Happy Sabbath Messages, Wishes, Quotes & Blessings

In case you’ve been seeking the right words to wish someone dear to you a happy Sabbath, this article will really help. We compiled a collection of inspiring and heartwarming happy sabbath messages from different sources on the web to help you create a lovely happy Sabbath message.

Happy Sabbath Messages, Wishes, Quotes & Blessings

Sabbath is a holy day that commemorates the end of the week. Jews celebrate the seventh day of the week, beginning from Friday nightfall until Saturday nightfall.

This holy day is the day for rest, leisure, and worshiping God. If you desire to send happy sabbath messages to someone who is celebrating this holiday but has no idea what to write, here comes the help.

Just choose one of the happy sabbath messages listed in this article and you’re good to go! Now let’s take a look at all the beautiful Sabbath messages below.

Most Beautiful Happy Sabbath Quotes

Let’s start off with the best happy Sabbath messages out there. Take a peep!

1. “Just because you have gone the wrong path doesn’t mean God has forsaken you. Happy Sabbath!”

2. “Thank you, Lord, for giving us this day of rest! Happy Sabbath!”

3. “It is my prayer for your day to be filled with love and God’s blessings. Happy Sabbath!”

4. “May this Sabbath bring you peace and joy and inspire you to reconnect with God in a deeper and more meaningful way!”

5. “Once a week, make God the center of your life the whole day. Have a holy Sabbath celebration.”

6. “May your Sabbath bring you peace and recharge your soul with devotedness and energy. Chag Sameach!”

7. “Happy Sabbath, my dear friend! Open your heart so you can wholly accept God’s, unconditional love.”

8. “Make Sabbath a peaceful and holy day spent thanking God for His mercy and goodness. Happy holy Sabbath!”

9. “Happy Sabbath! May you rest your heart and reflect on your deeds on this holy day.”

10. “Sabbath Shalom! May you and your family enjoy the spiritual rest and feel blessed!”

Beautiful Happy Sabbath Quotes

If you’d like to send beautiful happy Sabbath messages to a dear person, use one of these lovely happy sabbath quotes below.

1. “May this Sabbath paves the way towards reflection, devotion, and strong faith for us! Happy Sabbath!”

2. “Have a blessed Sabbath! Today, forget about the world and focus on entrusting your soul to God!”

3. “Sabbath carries God’s invitation towards us to bask in solitude, gratefulness, and tranquility. May this Sabbath bring peace upon you. Sabbath Shalom!”

4. “Sabbath Shalom to you and your family! It is a day of relaxation, serenity, and divine peace. May you and your family observe it with utmost care and love!”

5. “I know what you have been through. Take your much-needed rest this Sabbath and let God’s love and mercy give you strength and wisdom.”

6. “Happy Saturday to my brothers and sisters in Christ! May God accept all your prayers for the week and give you peace and love!”

7. “On Sabbath, God opens Heaven’s gates and showers us with endless blessings! Wishing for this day to be a source of joy and togetherness for your family. Happy Sabbath!”

8. “Have a quiet Sabbath celebration! Be still, and take pleasure in all things that the Lord has given you. All of His blessings and love.”

9. “One day of the week, I seek to rest from the worldly toil and sorrow. Re-energized, I find the strength in the Lord to battle new tomorrow. Happy Sabbath!”

10. “Allow your spirit to rest alongside your body in order for it to worship God with renewed vigor. Have a blessed Sabbath!”

11. “Every morning God says: one more time, live life, make a difference. Touch one’s heart, encourage one mind, and inspire one soul. Make sure you do all these. Happy Sabbath, dear.”

12. “I want to thank God for the goodness and love that he has given us to have the Sabbath rest, it is an opportunity granted to us to be able to have a strong foundation in the biblical principles.”

13. “It’s Sabbath day, the day that the Lord made for resting and refreshment, and I hope you spend most of the day in his presence. In this new week, I pray that the Lord blesses you abundantly. Have a wonderful and stress-free week.”

14. “Happy Sabbath to you and your family! May this significant day enrich the familial bond and ignites sincere devotion towards God in your hearts!”

15. “Happy Sabbath! Trust God’s plan over anything and express your gratitude to Him today!”

