Farewell Messages for a Colleague

When a colleague announces that they are resigning, quitting or moving on to another company, you may want to write an admission card or note to express your appreciation and wish them well.

Farewell Messages for a Colleague

Heart Touching Farewell Messages for your Colleagues

Wondering what to write to a co-worker leaving the company in a goodbye card?

Here are 80 perfect farewell messages to colleagues that will remind them how much they will miss you.

1. I never thought that a day like this would come when I would have to bid farewell to you. Thank you for the things you do and the sweet moment of working together!

2. You quitting our beloved job will always be a reminder that every wonderful thing ends. Even if we are no longer coworkers, you will always be a close friend. Farewell!

3. I’m glad to hear you’re leaving. When you are named the “gossip queen” at work, I can’t wait to hear it. Goodbye!

4. I’ve seen you turn down fantastic pay and put in a lot of effort to reach where you are. Everyone who meets you recognizes your potential for greatness. Good luck, my friend.

5. It’s always been a blast being around you. Thank you for sticking with the business through its ups and downs. Farewell and best wishes!

6. I know your new awesome salary is a large motivator but we could try to keep you here with us by promising you free food and snacks. We’ll miss you a lot. Farewell.

7. Thank you for making the workplace a fun place to be. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Farewell, and wish you all the success in your new job!

8. I have never come across someone so intelligent and smart as you during my job life. You were great to work with and you have given us tons of memories to relive with.

9. You must have included gossiping as one of your hobbies on your CV to land you a new job. Goodbye, and best of luck in your new endeavor!

10. I am seriously going to miss you here. Best of luck with your new endeavor and never-ending adventures. See you soon!

11. On the outside, I may smile while I wish you farewell. But on the inside, I desperately pray that you will quit your new job and come back to work with us again. Farewell.

12. Anyway, the only thing we’re going to miss is gossiping together. I wish you good luck and success!

13. But you’re aware of the fact that if I stay, the management can’t leave me to promote an average coworker like you. Step your game up, and take my job! Goodbye, mate!

14. I have learned a lot from you during your time here. I wish you all the success for the future and I know you will rock in that new position. Thank you and farewell!

15. Farewell to the colleague who is most definitely going to be the “gossip bringer” in his new workplace too. Don’t forget to stay in contact. Farewell!

16. Coming to work every day and not seeing you will be painful. But the fun memories of us in the office will never diminish. Farewell, friend!

17. This is a whole new and exciting opportunity for you. We still cannot believe that you will leave us. Good luck out there and please keep in touch.

18. The monthly targets and performance which you achieved here were amazing. You set the standards to another level here. With a heavy heart, we bid you farewell!

Heart Touching Farewell Messages for your Colleagues

19. Thank you for the patience, kindness, and love you shared. We learned a lot from you. All the best in your new job!

20. Besides being a colleague, you have been a great friend at work. I am lucky that we worked together. Let’s be in touch always!

21. It was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for your time and dedication while you worked for us. Best wishes as you embark on a new challenge.

22. You were an asset to the whole department. We are surely going to miss you out here. Wishing you a great future ahead!

23. You were always the seeker, the achiever. I know you have a lot of plans in life and I wish you smash all of them. Good luck with all your future endeavors.

24. Your words will always stay in my heart and guide me during tough times. I will remember the wisdom, guidance, and memories that we shared. Farewell!

25. You were one of the best colleagues I had and thank you for being by my side during those hectic days. It has been a pleasure!


26. I am proud of you for quitting this job and building your own startup (like you always wanted to do). Go on and change the world. Good luck with your future endeavors.

27. Working here was a simple walk in the park. It’s time to move on to greater things. But know this the sweet memories we shared will forever remain with me. Farewell, friend.

29. Never stop looking for new opportunities and better work. You’re meant for great things. It has been a great pleasure working with and learning from you. Goodbye.

30. We all wish that the headhunter, who hunted you down for the new job, call you up and ask you to forget the new job. We bid you farewell!

31. The memories we shared will always be treasured. You were a true friend to all and your new awesome salary is a telltale sign of that. While it is painful to bid you farewell. Good luck and stay in contact.

32. You’ve not only been a colleague but a mentor and friend. It’s going to be weird not having you around but I know we can’t hold you back. Good luck with everything.

33. Here I was lucky to find someone like you. Hope we keep the friendship even after you have moved on. Saying goodbye hoping to meet you soon.

34. Your decision-making skills have always inspired me to be at your level. Farewell and good luck, sir!

35. The tiring office hours seemed much more relaxing when you were around. Everyone will miss you with each passing day. Farewell and all the best!

36. You must be careful in your new place! I won’t be there to have your back at the next place, so keep your eyes peeled. Wishing you all the best!

37. It was a great pleasure working with a colleague who was so terrible that he made us look good in front of the boss. You are a true friend. We’ll miss you!

38. I hope that your next boss will hate you so much that he’ll kick you back here. Just kidding! Be good there and all the best for your new workplace.

39. You have imprinted your footprints on our hearts forever. You will be missed heavily here. Thank you and all the best!

40. I wish I could stay with you here, but since I couldn’t, I wrote you this short note to bid farewell.

Amazing Farewell Messages to a Colleague

Amazing Farewell Messages to a Colleague

41. We are definitely worried about how the performance of our team will decrease when a colleague and an employee like you leave. Goodbye and all the luck!

