Can You Secure Your Dream Job at a Temp Agency?

Wondering how to get a job at a temp agency? Temporary jobs are like try-outs for careers. They’re short-term gigs, usually lasting six months or less.

How to Get a Job at a Temp Agency

They help gain experience, test out new career paths, find work in different cities, start your journey to a permanent job, or balance work with family or other responsibilities.

We have listed the steps on how to get a job at a temp agency, the types of jobs you can get there, how it works, and the benefits.

Steps on How to Get a Job at a Temp Agency

A temp agency is an additional name for a staffing agency that provides short and long-term workers for limited jobs. 

They are placed in a specific sector of these industries i.e. healthcare, IT, accounting, office work, or manual labor.

This is a brief explanation of how to get a job at a temp agency;

1. Submission

Let’s start by sending your resume via email and completing an online application, if this is the agency’s way of recruiting.

2. Interview

Be ready for the interview, it may take a long or short time, depending on the position you are seeking. 

Entry-level jobs may have a short interview, whereas senior positions would most likely involve the interviewer asking more in-depth questions.

3. Screening

When it comes to screening the agency may carry out background checks or demand drug tests to make sure you meet the requirements.

4. Acceptance

After meeting the necessary criteria for employment with the agency, you will be added to their list of potential candidates.

5. Job Offers

You perhaps will have an interview with one or more employers who will try to assess your skills and experience. 

This can be applied to different kinds of offers, some of which are immediate and others that require some waiting time, e.g. a few days or weeks.

6. Flexibility

Being open to different occupational types or industries can be a great option for you to find the right fit through the agency.

These steps will enable you to go about getting a job at a temp agency appropriately.

If you aren’t into the idea of applying to temp agencies to find temporary jobs, you can take other routes. You can also proceed with the self-search for the temporary jobs.

Many job search websites deliver filters that are centralized for temporary jobs.

The other alternative is to search the gig economy by trying the job search apps where you can find short-term jobs.

The options at your disposal will make the job search more of your personal journey.

What Types of Jobs Can You Find at Temp Agencies?

These are some of the jobs you can find at temp agencies;

1. Accountants and Auditors: They handle money things for companies, especially during busy times like tax season. They earn around $34.40 per hour.

2. Computer Systems Analysts: They help companies make their computer systems work better. They make about $43.71 per hour.

3. Computer Support Specialists: They fix computer problems for businesses or people and earn about $26.33 per hour.

4. Customer Service Representatives: They help customers with questions and orders, making around $16.69 per hour.

5. Data Entry Workers: They put information into computers for companies, making about $16.10 per hour.

6. Maintenance and Repair Workers: They fix things like machines and buildings temporarily for projects, earning around $18.79 per hour.

7. Management Consultants: They help companies get better at what they do for around $40.99 per hour.

8. Nurses and Nursing Aides: They take care of patients in places like hospitals. Nurses make about $35.24 per hour, while nursing aides earn about $14.25 per hour.

9. Secretaries and Administrative Assistants: They help with office tasks like answering phones and organizing files, making around $19.16 per hour.

10. Truck and Delivery Drivers: They deliver things to businesses and homes and earn about $15.39 per hour.

How Do Temp Agencies Operate?

How to Get a Job at a Temp Agency

Every temp agency has its own methods and protocols; however, if you are thinking about working for one, there are a few common elements you should keep in mind.

1. You Don’t Pay, Companies Do

When you sign up with a temp agency, you’re not the one footing the bill – companies looking for workers are.

They use temp agencies because it saves them time and hassle in finding temporary staff, especially for short-term projects or when they’re short-staffed.

2. You’re Employed by the Agency

Even if you’re working at a company through the agency, your official employer is still the agency itself.

They handle your pay, benefits, and any issues you might have while on the job. Plus, you can still put the company you’re placed at on your resume to show your experience.

3. No Guaranteed Job

Just because you sign up with a temp agency doesn’t mean you’ll immediately get a job. You’ll still need to go through interviews and discussions with a recruiter to find the right fit.

The agency wants to send the best candidates to companies to maintain its reputation.

4. Dealing with Pros

The people at temp agencies are experts at finding the right people for the right jobs.

They’ll evaluate your skills and match you with suitable positions. So, it’s important to be prepared for interviews and showcase your strengths.

5. Make a Good Impression

Not only do you want to impress the recruiter to get placed, but you also want to do your best for the company you’re working for.

They’ll give feedback on your performance, which can affect future job opportunities. A strong work ethic can also build a good relationship with the temp agency for future placements.

What are the Benefits of Working as a Temp?

These are a few of the benefits of a temp and if you are looking for a job, you can definitely consider it.

1. Flexible Schedule

Temp work provides flexibility about when and where you would like to work. For instance, do you want to take 4 years and study or take summers off? It’s up to you.

2. Quick Job Opportunities

Temp agencies are always in need of new workers which means that you will get the job faster than when you will be alone in your job hunt.

3. Fast Cash

Have urgent financial needs? Templing can be a necessity option if you need to make ends meet and you could even earn some extra money on the side.

Temp workers, on average, receive somewhat between $15 and $20 per hour, but if you have unique skills, you could even earn more.

4. Benefits

Alongside the temp jobs, other departments of the agency may provide benefits like paid holidays, health insurance, and vacation pay, so it is better to inquire about these privileges.

5. Company Test Run

Temporarily working for a company can be a great way of determining if you would like to make a career out of this company before actually signing a long-term contract.

6. Explore New Careers

Temp jobs provide an entryway for you to try out different industries and types of work without being involved in a long-term commitment.

If you don’t like it, you can change it, turn it off, or go to a different channel.

7. Skill Building

Temp jobs are quite often associated with training sessions, so you can learn something new which will be an example in your resume.

Working at a temp agency will help you to discover a lot of work fields where you can get flexible jobs.

Don’t forget to highlight your qualifications and experience as well as be ready to participate in the interview process.

Upon being hired, perform your best at your job to create a good reputation for yourself.

If you have determination and a can-do attitude, then you will succeed and be a player in the temporary employment sector.

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