Top 70+ Places & Websites that will Get Paid to Write Poems 2022

– Get Paid to Write Poems 2022 –

Do you love writing poems and did you know that you can make a good amount of cash online for writing poetry? There are several online platforms that allow you to write poems and get paid for your work.

Get Paid to Write Poems 2022

Here is a list of almost 70 places that will pay you money to write poems so do well to sell your poems to them.

Get Paid to Write Poems 2022

  • The Sun

Get from $100 to $200 for each accepted poem. It may take weeks for you to hear back though, what with the Sun getting thousands of submissions each month.

  • Poetry Foundation

Have your work published in Poetry Magazine for $10 per line with a minimum payment of $300. You can get $150 per page of prose as well. You can get paid to write poems. 

  • Rattle

Get $50 per poem that is accepted or $100 for each that is published in the next print edition of Rattle. You could earn a $1,000 award if your poem is considered being the best of the year.

  • Crazyhorse

Another place devoted to unique and original fictional work, this place pays $20 to $200 for each poem.

  • Ruminate

The popular magazine gets about 5,000 submissions a year and is very competitive. You can still get at least $15 for each poem you submit and have accepted.

  • Alaska Quarterly Review

Earn $10 to $50 for an accepted poem on this journal that is promoted as being a leading voice in the world of prose and fiction. 

  • Three Penny Review

Earn $200 for each accepted poem you submit. You must send in your poem by mail as emails are not accepted.

  • Boulevard Magazine

Send up to five poems at a time and earn $25 to $250 for each one that is accepted. A 200-line limit has been imposed. Light verse is not accepted.

  • Epoch

Operated by Cornell, this is a place where you Get Paid to Write Poems 2022 and fiction talents. Earn at least $50 for each submission that is accepted here.

  • Grain Magazine

This Canadian publication pays $40 to $70 for each poem it accepts for its issues.

  • Antigonish Review

Earn $30 for each poem that you write that is accepted on the popular publication. You can get paid to write poems. 

  • Arc Poetry Magazine

Get Paid to Write Poems 2022 on this Canadian magazine. They accept all sorts of poems and even have an annual themed issue.

Earn $15 for each poem accepted but remember that you can only submit up to three of them and that you can only send your work out once in a calendar year. 

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul

The famed series of inspirational books and works are always taking in inspirational poems and other fictional works. Earn up to $200 for any submission you bring in.

  • Slice Magazine

This is a Brooklyn-based magazine that takes in submissions through Submittable. The magazine focuses on contemporary and post-modern work for the most part. The publication pays $75 for each poem it gets.

  • The Atlantic

The Atlantic is one of the largest publications of our time, so imagine how cool it would be to get published there? Yes, you can even submit your poetry and fiction here.

Although the prices for poems aren’t listed on the site, other reports show that it typically pays between $0.05 and $0.20 per word.

  • The Christian Science Monitor

You can submit up to five poems at a time here. The Christian Science Monitor specifically states not to send in poems that relate to dying, aging, illness, or anything violent, sexual, or too religious.

  • The Fiddlehead

You can mail in submissions or send them online to this publication via Submittable. There are only two open submission periods per year, but they are 3 months long.

  • 50 Haikus

50 Haikus is a journal that publishes both new and experienced poets in each issue. In addition to Get Paid to Write Poems 2022 for accepted submissions, all contributors will receive a free one-year subscription to 50 Haikus Online.

  • Arts & Letters

Send up to six poems per submission. It will cost $3 to submit via the online platform to help sustain the cost of the platform. You’ll get $10 per printed page or a minimum of $50, plus a contributor copy and a free one-year subscription to Arts & Letters.

  • Blackbird

You can send up to six poems at a time through mail or via the online platform to Blackbird. You’ll get paid after the poems get published. You can get paid to write poems. 

  • Black Warrior Review

Operated by the University of Alabama, this publication takes in many poems in various forms. They give you a lump sum payment for any poems that are accepted, but it costs $3 to get work submitted.

  • The Iowa Review

The University of Iowa runs another academic publication. The publication especially works well for new writers. You can get $1.50 per line for your poem with a minimum of $40 but you will have to spend $4 to submit your work.

  • The Colorado Review

This is a literary publication operated by Colorado State University. It accepts all kinds of poems and will payout at least $30 for works it accepts. It costs $3 to submit a single entry.

