255+ Work Week & Friday Affirmations to End the Week With Positivity

Here are some great Friday affirmations to get your weekend started right. Because when it’s Friday, you can already feel the weekend’s positivity and lots of enthusiasm. Let these sayings serve as your base at the end of each week.

friday affirmations

Friday Affirmations

You always have power over your thoughts, emotions, and perceptions, regardless of what transpired in the week.

In fact, this is always true. You are the only person who has control over how you feel at all times.

And you get to choose your viewpoint through all experiences;

You get to choose whether you view your life experiences through a positive or negative lens.

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you overcome self-destructive and negative beliefs.

When you repeat them frequently and believe in them, you will eventually see positive results.

The Friday feelings, however, aren’t the same every week.

On some Fridays, you feel extremely depressed or unable to raise yourself to your usual level of energy.

Want to know a magic recipe for boosting yourself in such scenarios?

Use Friday affirmations instead!


Positive Friday Affirmations

1. I’m grateful to have finished the week on a strong note.

2. This day begins and ends with a deep sense of gratitude.

3. Whatever happens, I will be my best self today.

4. As I go about my day, I promise to spread my radiance wherever I go.

5. I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it.

6. I’m going to focus on calmness, progress, and positivity.

7. My strength is greater than any challenge.

8. Each of my issues has a remedy.

9. My capacity to conquer hurdles is limitless.

10. My success potential is endless.

11. I’m thankful for this week today.

12. I celebrate the peaks, learn from the pullbacks, and now I let it go.

13. This week was jam-packed with thrilling and unforgettable events.

14. I’m already looking forward to the weekend.

15. Today is a beautiful day to smile.

16. Finally, at the end of the day, I can prioritize my life over my work.

17. I’m not going to let crazy people ruin this lovely Friday.

18. Today, I resolve to breathe deeply.

19. I have the right to be content.

20. Everything is exactly as it should be.

21. Today, I feel grounded and balanced.

22. Everything is in order.

23. Friday is a day for relaxation and recreation.

24. I don’t pretend to be someone or something other than who I am.

25. It’s time to put my rest and peace first.

26. My work mode will be turned off at the end of the day.

27. Party mode is activated and ready to go.

28. I’m funny today, even if I’m the only one that thinks so.

29. I’m not taking any disturbing calls today!

30. Today I want to laugh so hard!

Inspiring Friday Affirmations

1. I exhale my fears and inhale positive energy.

2. I’m going to choose boldness over fear and faith over confusion.

3. I’m happy with the path I’m on and the life I’m building for myself.

4. Things are going well all around me.

5. I see optimism and potential everywhere I look.

6. I’m looking forward to experiencing the day’s magic and wonder.

7. I’m always heading in the right direction.

8. It is time to prioritize my well-being, my loved ones, and everything I am.

9. I’m going to start my day boldly and calmly.

10. Work stress can be seen as a problem rather than a roadblock.

11. My day will begin with surety, self-belief, and trust.

12. I’ll be able to put work behind me when the day is done.

13. I choose to concentrate on what makes me happy.

14. My highest concerns are my mind, body, and soul.

15. I’m leaning toward enjoyment, rest, relaxation, and play.

16. I have the right to be happy.

17. I have the option of choosing joy.

18. As the week comes to a close, I am grateful

19. I choose to see the bright side of any situation.

20. This weekend, I’m letting go of my worries and prioritizing self-care.

21. My heart is full of gratitude, and my mind is at ease.

22. I find beauty and pleasure in the smallest details.

23. Everything is exactly as it should be.

24. Everything is fine.

25. I let go of all the strain in my muscles.

26. I am confident.

27. What was meant for me is already mine.

28. I give up my pressure, worry, and fear.

29. I am thankful for the air that enters my lungs.

30. My grateful heart attracts extraordinary things.

friday affirmations

Funny Friday Affirmations

1. Laughter makes everything better.

2. Don’t forget that broken crayons can also color.

3. Don’t let anyone ruin your day, ruin it yourself.

4. As time passed, I began to respect time more.

5. I am a slacker until I am motivated.

6. I will do whatever I want for fun, but with devotion and focus.

7. I like luxury items because they teach me how to care for them.

8. For at least 5 minutes, believe in yourself.

9. I’ll keep going even if my clothes come undone.

10. I see humor in every scenario.

11. It is not difficult to be amusing.

12. Tact is the skill of telling someone to go to hell while making them enjoy the journey.

13. Never let anybody waste your time a second time.

14. I get what I believe.

15. My happy tribe is drawn to my funny vibes.

16. Imagining yourself without a job is the best way to appreciate it.

17. Everyone brings joy to the office in some way.

18. Put on your upbeat jeans.

19. Why be glum when you can wiggle your butts?

20. My jokes define who I am.

21. Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside, just like a pineapple.

22. Princess, keep your chin up or the crown will slip.

23. I am skilled.

24. Be happy. It drives people insane.

25. I’m not here to compete.

26. I’m here to live my life to the fullest.

27. Dear Universe, I am completely open to all of the wonderful things that are headed my way.

28. Have no expectations and appreciate everything.

29. I am grateful for the lack of problems in my life.

30. My children do not require a perfect mother.

Daily Positive Friday Affirmations

1. My defense is deliberate breathing.

2. You are loved simply for being you.

3. No matter where you are, you have the opportunity to love and be loved.

4. Courage begins with simply being present.

5. Allow yourself to be seen

6. Prepare for the extraordinary

7. Allow your heart to be open.

8. I am competent.

9. Today is the ideal time

10. I am not afraid of anything.

11. My life is about to take an incredible turn.

12. What matters is who you are on the inside.

13 I am staunch.

14. I am deserving of everything good.

15. My vantage point is unique.

16. Each and every day is a good day

17. Nothing can ever fade my radiance.

18. I can do things that others think I can’t.

19. The key to attraction is to love yourself.

20. I eliminate choices that do not promote self-care.

21. Even though it has yet to happen, I am the greatest.

22. It doesn’t hurt to take a positive view of life.

23. I’ve improved from yesterday.

24. I always look for the bright side.

25. Endorse yourself.

26. Accept frustrations but never give up hope.

27. My life is a miracle.

28. I refuse to think small 30. 

29. I accept myself as a glorious mess.

30. Nobody can make me feel inferior.

Final Words

These positive affirmations will get you in the right frame of mind.

They also assist you in getting through the day’s difficulties.

So, when planning your day, don’t be too specific.

Allow for the unexpected and plan for how to deal with it.

Allow your instinct to guide you as you take steps toward a better life.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am successful.

I am confident.

All I need is within me right now.

I wake up motivated.

I am an unstoppable force of nature.

I am enough.

Believe in your dreams, yourself, and all that you are.

I love myself for who I am.

I create my own happiness.

My life is filled with an abundance of goodness.

My challenges are actually opportunities.

I am beautiful just the way I am.

Affirmations are positive statements or reminders that you can use to encourage and motivate yourself or others.

Positive mantras are phrases, words, or affirmations that we say to help us meditate.

Try saying affirmations when you wake up and before you go to bed.

Repeat each affirmation 10 times.

Maintain a consistent routine.

Be patient.

Today Will Be a Good Day.

I’m Perfect the Way I Am.

I Am Grateful.

Recognize negative self-talk traps

Check-in with your emotions.

Look for the humor.

Surround yourself with people who are upbeat.

Make positive affirmations for yourself.

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