How can I See All Messages on Android?

Sometimes, you may want to see all messages on an android phone. But what happens if you can’t comfortably do it on your own?

How can I See All Messages on Android

You might want to save all your android messages on your computer so that you can easily print them out when you want to.

Other times, you might just want to save it on your computer so that you can quickly send it as a mail to someone.

Whatever you may choose to do, putting all messages on Android will require some level of organization to make it easier for you to find them. 

Most people might have a panic attack when they can’t find an important message on their android phones. To avoid this, you must follow some helpful tips in this post. 

Tips on How to See All Messages on Android

  • The first thing you should know is where text messages are kept on your phone before attempting to recover or save your Android text messages.  Android SMS is often kept in a database in the data folder found in the phone’s internal memory.
  • You might get a lot of special text messages that you wish to keep forever. However, you will have to put in a lot of work if you save each message separately. So it makes sense to pick a better and more effective method of backing it up.
  • Try FonePaw Android Data Recovery to recover those deleted SMS and MMS messages if you accidentally deleted them and are unsure where to put them. Just a few easy steps are required.

How can I See Old Text Messages?

The SMS Backup & Restore program enables you to selectively restore all messages or particular conversations that were backed up before they were deleted or lost.

It also allows you to back up SMS text messages, MMS, and call logs in XML format.

Restoring old messages on Android will be simple if you’ve backed up the old messages that were deleted from your phone using SMS Backup & Restore and the copies are still present on your phone.

  • Use the Android phone’s SMS Backup & Restore application.
  • Select Restore by clicking on the icon with the three horizontal lines.
  • Pick the location from which you want to restore the messages. Then, move the “Messages” to the right. To identify other desired backups to restore, if necessary, press SELECT ANOTHER BACKUP.
  • On the bottom right corner of the screen, after confirmation, press Restore.
  • If a dialog box appears requesting that the SMS Backup & Restore be temporarily set as your default messaging app, click OK.
  • Select “SMS Backup & Restore” is selected. Click Set as default. The messages will then begin to be restored.
  • Tap Close once the restore is finished. When prompted to make the Messages app your default SMS app again, choose OK.

When switching to a new phone, you can use the backups in Google Drive to restore previous text messages from an Android phone. 

Another practical method is to transfer the backed-up texts onto the new phone using SMS Backup & Restore. 

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