  • Iron Horse Review

Texas Tech University operates this publication that highlights new writers. The work pays $50 for each poem although different themes are used in each publication so make sure you write based on a particular theme. Also, a $5 submission fee is required for each work.

  • Kenyon Review

You can get paid to write poems. You can get your poems published in the printed edition of Kenyon Review or on its online publication (all submissions will be considered for both).

Your work must not have been published anywhere else in print or online.

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This publication comes from the Queen’s University of Charlotte and pays $100 for prose and $50 for poems.

  • Subtropics

The University of Florida publishes this literary journal. You have to pay $3 per submission, but if yours is accepted, you’ll get $100. You can also submit short stories and essays for a flat fee of $1,000.

  • The American Journal of Nursing

Interestingly, The American Journal of Nursing accepts poetry and artwork and papers, case studies, and other forms of content. You can head to the website to get a detailed overview of submissions policies.

  • The Antigonish Review

Send up to 3 or 4 submissions at a time to this creative writing journal.

  • The Baltimore Review

Twice a year, submissions open for those who wish to contribute to The Baltimore Review. You should hear within four months and are advised not to send any more submissions to the publication until you hear.

You’ll get $40 via PayPal or an Amazon gift card.

  • The Cincinnati Review

You can get paid to write poems. This publication accepts up to five poetry submissions at a time through its online form.

  • Agni

Agni pays $20 to $150 for each poem it accepts.

  • VQR Online

All types of poetry are accepted by VQR Online. There are no length requirements either. You can get $200 for any poem that you send in that is accepted.

Get Paid to Write Poems 2022

  • New Myths

Earn up to $30 for your work on this popular online publication site. This place only accepts one submission at a time so flood nothing that the site has.

  • Clean Sheets

Get Paid to Write Poems 2022 in this place. For is a rather intriguing online publication site. They pay 3 cents per word but I wasn’t able to figure out what the maximum length of a poem can be.

  • Confrontation Magazine

This online publication publishes nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. It’s even published works by John Steinbeck, Arthur Miller, and other famous writers.

The submissions page is currently not working, but you can email the magazine using the address listed on the site.

  • Ploughshares

Operated by Emerson College, this is a place that offers unique fictional works online. Designed with emerging writers in mind, it pays $25 to $250 for each poem it gets.

  • Goblin Fruit

This place focuses on more fantasy-oriented poetry works and other forms of prose. Earn $10 or more for each accepted submission.

  • Leading Edge

This place is interested in science fiction and fantasy work. Payments go from $5 to $20.

  1. Dreams and Nightmares

You can get paid to write poems. A popular place for fantasy writing, this is great if you are interested in all sorts of fantastic and unique forms of poetry.

Get $12 for each poem posted plus two copies of the magazine that feature your work. About 15 to 20 poems are published in each magazine.

  • The Pedestal

This online magazine focuses on speculative poetry. Get $40 for each poem that is published.

  • The Capilano Review

Experimental poetry is the focus of this publication. Each $50 for each published page of poetry with a maximum of $150. A poem can be up to 600 words in length.

You should only make one submission for each coming issue. Also, you would have to send your work through Submittable as it’s the only place they accept submissions from.

  • Orion Magazine

Orion Magazine concentrates on environmental issues for the most part. The place accepts poems with $100 for each that is published. This is a rather selective publication though.

  • Strange Horizons

You can get paid to write poems. Strange Horizons seeks speculative, high-quality, and slipstream poetry. Confessional, formal, and science fiction poetry are all welcome here. Contributors get $40 per accepted poem.

  • Three Line Poetry

Three Line Poetry is a site dedicated to–you guessed it – three-line poems! You can submit your poems via the online form.

  • Willow Springs

Willow Springs is a poetry-focused publication that seeks contributions from freelancers. Contributors get $100 for long-form prose, $40 for short prose, and $20 for a poem.

  • Cricket Media

Cricket Media is responsible for several child-focused publications, like LADYBUG and BABYBUG. Writers of any level can contribute to the publication of their choice.

Click on the name of the publication on the website to be taken to specific submission guidelines for each.

  • FunforKidz Magazine

Earn $10 for each poem published.

  1. Clubhouse Jr. Magazine

Get from $50 to $100 for each poem. I could not find details on what makes some people get more for their poems though although I bet it involves length.