42. Monthly targets and performance will come and go but the memories of working with a colleague like you will stay in my heart forever.

43. Your support and encouragement during the difficult and the good times were inseparable. All the best for your future endeavors!

44. Sometimes you realize the value of a person when you bid farewell to them. We will miss you here and we all the best for your exciting future ahead.

45. May this goodbye be only momentary. And may the coming day bring you all success both personally and professionally. Hope to meet you soon!

46. As you embark on a new path we wish you nothing but all the luck and success for the bright future ahead.

47. Today our team is going to lose its sense of humor and its heartbeat. Farewell to the colleague who made every day seems like a treat.

48. I will miss you and think of you. Thank you for the good memories that we shared!

49. If I had to play a final prank on you before bidding you farewell, I would tie your legs to your cubicle when you aren’t looking so that you can never leave us. Goodbye.

50. You’re moving away; this office is going nowhere. However, if you need someone to help proofread your work, get in touch with us. Here’s wishing you the best of goodbyes!

Cool Farewell Messages to Colleagues

51. Your new colleagues wouldn’t love your jokes and humor as much as we do. Do remember the memories we shared. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

52. Having a friend like you in the workplace is a gift. Bidding farewell is one difficult part today!

53. I want to hunt down the head hunter who hunted you and tell him he has managed the best-ever hunt. Farewell!

54. Being a manager can be hard but your performance always made my work easy. We are really going to miss your work here. All the luck and good wishes for your future!

55. The knowledge that you shared with us and the learning you bought cannot be compared with anything. Thank you so much for everything.

56. Your contributions to this organization have been immense and tremendous. Hope you keep doing your good work in your next job as well. Goodbye, my friend!

57. Just tear up your resignation letter and continue being a part of the awesome colleagues’ circle till we retire together. Good luck and farewell!

58. As the final prank, we should tie you down so that you can never leave us. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. Goodbye!

59. Bidding goodbye to a colleague who has been more than a friend is really hard. I will miss you and it will be very difficult to fill the void left by you!

60. Your ambition scares me sometimes but I know you will have a phenomenal career. You are going to be the next big thing even before you know it. Farewell, my friend.

Messages to a Retiring Coworker

Here are some messages for your friend that is retiring from work.

Messages to a Retiring Coworker

61. The only way up is by chasing your dreams. And now that you have taken a giant step and found your dream job, you are much closer to achieving what you always wanted.

62. You might get an awesome salary in your new job but you’ll never get as awesome colleagues as us. You know we’d want you to love to stay here, farewell!

63. I still don’t understand why you left the company. Do you think you can have tons of fun in your new office without us? Okay, let’s see who is going to miss what.

64. How long do you think it’ll take before I accidentally fling Cheerios and paper clips into the next cubicle, thinking that you’re still there?

65. Working with a colleague like you was so much fun. We are going to miss you here. Farewell, friend!

66. Farewell to the colleague whose work ethic, discipline, and commitment towards the organization are legendary and can never be contested. Our best wishes are always with you!

67. Your last day is literally one of the saddest events in our work life. Your humor, helpfulness, and innovative nature will make you a very successful person one day.

68. I hope you will incorporate the same enthusiasm in your new work as you did here. Wishing you all joy and success!

69. Your leaving is the absolute worst. How am I supposed to find another person who is as wonderful to work with as you? You raised the bar too high!

70. How much more money are they giving you? Write that number down. Double it. Throw the paper away. Reconsider staying!

Messages to a Coworker When Leaving the Company

It can be really hard to bid farewell to your staff and colleagues. It is one of those emotional moments in an organization where you must bid farewell to your favorite.

71. May your dreams remain big and your obstacles minor. We know that the new awesome salary is only the start of a new journey. Stay true to yourself and your values and you’ll surely go far in life.

72. Second only to deciding to be my friend, moving on up is the best choice you’ve ever made, you old dog! Let’s get beers soon and celebrate this big change.

73. Our boss may be sad because of losing a hardworking and efficient employee, but we are sad because of your heart-warming smile which we will no longer see. Goodbye and see you soon.

74. Farewell to the colleague who made lunch breaks awesome and added life to dull team meetings.

75. Your strategic thinking and decision-making skills have enabled us to excel in our targets and performance appraisals. We appreciate all the things we have learned from you. Good luck and farewell.

76. I know that your life is going to be much more exciting in your new job but I highly doubt that you will find awesome colleagues like us out there. Thank you for everything and all the best!

77. Farewell to my favorite coworker. Still can’t believe you’re going. It just won’t be the same without you.

78. The cold meeting room walls will be much colder without the warm presence of a colleague like you. Farewell!

79. We are proud to have an employee like you as part of our team. Heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for your continued success.

80. Now that you’ve decided to leave the company, the rest of us won’t have to pretend to work so hard! We can all chill and relax. Good luck!

81. Your leaving the company is the best thing to happen in a while. Don’t annoy your new colleagues too much. Please keep in touch!


There are many things you can put in a coworker’s farewell card. You can keep it straightforward or perhaps recall a memory. Alternatively, you might merely thank them for their time while wishing them luck for the future.

Keep your message concise if several employees at your place of employment need to write something on that card. If you have additional information, you can speak with that colleague in person or send an email.

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