds who enter my room and begin to call names. And all of you like to return home in a happy state of mind. Allow me to say something, you are not going anywhere dame. THE FONZ HAS A DESIRE FOR DANCING!
  2. Right, our vehicle would be trapped in the snow, our tree would be out, plus the entire neighborhood would be mugged by our Santa Claus.
  3. Well, Mrs. C, you would be in a spot of bother.
  4. Moreover, I am that very person who once became popular and now have started to lose my reputation.
  5. “You’re absolutely right. This is not a frosh mixer.”
  6. That was told by Nick Romano in Knock on Any Door.
  7. You must have got in-laws, cousins, and stuff. I actually mean those types of individuals! I have no complaints against marriage although the question is that how can I accommodate them all on my motorcycle together?
  8. ” Ralphie-boy, I nevertheless got it!” “Dad, I know that you do”. The tender bond of the Malph family really deserved my praise.

Captivating Fonzie Sayings & Quotes

  1. “You ain’t nobody until you do what you want!”
  2. Oh, I had the plan of becoming a cop.
  3. Can you recollect our marriage night, Marion?
  4. Hey, although learning is cool, grades aren’t whatsoever.
  5. “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.”
  6. “Ya need people down here like him, and if you don’t, I do!”
  7. Obviously, I wrapped it within a brick.
  8. “You do this for me, and I’ll owe ya one!”
  9. So, you are going to play the “Melancholy Dane”, right?
  10. Well, I believe that you will be able to see with them better down at a particular angle.
  11. According to me, I told it better.
  12. “Well, I guess this is it, huh?”
  13. Great, while you assume the role of the Chief, I will play the role of an Indian, and while you tell jump I shall be saying how-high?
  14. My father was accompanied by Henry Winkler on his way to high school … There you will find his picture in his yearbook performing the limbo.

Amazing Fonzie Sayings & Quotes

Fantastic plan … fantastic plan.

  1. Hey, I have no intention of seeing where I have been. I want to get an idea of how cool I appear after arriving there!
  2. Hello girl I am none other than Fonzie, suck it, tell my name …
  3. What are your plans after getting out of your school?
  4. Hello Red, don’t worry for I am here to accompany you.
  5. I mean, I know only one job where I’ll be paid for driving a motorbike.
  6. That was said by Nick Romano in ‘Knock on any Door’.
  7. Allow me to tell you one thing, you just cannot paint photographs and accuse people for anything you like.
  8. Fantastic plan … fantastic plan.
  9. Howard, it has been 21 years since we have married. You might stop begging apology right now.
  10. “Well, good! Then maybe they’ll taste better!”
  11. Hello Mrs. Cunningham … Bend over.
  12. The fonz is defied by you … No vegetables!
  13. First, try it and then knock it. [Fonzie sayings & Quotes]
  14. Hello, wait for some time! I never play the role of animals!
  15. Hello, Cunningham, which one happens to be cooler? Are the mirrors down like this, straight or similar to this at an angle?
  16. I am entering the tent. I arrived here with a girl and I will be slumbering with as many as 3 adult men who emit the scent of wet wool.
  17. There is nothing for you to be afraid of apart from fear itself.
  18. “Hi Red, I’m right here with you.” [ Fonzie sayings & Quotes ]
  19. I will owe you one in case you perform this one on my behalf.

Inspiring Fonzie Sayings

the fonz

  1. I’m not sure whether he said “hey fongoul” or anything similar to that.
  2. Richie, do you have any idea regarding your problem?
  3. So horrible that it is cool?
  4. Holy cow, is it “The Fonzarelli Slide?” (I can’t pay attention to you since I’m working right now)
  5. Make use of a rubber hose for doing your nose.
  6. At the same time, Potsie was nothing but a dream.
  7. Just as I always tell, you perish young after living a fast life, and you leave a handsome corpse.
  8. Well, in case they did, it was the Fonz who gave it to them.
  9. “I’m going in the tent. I came up here with a girl and I’m going to sleep with three grown men that smell like wet wool.”
  10. “Fine, you be the Chief, I’ll be an Indian, you say jump and I’ll say HOW-high?”
  11. My life has been wasted by me.]

More Fonzie Sayings & Quotes

  1. Was it not said by someone else?
  2. Yes need folks just like him down here, and even if you do not, I certainly do!
  3. Fonzie, was it a fact that your family-owned any second vehicle?
  4. “Hey, grades are not cool, learning is cool.”
  5. No. But as many as 4 motorbikes are owned by us. There is also a sidecar for my grandmother.
  6. OMG, the father of my wife whose name is Aaron, went with Henry Winkler to high school as well! That is similar to 1, 2, 3, 4 levels of separation in between us!
  7. Once I went out with one girl just like that. I ended up breaking with her in a couple of minutes.
  8. You are so right. This isn’t a frosh mixer by any means.
  9. “Good plan… good plan.”
  10. You are a good man.
  11. Fonzie, may I know how you define the perfect girl?
  12. (While getting rid of a bad man) Get out of here. (The bad man begins to walk away). Why don’t you run?
  13. Well, I threw a note after writing it through the window.

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