  • US Kids

Earn $35 or more for each poem that is accepted. Jack and Jill, a more prominent publication offered by US Kids, pay from $25 to $50 for accepted poems.

  • Boston Review Poetry Contest

Receive $1,500 and a full publication of your poem in this contest run by the literary and political publication.

  • Bellevue Literary Review Marica and Jan Vilcek Prize in Poetry

You can get paid to write poems. Another high-value contest, this offers $1,000 to the winner. The poetry work particularly focuses on health-related issues.

You can send as many as three poems at a time for review but they must be in the same document.

  • Contest

The noteworthy poetry site has various contests where you can win prizes for having the best-quality poems. Experts in the field who run these contests typically judge these poems.

You could get $25 in a daily contest or $250 in a monthly event. An annual prize for the best poem is $5,000 for the best work that was released in the entire year.

  • Poetry Nation

Enter your favorite poems via this site for a chance to wind up to $2,000 in cash and prizes. Contests are monthly and the themes will vary.

  • FanStory Contests

FanStory is another place to Get Paid to Write Poems 2022. It has several contests throughout the year dedicated to specific types of poems in a variety of fields. The site offers many contests with different themes but the totals that they give out vary by each one.

  • Tethered By Letters

This site accepts submissions for its seasonal poetry contests. The winner gets $300 and a publication in its magazine, F(r)iction. It costs $8 per entry, but you can enter three for a discounted rate of $12.

  • Blue Mountain Arts

This greeting card company cares about sentimental work and is not aiming for humor, rhyme, or religion.

It focuses on the emotional aspects that come with many values. You will get $300 for each poem published on a card or $50 for what is published in a book.

  • Snafu Designs

This next place focuses on humorous cards for many special occasions. These are ideal for birthdays and holidays alike. Earn $100 for each submission you have that is accepted.

  • American Greetings

You can get paid to write poems. One of the top greeting card companies in the country, American Greetings is always taking in submissions for cards in a variety of styles and formats.

The pay will vary by each project so be sure you look at how well you are producing something before you submit it.

I could not find details on what they pay although I have found totals from $100 to $200 depending on the kind of card you submit something for.

  • Papyrus

Papyrus focuses on uplifting and positive messages in all of its cards. You can submit many poems to them by mail for consideration for their cards.

I could not find details on what they will pay for each submission that is accepted though although those submissions are open throughout much of the year.

  • Calypso

Calypso creates various lines of cards for different occasions. The company reviews submissions for writing and artistry several times per year.

  • Gallant Greetings

This company doesn’t always accept submissions, but it will place a notice on its page when it opens them back up.

  • RSVP

RSVP looks for creative, succinct, and original writing for its cards.

  • Viabella

You can submit poetry to Viabella, another greeting card company, which takes up to six weeks to respond to submissions.

  • Fiverr

Offer your writing services to people who need poems. You can sell services for about $5 each and then get paid even more for your successful work.

By promoting your writing work, you will get more money from a variety of people interested in sharing your work.

  • Etsy

Post your poems on a variety of things like home décor or apparel items. You can make money selling items on them.

  • CafePress

Design shirts and other products like home décor items with your poetry work on them. The totals you can earn will vary based on what you sell with your designs on it.

  • Zazzle

Publish your poem on cards, posters, wall art, and other items that can be printed through Zazzle. This place pays its writers well for the items that they sell.

  • Upwork

You can get paid to write poems. Upwork is a marketplace for freelancers to connect with clients and use their skills to complete projects. You can look specifically for writing gigs or use the search bar to seek out poetry-related jobs.

Get Paid to Write Poems 2022

You might find clients who are looking for someone who’s skilled with poetry to publish new poems on their blogs or write a poem collection for an eBook.

Write Poem for Greeting Cards Companies

Most greeting card companies will reward you for your submissions. It may be a poem, a quote, a very short tale, or anything else that would be appropriate for a greeting card. It must, of course, be your own work.

Here are a few:

  1. Blue Mountain Arts: Pays $300
  2. American Greetings: Pay varies

Do you love writing poems and did you know you can make a good amount of cash online for writing poetry? There are several online platforms that allow you to write poems and get paid for your work. 

Please like and share with family and friends and subscribe for more updates on how to Get Paid to Write Poems 2022. 

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