Happy Sabbath Messages, Wishes, Quotes & Blessings

Inspirational Happy Sabbath Quotes

Below you’ll get a collection of inspiring happy sabbath messages. Utilize it!

1. “Happy Sabbath! May the Love of God prevail in everything that you do!”

2. “The Sabbath is where you put all other things aside and focus on Jesus Christ and other holy things. Happy Sabbath!”

3. “Happy Sabbath, dear. Have a blessed day. Enjoy a day filled with peace and divine blessings of festivities to observe the Sabbath.”

4. “Not everything in this life will go your way, you must accept defeat so that you can build and start again. Happy Sabbath.”

5. “Have a joyous Sabbath! Forget all the stress of the week. Look into your soul and let peace reign in your heart.”

6. “God’s blessings come when we honor the Sabbath. Keep the Sabbath and Receive God’s blessings. Happy Sabbath!”

7. “Every day is unique, but the Sabbath is special! By observing God’s Holy day you can build your faith and trust in Him!”

8. “Shabbat Shalom! May you and your family will be able to enjoy the spiritual peace, and it’s fantastic!”

9. “Let this morning reflect the peace, divine blessings, and prayers to the Almighty for the strength of living a righteous life. Hoping all our prayers are answered on this day of Sabbath.”

10. “Gratitude is the best motivation. So never forget it before starting a new day. Happy Sabbath, darling!”

11. “I pray that you stay excited and contented with the gifts that God will shower. May your day be beautiful and prosperous, and may all your wishes and dreams come to pass. Have a lovely Sabbath, darling.”

12. “The meeting for worship occupies only a part of the Sabbath. The portion remaining to the family may be made the most sacred and precious season of all the Sabbath hours.” — Ellen White

13. “O happy day, it’s Sabbath day, and a day set aside for rest and refreshment. It’s a day meant to be spent in the lord’s presence because, in the lord’s presence, there is the fullness of joy. It’s the first day of the week, and I pray it ushers in countless blessings and favors for you. Good morning, and a happy Sunday to you.”

14. “Sabbath is here to restore your positive energy and calm your troubled mind! Happy Sabbath!”

15. “Sabbath is here to retrieve the burden of our souls and fill us with serenity during difficult times. Chag Sameach!”

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Uplifting Happy Sabbath Quotes

Next up is a compilation of uplifting happy sabbath messages.

1. “Happy Sabbath! Remove all earthly issues in your mind, body, and soul and meditate on God’s goodness and mercy.”

2. “Laze your body on Sabbath, so your soul can worship generously! Sabbath Shalom!”

3. “May the beginning of this day of Sabbath be filled with blessings and divinity. Good morning, happy Sabbath!”

4. “Happy Sabbath to you! This holy day has been given to us so that we can take a break from our worldly pursuits and count our blessings. May your day be filled with them!”

5. “Sabbath calls for our sincere thoughts so that we can rejoice in God’s presence in our hearts!”

6. “The business of everyday life hinders our connection with Lord, so on this Sabbath, rest your mind and refill it with spiritual energy. Chag Sameach!”

7. “I sincerely hope and pray that this Sabbath is a different one for you. Enjoy it with those whom you love and cherish, but don’t forget to put God in the center of it all.”

8. “One day of the week, I seek to rest from the worldly toil and sorrow. Re-energized, I find the strength in the Lord to battle new tomorrows. Happy Sabbath.”

9. “I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness; I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High. Happy Sabbath!”

10. “Sabbath Shalom! Strengthen your faith and ask for God’s mercy, for He is the Holy Savior!”

Happy Sabbath Messages, Wishes, Quotes & Blessings

Happy Sabbath Quotes for Friends

Wish your buddies a happy Sabbath using one of these happy sabbath messages.

1. “May this Sabbath heal your inner wounds and restore peace in your heart. Sabbath Shalom!”

2. “Everyone has his own experience during difficult times. We should always look to the Lord. I wish you a happy Sabbath!”

3. “Happy Sabbath friends, want to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a fantastic sabbath full of blessings.”

4. “How wonderful is our God to grace us with such a beautiful day so that we can worship Him. Have a wonderful Sabbath, my friend!”

5. “Have a grateful Sabbath day! Open your mind and soul to receive God’s blessings! Thank Him for all He has done for you.”

