Top 70+ Places & Websites that will Get Paid to Write Poems 2023

Do you love writing poems and did you know that you can make a good amount of cash online for writing poetry? This guide provides different platforms online where you can get paid to write poems 2023.

Get Paid to Write Poems 2022

Here is a list of almost 70 places that will pay you money to write poems so do well to sell your poems to them.

Get Paid to Write Poems 2023

The Sun

It can take weeks for you to hear back, what with the Sun getting thousands of submissions each month.

Poetry Foundation

Have your writing published in Poetry Magazine for a minimum price of $300 and $10 per line.

Also provided is $150 per page of writing. Poem writing is a profession that pays.


Get $50 for each poem that is approved or $100 for each poem that is published in Rattle’s next print edition.

You could earn a $1,000 award if your poem is considered being the best of the year.


This location, which also values creative and distinctive fiction, offers payments ranging from $20 to $200 for each poem.


The well-known publication is increasingly competitive and receives roughly 5,000 applications a year.

For each poem you can submit and if it is selected, you will still receive at least $15.

Alaska Quarterly Review

Get $10 to $50 for a poem that is published in this publication, which is marketed as a huge voice in the prose and fiction fields.

Three Penny Review

Earn $200 for each accepted poem you submit. You can send in your poem, emails are not accepted.

Boulevard Magazine

Submit up to five poems in one go, and for each one that is chosen, you will be paid $25 to $250.

A 200-line limit has been imposed. Light verse is not accepted.


Operated by Cornell, this is a place where you Get Paid to Write Poems 2022 and fiction talents. Earn at least $50 for each submission that is accepted here.

Grain Magazine

This Canadian journal offers between $40 and $70 for each poem it publishes.

Antigonish Review

You can get $30 for each poem you submit that is published in a well-known magazine. Poem writing is a profession that pays.

Arc Poetry Magazine

This Canadian magazine is paying people to write poems in 2022. They welcome poetry of all genres and even publish a special issue each year.

You can submit up to three poems and receive $15 for each one that is published, but you can only send your poem out once every calendar year.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Inspirational poetry and other fictional works are continually being accepted into the recognized series of inspirational publications and works.

With each contribution you bring in, you might earn up to $200.

Slice Magazine

This journal has its headquarters in Brooklyn. They accept contributions using Submittable.

The majority of the material included in the magazine is current. The magazine offers $75 for each poem it receives.

The Atlantic

The Atlantic is one of the most well-known publications of our time.  You are welcome to contribute your fiction and poetry here.

Poems are paid between $0.05 and $0.20 per word, according to some claims, even though the site doesn’t publish the cost for them.

The Christian Science Monitor

Five poems can be submitted at once here.

The Christian Science Monitor clearly states that poetry on death, aging, disease, or anything violent, sexual, or overly religious should not be accepted.

The Fiddlehead

You can mail in submissions or send them online to this publication via Submittable.

There are only two open submission periods per year, but they are 3 months long.

50 Haikus

50 Haikus is a journal that publishes both new and experienced poets in each issue.

In addition to Get Paid to Write Poems 2022 for accepted submissions, all contributors will receive a free one-year subscription to 50 Haikus Online.

Arts & Letters

You can submit up to six poems at once. To assist with the expenses of the platform, entries made online will cost $3.

You will receive a contributor copy, $10 for each printed page, a minimum of $50, and a complimentary one-year membership to Arts & Letters.


Blackbird accepts up to six poems at a time by postal mail or internet submission.

Upon the publication of the poetry, you will be compensated. Poem writing is a profession that pays.

Black Warrior Review

This journal, run by the University of Alabama, accepts several poems in a variety of formats.

When your poems are selected, you receive a one-time reward, however, submitting your work costs $3.

The Iowa Review

The University of Iowa runs another academic publication.

The publication especially works well for new writers.

You can get $1.50 per line for your poem with a minimum of $40 but you will have to spend $4 to submit your work.

