100 Funny Reminder Messages Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Funny reminder messages. I am going to keep having fun every day I have left because there is no other way of life. If you set your mind to it, you can accomplish what you want.

funny reminder messages

We have here some funny reminder messages for you.

Certain that these funny reminder messages are guaranteed to make you laugh

Funny Reminder Messages

  1. “Don’t forget to pay your bills unless you want your house to be the hottest spot in town… without electricity!”
  2. “Just a friendly reminder: You promised to go to the gym today. Those muscles won’t magically grow on their own, you know!”
  3. “Time to do laundry! If you wait any longer, your socks might start a rebellion and take over the house.”
  4. “Remember, the early bird gets the worm, but the late bird gets a grumpy boss. Set your alarm, sleepyhead!”
  5. “Don’t forget to drink water! Your body is 70% water, and we all know you can’t function properly without a good hydration level. Avoid becoming a raisin!”
  6. “It’s time to clean the fridge. Who knows, you might find the secret to eternal life hiding behind that expired yogurt!”
  7. “Hey, just a gentle reminder: You promised yourself you’d finish that book by today. Don’t make it feel neglected on the shelf!”
  8. “Time to water your plants! They’re getting tired of singing ‘I Will Survive’ all day long.”
  9. “Remember, you have an important meeting today. Dress to impress, or at least try not to spill coffee on yourself!”
  10. “Don’t forget to return that borrowed item today. They say lending is caring, but returning is fairing!”
  11. “Just a reminder to smile today! It’s scientifically proven to confuse people and make them wonder what you’re up to.”
  12. “Today is the day you said you’d clean out your closet. Who knows, maybe you’ll find Narnia in there!”
  13. “Time to take a break from Netflix and conquer the real world! Just don’t blame me if you get lost without subtitles.”
  14. “Reminder: The fridge is not a grocery store. It won’t magically restock itself. Get off that couch and get shopping!”

Funny Motivational Messages

Funny Motivational Messages
  1. “Don’t forget to feed your pet today. Remember, they can’t speak, so they’ll resort to passive-aggressive meowing if you’re late!”
  2. “You’ve been postponing that DIY project for too long. Embrace your inner Bob the Builder and get to work!”
  3. “Just a friendly reminder: Your phone battery is running low, and your social life might follow suit if you don’t find a charger soon!”
  4. “Don’t forget to call your mom! She’s running out of funny stories to tell your embarrassing childhood friends.”
  5. “Time to change your passwords! Let’s see if your cat’s name followed by ‘123’ still counts as a secure option.”
  6. “Reminder: The laundry basket is not a fashion statement. It’s time to wash those underwear rainbows!”
  7. “Hey, just a little reminder: The fridge light doesn’t turn off by itself. Your condiments are enjoying a disco party all night long!”
  8. “Don’t forget to take a break today. Remember, even superheroes need a snack and a nap!”
  9. “Time to return those library books! They’ve become your secret literary hostages, and overdue fines are their ransom.”
  10. “Just a friendly reminder: The expiration date on that milk carton is not a challenge. Your stomach won’t appreciate the adventure!”
  11. “Don’t forget to buy groceries today! Lettuce romaine calm and cucumber cool. Carrot on, my friend!”
  12. “Time to get up and seize the day! Or at least seize the remote control and change the channel.”
  13. “Just a gentle nudge: Remember, wearing pants to work is highly encouraged. Don’t give your colleagues a fashion shock!”
  14. “Reminder: Your plants are waiting for their daily dose of love and attention. They might start plotting their revenge soon.”
  15. “Don’t forget to grab your cape and wear it proudly. It’s ‘Superhero Appreciation Day’ at the office!”


Reminder Messages That Make You Laugh

Reminder Messages That Make You Laugh
  1. “Don’t forget to take out the trash! The garbage is plotting a rebellion, and we can’t risk having them take over the house!”
  2. “Hey, remember to pick up some milk on your way home. We don’t want the cereal to stage a protest in the morning!”
  3. “Time to pay your bills! Remember, money doesn’t grow on trees. Unless you have a money tree, then please share your secrets!”
  4. “Just a friendly reminder: The gym called and they miss you. They even started using your treadmill as a coat rack!”
  5. “Don’t forget to water the plants today. They’re getting pretty thirsty and might start shouting out ‘H2O’ instead of ‘photosynthesis’!”
  6. “Reminder: You promised to clean out the fridge today. Those leftovers are planning a mutiny, and nobody wants to face a rebellious lasagna!”
  7. “Hey, it’s laundry day! The socks are feeling abandoned and have started a secret society. They might take over the world if you don’t act fast!”
  8. “Time to organize your closet! Your clothes are getting tired of being crammed together like sardines. They need their own space to breathe!”
  9. “Just a gentle reminder: Your car needs an oil change. Neglecting it any longer might result in your car starting to honk ‘Change me!’ on its own!”
  10. “Don’t forget to set your alarm for tomorrow morning. Trust me, the bed is conspiring to keep you hostage, and you don’t want to miss work!”
  11. Remember, laughter is the best medicine, and these funny reminders should bring a smile to your face while keeping you on track!
  12. “Hey, don’t forget to feed your pet dinosaur. It’s been eyeing your furniture lately!”
  13. “Reminder: You promised to do that thing you said you’d do. Time to unleash your inner superhero!”


Funny reminder messages are frequently exchanged to make your buddies smile and chuckle. It is commonly recognized that laughter has several beneficial implications on your health, including lowering stress.

You add to your friends’ excitement and enjoyment by sending them amusing and funny reminder messages.

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