6. “On Sabbath, God opens Heaven’s gates and showers us with endless blessings! Wishing for this day to be a source of joy and togetherness for your family. Happy Sabbath.”

7. “Happy Sabbath to you and your loved ones! May this special day strengthen your family bonds and ignite a genuine devotion to God in your hearts!”

8. “Praying for your healing dear friend! May God open His arms and surround you with His love and peace on this special day! Happy Sabbath!”

9. “Wishing you all the best on Sabbath. May you find the true meaning of this holy day, and fill yourself with the spiritual energy you badly need.”

10. “Sabbath Shalom! Strengthen your faith and ask for God’s mercy, for He is the Holy savior.”

Happy Sabbath Quotes for Family

If you desire to send lovely happy Sabbath messages to your family members, you can do that using one of these happy Sabbath quotes.

1. “Happy Sabbath, dear! I’m praying for you to be the lucky recipient of God’s grace!”

2. “Stand on God’s promises for they will never fail. I wish you a happy Sabbath!”

3. “Happy Sabbath, my dear family. Hand in hand, let us rejoice and remember that on this day, we should rest, and may our faith be more strengthened.”

4. “My dearest family, may we all have a wonderful Sabbath day! May God give us the wisdom to be able to teach our children the perfect way to celebrate it.”

5. “How merciful is God to grace us with a day to pause the worldly aspirations and focus on the afterlife! Happy Sabbath.”

6. “He redeemed us from sin, so let us all devote a day to Him. May your heart be full of love for our Savior this Sabbath! Sabbath Shalom!”

7. “Good morning, it’s Sabbath! A day of rest, thanksgiving, and merriment. May your heart gets filled with love and beauty. I wish you unbeatable joy, happiness, peace, and prosperity. Have a wonderful Sunday!

8. “Sabbath Shalom! No man can work restlessly and hope to succeed in life. So relax your mind and devote yourself to the One who is the most benevolent!”

9. “Worship God on all days of your life, especially on Sabbath Day! Happy holy Sabbath!”

10. “God presents the Sabbath rest as a place we can find love, peace, shelter, and blessings. May God bless you today and every day!”

Happy Sabbath Quotes for Her & Him

Don’t forget your romantic partner as well! Here you’ll see happy sabbath messages for her and him. These are ideal if you want to send a godly good morning message to your love.

1. “I fervently pray that God’s goodness will move you to change for the better, starting this Sabbath day.”

2. “The love and peace of the Sabbath can be felt. You can feel happiness and blessings. Happy Sabbath!”

3. “Sending all the love and blessing to you, dear love, on this Holy day. May you be blessed, always. Happy Sabbath Day!”

4. “May this day be your day of peace and happiness, dear love. Your good deeds shall be blessed on this day of Sabbath with infinite happiness.”

5. “Wishing that your mind and soul will be fully open this Sabbath to see God’s blessings and receive His mercy and forgiveness. Have a holy Sabbath day.”

6. “Happy Sabbath to you! This holy day was gifted to us so we can pause our worldly chase and count the blessings. May your day be filled with them!”

7. “Chag Sameach! Let God restore your energy, wash away the exhaustion of the week and refocus your mind. Wishing you a joyous and blissful Sabbath ahead!”

8. “The business of everyday life hinders our connection with Lord, so on this Sabbath, rest your mind and refill it with spiritual energy. Chag Sameach.”

9. “Sometimes we don’t realize the blessings we have until we no longer have them. Appreciate all the blessings in your life. Take none for granted. Be grateful — happy Sabbath, love.”

10. “Happy Sabbath day, my love. I hope you have a blessed day filled with happiness and peace.”

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Happy Sabbath Messages, Wishes, Quotes & Blessings

A Round-up

Sabbath is observed every week among the Jews with utmost sincerity and faith. The day bears a special meaning in every Jew’s heart since it bolsters their unity, revives their mind from earthly issues, and reconnects them with God.

Jewish families often commemorate the Sabbath eve by spending a healing time together and devouring delicious homemade meals.

It is a day of leisure and reflection, but also appreciation and gratitude. While you estimate your blessings and convey your gratefulness to God, make sure to express your love and appreciation for your fellow Jews as well!

Reach out to your pals, family, or colleagues with Happy Sabbath messages and fill their hearts by declaring ‘Sabbath Shalom’ and ‘Chag Sameach’!

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