The Colorado Review

This is a literary publication functioning by Colorado State University.

They accept all types of poems and also pay out at least $30 for acceptable poems. It costs $3 to submit a single entry.

Iron Horse Review

This publication showcases up-and-coming authors is run by Texas Tech University.

Although various subjects are used in each publication, the job pays $50 for each poem, so be careful to write with a certain subject in mind.

Also, each piece must be submitted for a $5 cost.

Kenyon Review

Poem writing is a profession that pays. You can submit your poetry for inclusion in the Kenyon Review’s print or online editions.

Your writing is not allowed to have appeared briefly in either an online or print publication.



This literary publication is published by the University of Florida.

Each contribution costs $3, but if it is chosen, you will receive $100.

For a fixed cost of $1,000, you may also submit short stories and essays.

The American Journal of Nursing

The American Journal of Nursing

It’s interesting to note that The American Journal of Nursing accepts articles, case studies, poetry, art, and other types of content.

To receive a thorough description of contribution policies, visit the website.

The Antigonish Review

Send up to 3 or 4 submissions at a time to this creative writing journal.

The Baltimore Review

For people wishing to submit work to The Baltimore Review, entries are accepted twice a year.

It is recommended not to send any further entries to the magazine until you receive a response, which should happen within four months.

You’ll receive a $40 gift card or PayPal payment.

The Cincinnati Review

Poem writing is a career that pays. With it being in an online format, this journal allows up to five poem entries at once.


Agni pays $20 to $150 for each poem it accepts.

VQR Online

All types of poetry are accepted by VQR Online. There are no length requirements, either.

VQR Online

New Myths

You can earn up to $30 for working on this famous online publishing website. This place only accepts one submission at a time so flood nothing that the site has.

Clean Sheets

Get Paid to Write Poems 2022 in this place. For is a rather intriguing online publication site.

It is difficult to  determine the maximum length of a poem, but they pay 3 cents each word.

Confrontation Magazine

This online publication publishes nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. It’s even published works by John Steinbeck, Arthur Miller, and other famous writers.

Although the website’s contributions section is temporarily inactive, you can contact the magazine at that address.


Emerson College hosts this website, which features original literature.

Goblin Fruit

Poetry and other genres of writing with a stronger fantastical theme are the main focus here.  You can get $10 or more for each entry that is approved.

Leading Edge

Science fiction and fantasy writing are accepted here. The price ranges from $5 to $20.

Dreams and Nightmares

Poem writing is a profession that pays.

This is a well-known location for fantasy literature and is excellent if you are interested in all kinds of strange and distinctive poetry.

You can start receiving two copies of the magazine that features your work in addition to $12 for each poem that is published.

In each month, 15–20 poems are published.

The Pedestal

This online magazine focuses on special poetry. You can get $40 for each poem that is published.

The Capilano Review

In this publication, experimental poetry is the primary topic.

Each page of poetry that gets published is worth $50, with a maximum value of $150. A poem may have up to 600 words.

One contribution should be made for each upcoming issue.

Also, Submittable is the only channel through which you may submit your work; otherwise, they won’t accept it.

Orion Magazine

Orion Magazine focuses mostly on environmental concerns. Poems can be submitted here, with $100 paid for each one that gets published.

This is a very special newspaper.

Strange Horizons

You can get paid to write poems. Speculative, top-notch, and slipstream poetry are all sought after by Strange Horizons.

Confessional, formal, and science fiction poetry are all welcome here. Contributors get $40 per accepted poem.

Three Line Poetry

Three Line Poetry is a site dedicated to–you guessed it – three-line poems! You can submit your poems via the online form.

Willow Springs

A poetry publication called Willow Springs is looking for freelance writers to contribute content.

Contributors receive $20 for a poem, $100 for long-form writing, and $40 for short-form prose.

Cricket Media

Cricket Media is in charge of various publications targeted at kids, including LADYBUG and BABYBUG.

Each grade author can contribute to the magazine of their choice.

To see the unique submission rules for each journal, you click on its name on the website.

FunforKidz Magazine

Earn $10 for each poem published.

Clubhouse Jr. Magazine

You can get between $50 and $100 for each poem.

US Kids

Earn $35 or more for each poem that is accepted. Jack and Jill, a more prominent publication offered by US Kids, pay from $25 to $50 for accepted poems.

Boston Review Poetry Contest

In this literary and political publication contest, you can earn $1,500 and full publication of your poem.

Bellevue Literary Review Marica and Jan Vilcek Prize in Poetry

Poem writing is a profession that pays. This high-value competition gives the winner $1,000.

Particular attention is paid to health-related concerns in the poems.

You can post up to three poems for evaluation at once, but they must all be in the same document.

Poetry.com Contest

This well-known poem website offers a number of competitions in which you can win rewards for writing the greatest poems.

These contests’ judges are quite often industry professionals.

A daily contest can win $25, whereas a monthly event might win $250. $5,000 is awarded annually for the finest poetry published during the calendar year.

Poetry Nation

Enter your favorite poems via this site for a chance to wind up to $2,000 in cash and prizes. Contests are monthly and the themes will vary.

FanStory Contests

Another site which you can get paid to write poems in 2022 is FanStory.

Every year, it holds a number of competitions for particular kinds of poetry in a range of subject areas.

The amount of money awarded in each of the site’s several contests with various topics varies.

Tethered By Letters

This site accepts contributions for its seasonal poetry contests. The winner gets $300 and a publication in its magazine.

It costs $8 per entry, but you can enter three for a discounted rate of $12.

Blue Mountain Arts

This postcard business is concerned with sentimental work; comedy, rhyming, or religion are not its goals.

It emphasizes the emotional elements that go along with many ideals. For each poem that is printed on a greeting card or in a book, you will earn $300.

Snafu Designs

The next store specialises in amusing cards for a variety of special events.

Both holidays and birthdays are perfect occasions for them. For each post you have that is accepted, you will receive $100.

American Greetings

You can get paid to write poems. American Greetings is one of the leading greeting card businesses in the nation.

It is constantly accepting proposals for cards in a range of designs and formats.

The payment can vary depending on the assignment, so before you submit anything, make sure you evaluate how effectively you are generating it.


All of Papyrus’ cards feature cheerful and inspiring words. You can mail them a variety of poems to be considered for their greeting cards.


Calypso creates different lines of cards for different events. The company analyze contributions for writing several times per year.

Gallant Greetings

This company does not always allow contributions, but it will place a notice on its page when it opens them back up.


They look for creative, succinct, and original poems for their cards.


Another greeting card firm, Viabella, also accepts poetry entries, but it takes them up to six weeks to reply.


They accept poetry services for people who need poems.

You can make sell services for $5 on each of them and then get paid even more for your successful work.

By promoting your writing work, you can get more money from different people who have developed an interest in sharing your poem.


This publication website allows you to post poems on different kinds of things like home décoraton. You can make money by selling them out.


Design shirts and other products like home décor items with your poetry work on them.


Publish your poem on cards, posters, wall art, and other items that can be printed through Zazzle.


You can get paid to write poems. Upwork is a marketplace for freelancers to interact with clients and develop their talents to complete projects.

You can use the search box to browse for employment linked to poetry or just for writing gigs.

You can come across clients searching for a poet with experience to compose a collection of poems for an eBook or publish fresh poems on their blogs.

Write Poem for Greeting Cards Companies

Most greeting card companies will reward you for your submissions.

It may be a poem, a quote, a very short tale, or anything else that would be appropriate for a greeting card. It must, of course, be your own work.

Here are a few:

  1. Blue Mountain Arts: Pays $300
  2. American Greetings: Pay varies

Do you love writing poems and did you know you can make a good amount of cash online for writing poetry?

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